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8:06 AM
@JeffSchaller yup, I am curious — is it worth my undeleting my Meta Q so you can write a proper A?
9:06 AM
I just got another upvote for the question corresponding to
A: RAIDing with LVM vs MDRAID - pros and cons?

derobertHow mature and featureful is LVM RAID? LVM-RAID is actually mdraid under the covers. It basically works by creating two logical volumes per RAID device (one for data, called "rimage"; one for metadata, called "rmeta"). It then passes those off to the existing mdraid drivers. So things like handl...

We need to bribe Anthony to come back here, to update this answer, and of course, hang out here.
I don't suppose there is a way to offer a bounty for a question update?
3 hours later…
11:55 AM
@FaheemMitha yes, there is, there’s even a specific reason: “Current answers are outdated”
@StephenKitt Oh. So the bounty would be for a new updated answer, or for updates to an existing answer?
Jeff Atwood on September 23, 2011
It’s been a little over a year since our last improvement to the bounty system. Question bounties have been working well enough that we’re comfortable encouraging even more use of the bounty system. We used to limit people to one question bounty at a time, but now you can have up to three simultaneous question…
And could someone updating his current answer (e.g. Anthony) get the bounty?
@StephenKitt Thank you.
@FaheemMitha which post gets the bounty is up to the bounty provider; but you can’t give a bounty to an editor (if an existing answer is updated by someone else, the answer’s original author would get the bounty)
@StephenKitt I see. Where is that documented?
12:04 PM
Q: Awarding a bounty to an editor

Gilles 'SO- stop being evil'Bounties are always awarded to the original author of an answer. Occasionally, it would be nice to be able to award a bounty to someone who contributed an important part of the puzzle. An example I have in mind is a “reference” question, typically community wiki, on a common topic, where the goa...

So, in meta.stackexchange.com/a/16067/158763 the following appears:
> How does Community Wiki mode affect bounties?
Bounties are not affected by community wiki mode. When you award a bounty to an answer marked community wiki, the reputation bonus will be awarded to the user who posted the original revision of the answer.
That's the closest I've found to an official statement on the subject.
@StephenKitt That's an assertion, which is presumably not official. Though in SE it's often unclear what's "official" and what isn't.
Gilles wrote:
> Bounties are always awarded to the original author of an answer.
@FaheemMitha yes, it’s not official
Which is nice and clear. But I haven't found such a clear statement in the FAQ or elsewhere.
@FaheemMitha It could be no other way. Bounties are linked to the post's author, not editors.
12:19 PM
@terdon Does it say that somewhere?
@FaheemMitha Not that I know of.
But that's how it works.
There is simply no other way: you have one button to click to award the bounty and cannot direct it in any way, so it will always go to the original author.
Which is also the point of Gilles's feature request
@terdon OK.
It’s the same with any reputation. If someone provides a poor answer, and you take the time to edit it and make it great, and it gets a ton of upvotes, the original author will get all the rep.
@StephenKitt I see. But I doubt that happens very often.
12:43 PM
@FaheemMitha not that rare either
People usually don't like their answers being edited, apart from anything else.
I don't myself.
Um. Really?
If someone doesn't like their answers edited, then SE isn't the platform for them.
I considered it a badge of honour when Gilles and Stéphane started fixing my answers without asking, rather than leaving comments ;-).
I don’t like it when people mess up my answers, but I welcome edits that improve them with open arms.
1:01 PM
Well, edits to my answers (which are rare) are usually not good.
I suppose if they were a major improvement, that would be different.
1:37 PM
@StephenKitt Indeed.
1:56 PM
@StephenKitt I'm not sure it's worth all that; at the time, I didn't know that you had tried to close-vote it, and "closing" sounded like the right course of action for a question that you think it useless. terdon saw a bit further (and I agree) that "no" is an OK answer. Of course, I mean a useful "no" like "these architectures are not compatible"
2:12 PM
@JeffSchaller right, that makes sense. And if one person thought to do this, others might, and might find the Q&A...
stopping bad ideas is a good goal :)
2:59 PM
@JeffSchaller Hell of a big project though.
As Charles de Gaulle reportedly said in response to someone yelling "Death to fools!".
@terdon especially if fools are defined as people with above average foolishness
there’s a variant of the Robin Hood story where Robin Hood steals from the rich, gives to the poor, then steals from the poor because they’re now rich
3:16 PM
constant employment!
endless loop!
@terdon pushing the boundaries of sanity outwards is my life goal
sometimes it makes it past my skull, but I don't count on it
2 hours later…
5:01 PM
This seems worth sharing, in case any of you depend on javascript (userscripts, blocking, etc):
Q: We're Migrating our JavaScript

Benjamin HodgsonTL;DR: We’re making a substantial repayment on our JavaScript technical debt. Apologies in advance for any bugs as we work through it! Stack Overflow's JavaScript setup hasn't substantially changed since, like, 2008. Here are a few fun facts about the way we build our JS. The process to install ...

