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9:17 AM
@Dawny33 A few people from the US weighed in that they do. I personally wouldn't see it happening in my location, but that's because tuition is only 500EUR a year so many have an education and few need to spread out their studies. Those that want to continue their education are expected to take evening classes if they want to continue their education (or work part-time).
Regardless, the OP's question is more specific as he wants to be hired in a part-time position with the employer sponsoring his education, which I just don't ever see happening, especially in the UK, especially in this economy.
10:03 AM
I've worked in a few places that allow that baeski. Personal development, investors in people etc. etc. Charities mainly xx
10:16 AM
@Pequod Keep in mind that this chat is public, persistent and largely follows the same standards as the main site. Consider dropping the "bae" and "xo", especially on the Workplace. ;)
As @enderland will tell you we hate fun here. :)
It's as if Office Space was a documentary
Ya'll need to lighten up and partaaayyyy
10:33 AM
@Pequod Whom did you call bae?

If it was me, then I'd have serious reservations abt _partaaying_ with you :P

On a serious note, this chat is for discussing the site and related topics, so let's refrain from off-topic stuff as much as possible :)
@Lilienthal Same in India too. Employers aren't very keen to sponsor education for the reasons mentioned in my answer (very less and sometime no ROI). Lucky Americans!
@Dawny33 Well, Americans pay half a million just for a college education so I wouldn't call it luck so much as necessity.
Y'all can be bae if you want
@Dawny33 It's fine to be off-topic here, that's what chat's for. I also don't mind actual chat or stuff that's unrelated to the site but I do object to silly internet lingo.
The Workplace is about professional behaviour and I'd like the chat to remain professional as well.
Professional is subjective too
Ooh boy.
10:39 AM
Morning all
Morning all
Oh my, where did all those mods come from? :P
Unbae to delete my messages, what do you guys talk about around a watercooler? Yearly reports?
Looks like we found a way to get people into the chatroom.
Hello people. Wonder what brought you guys here? :P
10:39 AM
@Lilienthal lol - I lurk here most days anyway
That makes 4 of us now haha
@Pequod TPS reports mainly.
And yesterday's ball game of course.
@Pequod Program milestones, delays, incidents, change records, you know
Christ fire me now
@Pequod you don't find that interesting and fun?
10:41 AM
And definitely not baes and partying -_-

Atleast not at this wastercooler
You don't have ownership of the watercooler!
@Dawny33 no - if the word bae ever cropped up in my work there would be stern words
internet slang is definitely not acceptable at my work
Why not?
10:42 AM
heh - no, it's just wrong. I personally see it as lazy and childish
the next hot network question: Is it possible to be "professional" without erasing all individuality?
@Ixrec I think that's a very definite yes :-)
Fortunately people can have different opinions
10:43 AM
fortunately there is a huge gap between professionalism and conformism
@Pequod yep - in my office there are 4000 people all with different opinions. Luckily none use internet slang at work
Probably bigger issues than someone saying bae though
@Ixrec Or, if Pequod was writing it: "baes be keeping me down, what gives, I ain't frontin'"
@RoryAlsop Just 5 of us here. Still, 4000 different opinions.
@Pequod yep - so we focus the energy on the big issues, and assume everyone can communicate correctly
@Yannis hahahaha - I hear you
10:44 AM
Communicate correctly. Lol
What is correct in your mind might be incorrect in another
if that happens, then you've communicated incorrectly =)
the point of communication is to make someone else understand what you're thinking
Y'all are hung up on the small details, I think I would hate to work for any of you
@Pequod well, you need to know what is meant, and with 150,000 people in my company across 80-odd countries, something like bae is never going to work. I have no idea what it means, and my first language is English. I assume it is a term of endearment?
Ahhh dinosaurs of the workplace
I love it
Bet you still clock in and out
now that you mention it I'm not sure what it means either, I think I heard it mentioned in the context of Bieber once or twice but no one I know actually uses it seriously
(and I'm not an octogenarian)
10:47 AM
@Pequod nope - I work from home when I want, choose working hours to suit me, dress down when I want, etc
and people keep on trying to get me to hire them
I would guess it's simply a mangled spelling of "babe", but I could be wrong.
@Pequod I go to the office, but there is no clock, the hours are very flexible
@Lilienthal I think that is the etymology, yeah
It's like talking to my grandpa
Your grandpa sounds like a smart fellow.
@Pequod lol - I was just thinking this is like talking to my youngest daughter
10:48 AM
if my workplace was confirmist/antiquated I wouldn't have four SE chatrooms in my browser right now
Go you
@Ixrec heh - same here, and a plate of bacon and cheese toasties in front of me
is it professional bacon?
tastes like it
In love with chat flags Brought in a lot of activity to our chat here :P
10:50 AM
@Ixrec That's a great idea for a new brand: "Professional Bacon", "Professional Hotdogs"
I guess that's what happens when something totally innocuous gets flagged and no one in the local chatroom seems to mind the random deletions
SE stickers _drools_

