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8:10 AM
Wow I just realized, three of the chats I am visiting have discussions about how evil humanity is. At least people are starting to wake up. :/
6 hours later…
2:19 PM
Q: my manager is forcing me to clean , vaccum , wash and take out the garbage during tradeshows

jelaI am a marketing project manager working in an American company based in France, This role includes planning and managing logistics for industry events, I am responsible of managing end-to-end all trade shows strategy, logistics, staffing, hotels, and planning and coordinating the routing of exhi...

^- my knee-jerk reaction was to say shut up and deal with it. I think she may be singled out as a woman or foreigner though. Definitely needs edited to remove the entitlement that is going to put people off.
Or am I mistaken?
3:02 PM
I think you are spot on. The important things are hinted at.
@bruglesco Speaking of entitlement, that patient question... geez
@GregoryCurrie But it isn't clear if the manager came down on her because she got snippy or if she was singled out first.
3:55 PM
Hooray! A dev response confirms that the Rep Cap badges only care about upvotes (@bruglesco @GregoryCurrie):
A: If I hit the daily rep cap and then get downvoted, does it still count towards badges?

animusonMany years ago, we simplified the logic for the daily reputation badges. They only consider positive reputation changes. That means the script that awards the badge doesn't even look at downvotes, and in that regard doesn't actually pay attention to how much net reputation you earned at all. It ...

6 hours later…
10:17 PM
Q: The "Is QA's job Only..." question should be moved

Joe StrazzereThis question Is QA's job only to perform Quality Assurance of developer's work? really should be moved to the Software Quality Assurance & Testing stackexchange. It doesn't belong here. And would have a better chance to get an answer there.


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