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10:41 PM
About 20 minutes until we start. (:
@RebeccaChernoff, I can't attend this event "live," but I will be responding to questions after the fact :)
The site message is a bit overexcited
and a bit early
I don't think it is excited enough
I'm kinda looking at the starred list on the side nervously
10:43 PM
IS there anyway to cancel all the stars in a room?
I took a bat to many of them earlier today
I hope Ronnie will be able to make today
@Resorath I lol'd
Seriously though, I really hope he wasn't invited to this :/
Can I start asking questions yet?
@RebeccaChernoff Can I have room ownership please, to kill the stars?
10:45 PM
Oh wait, that was a question...
@TimStone We killing them all? I'll get started
Might as well.
@StrixVaria I'm not sure if I should answer that then
@StrixVaria You can start asking but they can't answer them yet ;)
I have to AFK right as it starts, so at least I can get my questions in early, I guess.
no idea why all those other people are owners shrugs
Hmm, maybe from the time that there was a separate question room?
It might have just been easier to make a new room.
@Resorath But I'm having fun!
I am prepared for this discussion
10:48 PM
wait... if he was room owner and I made him room owner...
oh good, nothing bad happened.
@RebeccaChernoff Oh they were candidates last year
@badp I'm disappointed it didn't make me Supreme Lord of Chat, honestly.
@Resorath That's crazy talk
Not so ready
@badp ah
I don't stand a chance in this election, so I might as well enjoy myself
10:51 PM
This house is clear. Of stars.
gah John, Fredley
ಠ_ಠ to people starring
10:52 PM
@badp You better add ronnie.
I dunno if there's actually any benefit to adding them to the room owners at this point, but
10:53 PM
@StrixVaria I don't think he has a chat account
If he shows up I'll add him
Ah, that reminds me of that bug...
so I'm missing John, fredley and ronnie.
I think.
@TimStone Where users are allowed to post joke nominations?
Warning: I'm having some Internet connectivity issues. I hope it'll be okay :\
10:54 PM
@badp fredley = @TomMedley
Well observed
@Wipqozn My mind imploded when I realized that a few minutes ago.
@badp And me. But I balk at your societal and roomal norms
10:54 PM
@Wipqozn That one too, but more this one :P
Wait, wait, what's with all this owner business?
@MarkTrapp I could add you as owner but that wouldn't make you any more italic
I'm going to have to miss this. My current professor always blocks our internet when we aren't on break.
@GraceNote badp is a crazy man.
So why am I a room owner?
10:55 PM
I'm trying to set all candidates to italic
I've changed parent site, might have made things clearer...
Or not
@badp Blue before obliques I always say
@badp Makes sense.
@MarkTrapp A very narrow but useful mantra.
I'm coming up as fredley to myself now, does anyone else see it?
10:55 PM
@fredley Yes, after a reload
@fredley users will need to refresh
I guess you could be blue and italic but that's probably just crazy talk
Unlimited power!
I do remember making a feature request to distinguish users somehow
so that we don't confuse candidates with mods with random Mrozeks
those pesky Mrozeks
@badp solution: get rid of the pesky Mrozeks.
10:57 PM
Are the candidates allowed to ask other candidates questions as well?
@RebeccaChernoff oy!
I'm assuming so, but I wasn't here for the open town halls in the past, only the non-open one.
@badp I considered doing that once, but wasn't sure what abilities room owners have that might be problematic
@Wipqozn sure
in Ask Ubuntu Town Hall Chat, 2 hours ago, by Tim Stone
@jrg Yes, and feel free to answer your own questions as well.
10:58 PM
I'm almost sure I saw somebody who was neither blue nor italic. What's the deal?
@Wipqozn Yes. You can even set yourself up, too
@MichaelMrozek Let's not give them any ideas now shall we? :P
@GraceNote Really? Oh boy!
I'm neither.
10:58 PM
I'm also not able to stay. =[
(sorry, I still wuv you Tim)
Wuving you is blasphemy?
I won't do that anymore
Alright, let's get ready to get this show on the road
@GraceNote The pre-prep prep?
10:59 PM
puts on thinking cap
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