Wait, is there bacon on the table too? :D
FYI: I come from Mos Eisley, where flags are implements of war, and instigators of great drama
@RoryAlsop Oh damn you Rory, at least have the decency to link that as an URL with a massive "DON'T CLICK IF HUNGRY" warning.
10:52 AM
:-) sorry
Ahh good old Mos Eisley. I always manage to find someine to answer my HP doubts (within 5 mins )
@Ixrec I went in there once. Once was enough.
@Dawny33 I am an SE swag junkie...
@Yannis it is a hive of scum and...
@RoryAlsop The recent election also had their share of controversy :)
SciFi always feels like the more fun (and slightly sluttier) version of Movies to me.
10:55 AM
@Dawny33 didn't it though
@Lilienthal lol
@Lilienthal I am so quoting this over there
@Lilienthal I am mildly active there, but I don't go into their chat... too dangerous. I might not get to shoot first
Oh boy.
for the record the chatroom itself has calmed down dramatically after the Day of the Shoghammer
@Ixrec heh - I would imagine things have mostly settled after the election results too.
10:57 AM
Workplace always seems so bland and uninteresting when I hear about tales of Epic Banter that took place in other site's chatrooms and meta.
I think the election drama has settled...now that everyone who strongly disliked it has requested account deletions
@RoryAlsop http://chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/27294730#27294730

Not really!
we're still seeing obviously related MSE posts though
@Lilienthal Yeah, you said it. WaterCooler seems like a nice country side house for me :D
I contemplated starting our own version of the "Many Memes of X" but the thing is that we have plenty of recurring memes, just not any fun ones.
10:58 AM
afaik The Whiteboard (Programmers.SE, my other main chatroom) has never had a single flag the entire time I've been there, it's also nice and boring
@Ixrec Hah, really? How many people did you lose?
I believe the official count is three (one current mod deleted, one ex-mod deleted, one high-rep user renaming and taking a break)
@Dawny33 ahh

Remember @enderland? Lol:P
we mostly complain about what we're working on or about overly simplistic claims by other programmers and companies
11:01 AM
Q: 2016 Community Moderator Election Results

Jon EricsonScience Fiction & Fantasy's fourth moderator election has come to a close, the votes have been tallied, and the 2 new moderators are: They'll be joining the existing crew shortly — please thank them for volunteering, and share your assistance and advice with them as they learn the ropes! Ple...

Oh boy.
^ stuff like that is the reason I come here
@Pequod but that doesn't happen here. It happens on SFF and in Mos Eisley
different sites have very different cultures, and Workplace has a very different audience and culture to SFF
@Pequod Even there, you an't call someone bae It's just unprofessional [period]
Good job you're not bae then
Or "cuddle bun" for that matter.
Wait, "bae" is an adjective as well now?
So, please don't repeat. Hope you understand!

Else, we'd be forced to flag :)
@RoryAlsop That is actually the first thing I thought of when that bae stuff started...
@Lilienthal me too :-)
I still find it strange that people are flagging "bae" in here, is that considered offensive?
11:05 AM
I'm not flagging, it's unprofessional but not really offensive (so far).
@Ixrec I assume it is context that counts in this case. Multiple use of any word, for the purpose of trying to annoy folks could be seen as offensive I guess. (although I'd just kick in that circumstance)
Can we not abuse flags pls
afaik flags are normally used by people who do not have the power to kick
Couching veiled insults in terms of endearment is something I'll probably flag but we don't need to control people's word usage here.
@Ixrec Oh - I'm the only blue in here?
Oh, and Yannis - he hasn't faded out yet
11:08 AM
you are in an impressive number of chatrooms
@RoryAlsop 20? :o
Searching the chatrooms for "bae" makes for some hilarious reading.
@Ixrec Well, I moderate 7 sites so there's those, and some of the chatrooms are the associated mod rooms, and then I'm interested in quite a few things
@Yannis chat flags all users who can see them, including mods
@Dawny33 good excuse for wide 4k monitors :-)
11:14 AM
And @RoryAlsop is posting those irresistable food pics in the security chat too :P
in Maid Café (メイド喫茶), 21 secs ago, by Memor-X
Hello, i'm Sheldon Cooper and this is, Fun with Flags.

