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11:45 AM
Good morning, good morning, good morning-ah! -- John Lennon, The Beatles
12:12 PM
Good afternoon. Another fun day starts.
the fun need never end
also good afternoon all
No more Mr Cactus?
6 days since I put in for deletion, still no deletion.... meanwhile, I've taken literally hundreds of points worth of hits to my rep from "User was removed".
I can't even get arrested in this town, it seems
12:27 PM
18 hours ago, by mag
I got some unsavory messages offsite so I'm making it harder for the minimal effort people to contact me
I'll get my cactus and 4 letters back sometime
That needle attack for 9999 damage is fierce. What are you going to do without it, @mag ???
@mag ah, I know that well. In my case, it came from years of being bullied to the point I became very good at hiding... now I use it for sneak attacks. I don't hide anymore.
I'm finding it harder and harder to answer questions these days.... my heart is just not in it.
1:08 PM
You know what blows? Discovering that the sql statement I spent 2 hours working on yesterday never got made into a stored procedure.
I love the fact that you can debug SQL. After having problems in 2,000 line stroed procs, it's saved me a number of times.
@ChrisE oh yeah, nothing like lost work.... I accidentally saved over a file with a previous version once, lost about 3 days work.... DOH!
My procs are never more than a couple hundred lines at most. I like sub-procs better.
@RichardU Back in 1986 I was writing an accounting program. I had the payroll module written and was going to take it to the office to deploy. I needed to put it on a floppy so I did a "del . /y". It came back instantly and the sinking feeling came over me as I realized I deleted my entire module. that's when I learned about Norton Utilities. I was able to restore most of it but it was still several more days of work and 6 hours of terror
@ChrisE the younger generation will never know the struggle....
or, the abject terror of your floppy drive not being able to read the disk....
or your backup
@RichardU True story. What is understood by you but people raised in the age of internet also may not appreciate that not only did I need software to undelete, I had to drive to a software store and wait for them to open and hope they had what I needed. No downloading. :)
1:22 PM
@ChrisE yes, the days of the "sneakernet"
Or hunting through magazine covers disks to see if one of them had a freeware version of something you wanted.
Q: How to not only get "ideal world" answers?

Pieter BIn the question:How can I manage my team to maintain a reasonable productivity when my employer doesn't treat employees well? One of the answers basically was: "fear them into working hard". And while I don't like that it is an answer, it's a valid answer nonetheless. Now it gets downvoted and ...

1:39 PM
@Snow ah yes, I remember it well. That, and all the freeware/shareware out there that wasn't loaded with malware
I remember a few cover disks that had free viruses included.
and trojans
2:46 PM
Funny fact. My high school was the Trojans.
Isn't that a brand of....? Oh.
3:01 PM
ikr? We were the Homer Trojans. Could be worse. A nearby school were the Harper Creek Beavers.
@ChrisE when Trojans meet beavers, there's always a d.. Richard,.. around
@ChrisE I've got nothing to say but it's okay (I always enjoy good Beatles lyrics in the morning)
Another 30 point hit to my rep because "user removed"..... I wonder what kind of hits people will take when my account is closed and all my votes are reversed. I don't down-vote often
The votes will probably remain. I don't know what SE do on the background, but there's a fair bit of checking and work to be done with high rep users (and users who have made a lot of votes themselves).
@Snow apparently, there's a bit of a backlog, but they're not sending out any emails asking people to stay. I wonder what affect it would have here, as I think I'm currently I think.... #5 or 6 of all time
@SouravGhosh looks like a severe language barrier there
@RichardU why are you doing that? Wouldn't it make more sense just to ghost?
@RichardU They've given you a ticket number and a number in the queue? Must be like being on a call to cancel Netflix.
3:38 PM
@Snow yeah, its been a week. My interpersonal skills account was gone VERY quickly though, which is for the best as I simply cannot manage to phrase anything in the way they want me to do so. Rigid thinking gets in the way sometimes. If I can't say what I mean, I can't say it at all.
@Snow actually, it's like trying to cancel with AOL, back in the day. With AOL, I actually had to cancel my credit card to make them go away
@RichardU Yes, looks like it is. If the OP tries to clarify, I can help (I speak the common tongue), but they have to be responsive.
4:03 PM
@SouravGhosh I've posted a comment asking the OP to edit his question and post in his first language and make you can translate better if he does that. It can't hurt to try.
@ChrisE Sure
Well, I think I know why they're delaying my deletion.....
Q: I lost 8,000 rep

MakotoHow'd this happen? I thought that these votes were old enough to not cause such a significant loss.

2 hours later…
6:26 PM
Note that this loss was due to a post being deleted. There’s nothing there that indicates that it’s a user who self deleted.
7:06 PM
Yeah, I lost a few hundred myself that way
thousand, rather
The fun never ends, does it.
1 hour later…
8:35 PM
Ah, well, the entire CoC FAQ got deleted.....
-1930 when they put it out of it's misery.
9:04 PM
@RichardU I seem to be losing a lot of rep with user removed as well...... but not worried, don't even know how I got all the rep to start with. More interested in seeing if my last couple of excellent answers beat my downvote high score.
3 hours later…
11:42 PM
@RichardU I don't really understand the concern. Are you leaving stackexchange? If so, why do you care how quickly your account gets deleted? Why does it matter? (Serious inquiry)

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