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1:02 AM
Q: The "All actions", "Responses" and "Votes" tabs appears to be broken?

Joe StrazzereAnyone else experiencing an error when they click the "All actions" tab of their Activity page? Apparently the "Responses" and "Votes" tabs are broken as well.

5 hours later…
5:55 AM
Morning working people
Good Morning TWP!!
@SouravGhosh morning you
@avazula Helloc!! How are you doing?
@SouravGhosh I'm great, thanks! You?
@avazula Been busy, but can't complain. :)
6:05 AM
@SouravGhosh well it's all that matters :)
Just posted a motivational answer, hope it helps. :)
Heck, I myself am in need of some motivation. :)
6:22 AM
@SouravGhosh You're doing great: You got this!
@avazula Cheers!! :)
6:50 AM
I'm a smart one
6:58 AM
Continues to pretend he didn't edit it
still knows what to believe
Believes Ava is believing wrong
7:51 AM
We can go on so far with this
8:12 AM
@Twyxz you rang?
Nah I booked online but I guess yeh :p
Or did you mean
Smart one
I'm a bit lost
1 hour later…
9:26 AM
@Tina_Sea Assuming you are referring to the unfortunate way the discussion yesterday was handled, that was what I trust will remain an isolated incident with the chat moderation team. IIRC your message asked "why are people so rude?", which is rather broader and predates that affair.
So if you have other instances in mind of people behaving rudely, whether here or on the main site, I hope that you would flag those for our attention. Or expand on what you were referring to when you said that.
2 hours later…
11:08 AM
Question : If you guys had £57 billion how on earth would you spend it?
@Twyxz few million on myself (cars, houses, experiences) and friends, as for the rest I'd probably look to join up with the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation and see it do some good
@Twyxz I think anyone having that sort of money will be looking to invest them, not spend them - in a broader sense.
@SouravGhosh Well you couldn't spend it all, unless you're crazy and buy all businesses I don't think it's possible to spend that much money. By the time you pass away it'll probably go to family or to waste. The only way you can ensure it doesn't devalue is probably investing in real estate and land
@motosubatsu Yeah there's no way you'd ever need that much money
11:24 AM
or you could buy just under 7% of Apple I suppose
correction.. you said £57 billion not $ so that would be ~ 8.5% of Apple
That's just stupid
But their annual profit is something around 100 billion right
so I'd be living the life of half a year at apple :P
always diversify your investments folks
11:40 AM
I'd be a fish in high stakes poker, where I'd spend most of my days since I'd no longer work.
with 57 millions, no need to have risky investments
spend 7 million to buy your dream house, car, whatever
its 57 billion
just screw investing
burn the cash
build a house with money
11:45 AM
You would die burning the cash
the amount of fumes and time it would take to do
You would probably destroy earth before you destroyed the money
well i do plan to loose around 10 millions a year playing poker
10 to 100 mllions, more like
its also about how expensive are the hookers. Im surprised i have to mention that
and that nobody did before me
Hookers? You could buy models, 90% of people/gold diggers have a price
100 million a year to lose 57 billion you'd have to play for 570 years
I think you need a more expensive hobby
maybe some trips to space here and there
to break the monotony of earth
I think I'd get sick of travelling
i would also have 24/7 personal assistants that i can call to make me a sandwitch at 2AM. I like slaves
11:59 AM
You know I got to 24/7 personal assistants and I was like you might as well then I read the rest of your message :/
am i too dark or
@ArthurHavlicek well if you pay them they aren't really slaves
it wouldn't be that hard to do - just hire three people on a decent wage for a PA/valet have them work rotating 8hour shifts
that'll give you 24 hour coverage for sandwiches
won't even cost that much
100% sandwich SLA
no but yea i do plan to spend a lot on stuff that seem futile and after a while maybe some of the money would be gone
its just a matter of being creative
12:07 PM
say you hire 4 - so you've got cover for holidays etc
pay them £50k a year for the unsocialable hours and that is "only" 200k a year
I suppose you could take them on holidays for free and most of the time when you don't require help they just enjoy basically
I wouldn't say they'd have to follow me but just be ready to receive a call from me
So they'd be paid more than £50k in reality but they'd be losing out on family time etc
They wouldn't be driving no RS5 in my squad either so I'd probably just hook em up with a supercar after a year yknow :P
12:26 PM
"bumped to the homepage by Community‚ô¶ "..what is that?
Q: How to negotiate in an internship-interview?

