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3:06 PM
Q: Entry level s/w programmer as 1099?

decent guyI am an entry level s/w developer with almost 2 years experience, currently working as w2 employee through a consulting firm (no benefits and other perks) for a 3rd party client. All my co-workers (contractors, 10+ yr expereince) are all 1099 except me. They suggest I start one too for tax savin...

I know we hate everything legal and all, but is there any reason to prefer a 1099? My impression was that W2 is pretty much straight up better with reduced tax burdens, so the question is a bit puzzling
That was my impression too
No self employment tax
I'll probably have to file multiple 1099s this year so I guess I'll get to see first hand
3:25 PM
It seems he's found a way to reask the same question:
Q: entry level s/w developer as independent consultant?

decent guyCan a person with 2 year software developing experience(entry level) in java could start his own company and work as an independent consultant or is it a lame idea? If not, what should be the minimum experience you need to call yourself independent contractor?

3:58 PM
I suspect that is a troll trying to open off topic questions
Now with all the crappy questions we have what is wrong with this one:
Q: How can I get a stapler and better keyboard?

enderlandSeveral weeks ago, I was involved in an untimely accident with a bus. It was tragic and I can't help but wonder if I would have looked better for that bus had I enjoyed the little things in life more. One of them is a that Swingline stapler - I had always wanted one at my desk. But my boss said ...

@BenBrocka If you are 1099 you can generally get a higher rate... that said the higher rate is taxed at as though it was all income and Self employment is alot higher than normal SSI Withholding.
But you are eligible for alot more deductions if you incorporate.
@Chad You also get no benefits and such though, since you're not an employee. And lots of other stuff that comes with not being an employee
4:26 PM
Seems legit
@BenBrocka Heh funny. I actually am having a compile error because I cannot find cmd.exe :\
@Chad I came here to wonder the same thing? I am quite surprised it was closed.... o_O
@enderland Make sure nothing quarantined it, heh
5:09 PM
Lol @enderland thats an ... interesting question
5:46 PM
A: How can users be prevented from pouring water into coffee machine beans compartment?

StuartPhysically remove coffee machine from the office. Congratulations, you win.

BRB migrating this to private beta Workplace
Q: Startup vs Big Company - ok to ask for details

DeaconDesperadoHoping for some guidance with this. I recently left the startup company where I was working as a senior backend Python engineer. The job had a lot of complications and the company suffered from a real lack of direction. Although things had gotten very dismal on an investment side of things, I ...

needs close votes...
@BenBrocka You should not have to tolarate a place that allows you to pour water down the bean compartment... you should find a new job.
@BenBrocka I would rather have money than the crappy bene's offered at some places. But you have to know how much those are worth and make sure you get that in your rate. Few people realize that
6:32 PM
@Chad We roast our own coffee beans with a $5 popcorn popper we bought at goodwill and do single cup filters
6:47 PM
@Chad it seems ok to me - marginal though...
6:59 PM
@enderland Its been improved I withdraw my objection to it
It was asking for opinions on what people thought
@enderland You should ignore the law and tell them anyway.
3 hours later…
9:40 PM
Q: My boss is anti-cloud, but we need Team Foundation Service

AndyClawI am in a small company that makes software for analyzing bank data. I want to move us off of Microsoft Visual SourceSafe and onto Microsoft Team Foundation Server, but my boss said we can't afford a server for TFS. Turns out that Microsoft offers to host your TFS in the cloud for free for up to ...

get 'em boys!
Boss is anti-cloud? Simple solution; throw a cloud at him, enjoy the ensuing explosion
(from a safe distance)
Most of my advice should probably have "from a safe distance" appended to it
@BenBrocka What's the minimum safe distance for a cloud/anti-cloud collision?
@enderland This seems like a problem for programmers
I want to put "use SVN" as an answer to that question, but it doesn't actually answer the question.
@Chad It is
@AdamV I want to suggest GIT
9:49 PM
@Chad I haven't used git myself yet. Any good?
@AdamV Go to Programmers for that
I've only used SVN and...whatever Fossil is based on. Fossil was unpleasant, but that was mostly beucase I don't like the command line stuff
I dont know but it has its fan boys... i <3 tfs... well in the same way I love my dentist... I hate going there but at least I know the one i have
we used SVN at my last job when i first started there, then we migrated to TFS
SVN wasn't horrible, but TFS worked better to me
Q: When should I consider myself to be at work?

GreenMattThis may seem a strange question, but my workplace isn't an easy access building. The place I work is a large (several hundred acres), fenced off, limited access campus. There are only a few gates, with guards checking identification at these entry points. Also, random inspections of vehicles a...

argh, couldn't get the anti-cloud question closed before an answer came in
9:59 PM
@AdamV Its not a bad question just belongs on programmers. It should be force migrated wether Yannis likes it or not.
Oops, didn't realize it was so close
@BenBrocka Its all rarity's fault! Dog pile in the penguin/unicorn
@Chad I agree, I just didn't want it here since it has no utility to TheWorkplace
It really pisses me off when someone answers a question which is clearly going to get closed
@Chad oh git. This is an actual message from their FAQ I found yesterday:
"... nobody competent enough to make the change to allow empty directories has cared enough about this situation to remedy it."
10:20 PM
@Chad - offtopic, but I was re-reading answers to "Early invitation to an interview - how to react?" and noticed you said you were an hour's drive away from NASA. Are you in the Houston area?
oh, n/m, noticed your profile says Peoria.
extended quad city area FTW :o
@enderland never heard of "quad cities". had to look it up on WP. Interesting
had heard of "quad city djs" though
10:52 PM
awww someone just downvoted 3 of my random answers
I seem to get that a lot. no wonder people don't downvote and leave comments LOL
11:07 PM
@AdamV I used to live in Orlando
of course - you work in modeling/simulation for the military, right? :P
@enderland Someone was mad about a comment you left.
@Chad I'll get over it way faster than they will :)
I get that sometimes.
OMG my 2 rep... you bastards... you well didnt really do much.
11:15 PM
@enderland No at the time i was recovering data from crashed hard drives
Ahh, well it was a good guess... at the very least
@enderland Mostly I have done either insurance or disaster recovery work
@Chad ahhhhh. not insurance disaster recovery? :-)
Well BCP
Recovery planning more than actual recovery
Though after 9/11 BCP dried up so i took a job doing actual recovery :p

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