Today we are going to talk about the Stack Exchange Chat Flag. this flag isn't a flag in the traditional sense but rather a function use on the internet network knows as Stack Exchange. this particular flag is that of their chat rooms.

The idea behind this flag is to help get rid of undesirable posts such spam and offensive behavior however they have an undesirable side effect. because Stack Exchange is a community driven network other users are used to help deal with flags however when a flag is raised every is notified about it, eve
@Dawny33 of course - I don't need to just upset one chat room :-)
in Maid Café (メイド喫茶), 5 mins ago, by HoiHoi-san
@Quill Bæ/bae is a Danish word for poop. Also used by people on the internet who think it means baby, sweetie etc.
in Mos Eisley, yesterday, by Loong
@Catija In Germany, there would be an obvious joke now, since "Null" means "incompetent person" in German.
11:43 AM
Naughty naughty naughty
Daddy's back
What was that you were saying about kicking people @RoryAlsop? ;)
@Lilienthal lol. that is true. I'll watch for "high levels of sass" and respond accordingly :-)
What are you like x
I'm partial to the letter R myself.
Interesting coincidence of the day: right as Pequod returns to the chat, my random playlist gets to the line "Aux armes citoyens".
12:10 PM
Don't get it
No, I don't imagine you would.
@Lilienthal hahaha
See, this guy gets it. :)
@Pequod Still laughing at this :D
Too high brow for me
Or lame
12:57 PM
@Lilienthal hah. it's not hating fun, but the Be Nice rules apply to SE chat too...
Realistically it's fine if chat is off topic as long as when someone has a meaningful question about the site they aren't ignored
Good point.
@Dawny33 :)
@Dawny33 one thing to keep in mind is that if you are flagging less obvious things to put a custom message in the flag, the chat flag review system is... less than awesome and it can be harder to see why things are bad (some thigns are obvious, many are not)
1:31 PM
Is it too late now to say sorry
I know that i let you down but is it too late to say sorry now
Do you guys like Justin Bieber in the workplace
you mean questions about Bieber on the main site, or listening to his music at work?
(for me, neither)
@enderland I like the system we have at CodeReview. There are no topicality limits, but if a few people get into a substantial discussion over something Off-Topic, they're encouraged to take it to our overflow room, and all Off-Topic conversation is put on hold whenever site-business comes up.
similarly, the only reason SFF has a separate chat room for Doctor Who is because rand and I were talking about it too much in Mos >_>
@Zak we do the same in the DMZ - we have frequent spinoff conversations into Crypto, or particular build requirements
You guys are discussing the remit of offtopicness in an offtopic chatroom
The nights must fly by
1:43 PM
@Pequod This room is the main room for Workplace.se, it may contain Off-Topic conversations at times but it is not an "Off-Topic" room.
remember folks, there is always the ignore button, if that helps clear unwanted noise
So rude x
You love it
2:28 PM
@enderland Thank you. Would keep in mind in the future :)
What's everyone doing this weekend x
I have to ask @Pequod: what the hell is the "x" supposed to be for?
Are your punctuation keys broken?
2:44 PM
It's a kiss x
2 hours later…
4:27 PM
@mods Please stop the bulling. If the rules need changed then change them but dont get mad at me because I want the rules enforced
Thank you Chad that means a lot
4:49 PM
He's almost certainly not talking about you @Pequod
Please don't speak on his behalf very unprofessional bb
Maybe you should practice what you preach.
Nvm superbowl isnt this weekend
oh wait yes it is
I asked if you were going to watch it
Is it okay to decline a programming assignment (more like a project which'd take time) after a phone interview, citing that I can't spend on that as it would affect my work?

I have found people feel uncomfortable with having to solve an entire programming assignment, which suck up their after-work time. So, is it okay? How'd the recruiter feel?
5:16 PM
@Dawny33 Depends on the experience level of the role he's hiring for, the candidate's experience and work history, rapport, experience of the recruiter/hiring manager, complexity of the assignment, ...
@Lilienthal Now, that's how you close it off as too broad, in chat! :P
That's how you poll for additional details and then offer personal advice, which is off-topic on-site. :)
Anyway, I gotta head home. Ping me so I check this later.
Yeah sure. Would add in details!
4 hours later…
9:43 PM
@RoryAlsop Thank you so much I actually learned something of value today... cant wait to start using this properly
9:55 PM
@Chad - glad to have been of assistance (although all I did was pass on someone else's knowledge) :-)
10:12 PM
Cute xx

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