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2:29 PM
Sigh, my activity period means im always here seemingly before all the main users of the site turn up ¬_¬
try being @Jmac
welcome @DavidHogue, don't think i've seen you around before :)
@enderland true, i was going to add that
2:43 PM
A: Is it normal to expect a software company to allow me to work two hours less per day at the cost of reducing my monthly salary?

Joe StrazzereYou are asking a lot of questions in one. I'll try to tackle the overall question itself. Is it normal to expect a software company to allow me to work two hours less per day at the cost of reducing my Cost to Company accordingly? While more and more companies are offering "Flexible Wor...

Downvote that anwer for assuming applying to the US means it applies globally please
especially since the question specifically says india
woah! I just flagged a comment and it went away immediately
must be the first time I've been the 3rd flag LOL
@enderland nice! Ive never seen that happen either!
@Chad hm im not sure what parts of this are US specific
@RhysW Where i live this is becoming more common
the entire post is about the US expectations and norms which vary greatly from India
2:58 PM
@Chad Though do remember the meta discussion (which im currently searching for) which agrees that the asker can't just impose rules like "must be in india" or "Must be possibble 53 seconds after midnight on the third tuesday of the 7th month with a blue moon"
@Chad I might post a question like, "What are the differences between work culture in India and the USA?"
Actually the meta said we sould not assume US
Not that we could not have localized
@enderland sounds more like a meta discussion
@Chad agreed on that, im thinking of a different discussion
I actually would be curious to see the answer to that question - I've interacted with people in India myself on and off over the past few years
@enderland me too, i work with offshore alot, large amounts of the processes they have to take are different
and culture pretty much dictates longer than normal working hours
3:00 PM
I had an intern roommate a few years ago from India I had to convince we didn't have to work on Satudray
@enderland poor guy, though i bet he met all the deadlines!
Q: If a Questioner happens to mention they are from India, does that mean the question is India-specific?

Joe StrazzereHow can I effectively request to reduce the number of Hours I work per week Am I missing something here? Just because the writer mentions that she is from India, must all answers be framed with in-depth knowledge of India? Or is a more useful answer one that helps folks worldwide?

3:17 PM
@enderland yes, i am a tough person to be. so lonely...
12:18am, bed time.
G'night moon.
@jmac hehe i sometimes catch you briefley in the morning, we must have mirrored time zones or something!
4:15 PM
Bah went to vote to close and it was already closed
Q: Need help with my title

BobI'm negotiating a new job and need some advice on titles. I'm normally a senior-level software engineer (about 9 years exp), but this new role will be non-coding. The company doesn't have an engineering group, but instead contracts out heavily. They want me to be the technical go-between... softw...

4:40 PM
I think the problem is we users that have stopped trying to be experts and just decided that sharing their opinion is enough. We should change the tag line and FAQ to emphasize EXPERT level answers

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