testingI will soon have an interview about a possible internship. However there are a few things which are sub-optimal: I do not have my exam results yet - if I sign a contract now but have failed in my exams this would be a problem I am not familiar with the technical skills - I need to learn a lot ...

@motosubatsu hey, see, today somehow I got that onebox view for the question link ^^
If it's bumped to the homepage by community it is a question that hasn't had either enough attention or a specific answer
and can be seen as answerable
I think?
@Twyxz Yeah, that's what is the description..only I have never noticed this earlier, so it's a new thing to me.
Ah yeah, it rarely happens here on the workplace cos most questions are dealt with usually
1 hour later…
1:39 PM
I hate these guys that steal my answers and say it better than me
@ArthurHavlicek Happens!!
2:18 PM
@motosubatsu Does that to all my answers @ArthurHavlicek :) Thief!
@Twyxz haha.. I knew you were going to say that.
in all honesty it does happen a lot with me - simply because my answers are so tediously verbose that they take me longer to write, and if I don't refresh the page before posting then someone more concise (such as @Twyxz) could easily have posted a similar answer while I was writing mine and I've just not seen it.
What that spiel means, "I'm a fraud, I steal Twyxz's answers"
You're the sole reason I rarely contribute now
@Twyxz i just think you lack commitment Mr 99 days :P
Don't even start this... I swear
Do you even have the badge? @motosubatsu
@Twyxz oh hells yeah
I got that before you even joined noob! :D
2:29 PM
Is there any way I can see how close I got?
Like a record of logged in days
I can use the query editor thing right? @motosubatsu
@Twyxz possibly.. must admit I've never tried
Ahhhh I wanna know
Where's Snow when you need him
what's happened to the man :(
in all seriousness I hope you don't stop contributing - you've provided some pretty kick ass answers in your time
I'm too lazy, even changing my profile picture is too high maintenance
3:03 PM
Q: Reopen request - question closed as unclear

dwizumDismissed on grounds of misconduct, without police involvement This was closed as unclear, which seems to be because the original version of the text was very brief and included an acronym that only has meaning in the UK. It's since been edited and now has a great answer, and it seems perfectly ...

3:49 PM
Happy Tuesday
4:01 PM
@IDrinkandIKnowThings Happy Tuesday
4:31 PM
@Twyxz @motosubatsu uh, this is just harmless banter and you aren't really upset with each other, right?
@MonicaCellio yeah just banter :)
sorry if it was confusing (given yesterday I can see why it might have been)
4:52 PM
@motosubatsu thanks for clearing that up. I thought it was just banter, but given context, wanted to make sure.
@MonicaCellio no worries.. never a bad idea to be sure in these sorts of situations
@ArthurHavlicek anytime someone says what I did, only better (which happens more than I like), I view it as an opportunity to improve.
and to plot revenge!! I mean mostly what what @bruglesco said of course...
2 hours later…
7:09 PM
@bruglesco you're a better man than me
@motosubatsu this is more like it
sweet taste of revenge hmmm
@ArthurHavlicek I'm better than no one. That's the point. I am always trying to improve. That's what brought me to SE.
8:05 PM
Q: What's up with Jason and his nametag?

dwizumUse preferred name at work? https://workplace.stackexchange.com/questions/136247/can-you-use-a-preferred-name-tag-at-work https://workplace.stackexchange.com/questions/134213/name-tag-at-work-using-a-nickname https://workplace.stackexchange.com/questions/134118/preferred-name-at-work I probab...


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