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2:22 PM
OK I think we need to make any question that might have a legal aspect to it off topic because obviously our users are too stupid to care about the law
1 hour later…
3:28 PM
@Chad Where?
3:48 PM
@Chad: It seems the real issue we are debating is whether inspections done on the employment site constitute work time or personal time. What if your boss stops you as you leave the building at the end of the day and demands an immediate urine sample for a random drug test. Would you consider that part of your commute/personal time since you're on your way home? — GreenMatt 1 hour ago
holy wall of comments there
Q: Going around a recruiter who submits unsolicited candidates

Awkward QuestionRecently, my company received an unsolicited email from a recruiter with information about a potential candidate. We don't normally work with recruiters and our job ads all say 'No recruiters'. This recruiter provided the potential candidate's first name and current employer and that was more t...

The list could go on...
:\ yeah. that one is really bad
everytime we get a legal question where the real answer goes against the worker the popular answer is wrong
@Chad i really really hated that one, i had to tear myself away from it
I agreed with your answer on that one chad
4:26 PM
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¬_¬ Thats on every SE site for me atm XD
6 hours later…
10:46 PM
I feel blasphemous. I just DVed one of bethlakshmi's posts (which are almost always AWESOME)...

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