1 hour later…
6:02 PM
I really hate how many companies just assume we all use whatever the latest software trend is
I need an instagram to get christmas sales?
What even is instagram?
And if another person says "You can just venmo me" I'm going to assume that means karate chop them in the jugular
I thought I was the last person on the planet to get Venmo!
My mom beat me to the other one... what's it called... Zelle
There is another one?!
we have so many ways to spread your information beyond your control! Would you like the picture-based one? The farming-game-based one?
6:06 PM
I don't even care about the farming of my information anymore I just don't like when things change for no good reason
We already had a way to do p2p virtual currency transfers and it was made by the same people that made venmo!
And I still don't understand how any of the social media platforms differ from one another
facebook is just myspace without music, twitter is facebook with less words, instagram is twitter with pictures? except they all allow pictures so what makes it special?
and why do I need to have it in order to buy goods and services
we just went for a covid test and got a business card saying "download this app to get your results". Since when do I need a smartphone to get health test results?
Good, join the darkside Jeff. We can yell at the cloud together.
I've been yelling at the clouds since before you were born!
now get off ma lawn!
lawnmowers are electric now
6:22 PM
Having just winterized mine, I can see the benefits :)
6:34 PM
you winterize yours?
I just change the oil if that
small engines don't die
well, it's nothing fancy. change the oil & filter, drain the gas; change the spark plug if I think of it, take the battery out for the trickle charger, wipe the whole thing down to clean it a bit, grease the axles
oh that reminds me I do need to put a trickle charger on mine
granted I've got a little tractor, but imagine winterizing an electric push mower: (1) done.
(2) batteries have 50% of their original capacity within a year
I mean... what'd I spend on oil, filter, spark plug, and gas? (and charger)
6:40 PM
like $10?
also you don't need to change the spark plug yearly
Probably could get away with using a single plug for the lifetime of the machine if you have a spark plug cleaner
(which you can actually just do with sandpaper)
yet another purchase ;)
I don't think they even make spark plug cleaners anymore though you can definitely find antique ones as they are collectable
I'm a fan of having the right tool for the job; I know someone with an electric mower and have passed along their recommendation to someone else (since #1 had a good experience)
spark plugs costing around $1 each made it kind of useless to clean them
oh! and the air filter and pre-cleaner got changed out. actually, just the filter this time; the pre-cleaner was in good shape.
6:49 PM
well if everyone else switches to electric the air will be clean enough that you don't need a filter anymore
there was some ... not even going to call it an argument ... online I saw that said something like "we can't get rid of oil, all of our transport trucks have ICE engines!" and I thought that was pretty faulty logic.
I'm not convinced electric vehicles are going to succeed, especially on heavy equipment
I don't have a horse in that race, so I can't say ;)
you can convert almost any existing combustion engine into propane/natural gas with little modification and it's arguably much better for the environment than lithium batteries
sure you are driving around with a literal bomb on your vehicle but lithium batteries aren't exactly that safe either
I made a comment to one of my kids about how when she grows up, she might be able to tell her grandkids that she actually rode around in a car that had miniature explosions happening right in front of her
6:59 PM
it costs upwards of $30k to replace even the cheapest battery pack on any electric car in production which on some cars is actually more than they cost and on any car would be more than they are worth used. And we all have experience with the lifespan of lithium batteries and I've never met anyone that is happy about it
(knowing that her great-grandmother rode to school in a horse & buggy)
hey you don't know, maybe your grandmother used small explosions to get the horse to run faster
that's probably how she got thrown out of the carriage on her way to church once
7:12 PM
I like what ford is doing with their new hybrid F and E series line
The combustion engine is only for powering a generator that powers the electric motors and never actually gets used for drivetrain power
which is how a lot of heavy equipment has operated for years
although since there is so much (or any) parasitic loss in a system like that you could technically get better economy and performance using just the combustion engine if you just drive better
7:34 PM
By definition, right? So what's the point of that approach? It seems like the worst of both worlds: all the limitations of electric without the benefit of cleaner energy.
@terdon The engine runs at a constant, low RPM and doesn't ever experience the high load stress of start and stop driving so ultimately it uses less fuel per mile
but I bet someone doing the "hypermiling" driving style would be able to outperform it
My understanding of why it's used for trains and whatnot is that the electric motor can generate a shitload of torque and the ICE can always run at its optimal RPM
the new line of ford diesel trucks actually get better fuel economy than their hybrids in highway driving though
yeah having more low end torque is pretty big for economy. Ol' ford again released a 7.4L gas engine (which is absolutely enormous for a modern engine) for economy purposes and it actually works
It gets way better economy than smaller engines, especially when used for doing actual truck things like hauling heavy loads/towing, because it's not under full load all the time
The "eco" boost turbos on the other hand go from eco to boost almost as quick as the escalade hybrid monstrosity
@jesse_b ah, OK. So it should be a leeeetle cleaner.
7:52 PM
I believe those hybrids also have battery packs though so they can be charged overnight and then driven on all battery for like 150 or 200 miles before having to kick on the gas engine
and they can act as their own generators on job sites. I think a lot of companies are going to want that for their fleet vehicles
F150 is already the number 1 selling vehicle in north america though so it wont be a big leap
OK that's fair. I thought they were just using a less efficient engine and still powering it with gas so it seemed kind of pointless. But I guess it's a step in the right direction.
Yeah they are targeted toward fleet vehicles which need to be able to drive virtually unlimited number of miles in a day and can't be stuck with extended charge times, etc. Ultimately I think it's all just theater because ford needs emissions credits and companies buying these vehicles will also get tax credits so it's sure to make some people a lot of money under the guise that it's doing good for the world but really I don't think it's much better than the alternative
Still not enough to make me buy stock in ford because the auto industry is a losing enterprise all around
8:20 PM
ugh, profile redesign is here
part announcement, part judgement :)
I had to use my winter bash announcement voice

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