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12:08 AM
Several new answers to an old question over at BH have been offered thanks to a bounty.
A: Is there a difference between "the devil" and "Satan" in the Synoptic Gospels?

ScottSClearly No Distinction of Being Your core question is "Did the Synoptic writers intend to convey any distinction between διάβολος and σατανᾶς?" If by "distinction," you mean differing personalities (i.e. persons or beings), then I believe you have already answered your own question by noting th...

Scott's is the best, IMO, so it gets the link here.
20 hours later…
8:04 PM
A: What were the Nephilim, and what role did they play in the Bible beyond just being mentioned?

Jay AdamsWhat were the Nephilim? They were simply "fallen ones", a descriptive way of saying "giant" fallen ones. The whole earth by chapter 6 had become fallen, but these were particularly of significance in size and symbolically were a representation of large the wickedness of man had become, "continua...

Existing answers are excellent, but new user Jay Adams makes a nice contribution as well.

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