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12:14 AM
Could someone help understand a problem I had? The simple form of that problem is: I wanted to copy a file via samba over the network but only about 1.8M were transfered and after that the io stalls at 0%.
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6:41 AM
@Kusalananda “I have quite seriously compared Theo deRaadt with Leonidas of Sparta” O_O
@StephenKitt Hmmm, yes, there's quite a bit of rambling in that particular post.
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9:37 AM
@Kusalananda I admire your kindness and willingness to help
A: if condition not working when run from crontab

KusalanandaYour script leaves VT undefined (unless it's set in the environment, but that leaves Date unused). A simpler script: #!/bin/sh if grep -q -Fx 'Jun212018' /home/file.txt; then echo 'Date has Matched' fi This prints the string if the date Jun212018 matches exactly on a single line in the f...

@Kiwy It's an uphill struggle most of the time though... "it doesn't work" is driving me up the walls, but I do try to remain civil.
@Kusalananda I used to ask those kind of question and it took me a while to understand why no one would answer... Now I try to explain it but it feel like an endless circle of repetition :D
@Kiwy Most of the time, the user is simply unused to asking questions, and does not know how to provide relevant information that makes sense. To them, it really just does not work. To us, it fails in specific ways, and this would tell us what's wrong.
We're like medical doctors that are supposed to diagnose a symptom without ever getting to see the patient.
9:52 AM
@Kusalananda indeed
10:25 AM
Q: Debian Server: Out of Memory: kill process

SammyI run a debian Webserver with nextcloud. Every night a backup job (storeBackup) is scheduled and it only succeeds in very few cases. But every night the journal is full of OOM Errors (see below). The machine has 16G RAM, therefore I am wondering, what is so much RAM consuming. Output of journal...

Could I have someone's eye on this one, I really feel like the backup script is CPU and IO intensive and is the cause of the problem, also how can a system misses RAM when 11GB out of 16GB are cached and not even actual leaving data ?
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2:59 PM
@terdon I wondered what had happened there
Q: Is there any manual about C in Linux? If any, what is it?

acgtyrantWhile I find that we can read some manuals about Library calls (C library functions) & acsii in Linux. But I still do not find any manual about C precedence order so far. So you can recommend other useful manual about C now. Thank you! PS: Note that the manual can be accessed via man command in...

my first merged answer
thanks for the Necromancer badge ;-)
@StephenKitt Wasn't me.
One of the others presumably merged another question into this one.
@terdon presumably
I don’t know why I immediately jumped to the conclusion it was you!
@StephenKitt that's because you know you can bother @terdon and ping @terdon all time. He never complains about :-)
Hello @terdon :-)
Right, it was Michael
Q: Is there C language documentation on Linux?

TomaszIs there a package on Debian or some other Linux media that provides documentation for the C language? I mean in particular man pages. Eg. so that I can check docs for typedef or other basics (and possibly advanced concepts).

3:20 PM
this SE site completely desperate me...
I found it pretty scary
@Kiwy I usually get a good laugh out of many of the questions on there
3:40 PM
Bonjour everyone
Let's try to avoid attacking other SE sites, OK?
Thanks @StephenKitt for C language documentation question.
@PrabhjotSingh you’re welcome!
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7:04 PM
@Kiwy Why?
I believe that libc6 is still under quite active development. Since the C API is presumably not changing very fast, if at all, does anyone have a clear sense about what kind of development is going on?
I know I could go and look at the repos itself, but I was hoping for a high level summary.
And this question may or not be suitable for site (I think it's a bit vague), but feel free to comment either way.
And here is the repos.
1 hour later…
8:37 PM
@FaheemMitha: How is the police force in your city? Do they have a lot of corruption?
Haven't been around in a bit, been busy....
Hello, all
@FaheemMitha The C API is changing — e.g., the kernel adds new features through the syscall interface. Programs want to use those new features. Often that goes in libc.
Salutations. I was thinking about where you went the other day
@FaheemMitha and every decade or so, there is a new version of C. Not sure if work is underway on the next one yet. Probably...
@derobert yes, every five years; TS 18661-1 is due next year again
most recent changes, when they’re not bug fixes, relate to new syscalls, new CPU instructions or forthcoming changes to the standard
9:28 PM
Hi Anthony. Nice to see you back.
@Jesse_b Yes, I expect so. Why?
@derobert Oh. Example?
@StephenKitt The C standard?
@FaheemMitha I was wondering what you are planning to do with the recording you take of these criminals, if you are able to obtain it. If you turn it over to corrupt police isn't there a possibility of them not doing anything and this whole thing will just come back to you in a negative way?
@Jesse_b Oh. No, if I was to use such a thing, it would be in court. But this is all hypothetical. And it wouldn't just be in this instance.
I mean, I could use it generally for recording conversations. Though, it's true people often don't like themselves recorded.
So it would probably tend to be for use with not nice people. A record of things they said so they can't pretend they didn't say it later. Again, all hypothetical.
In tangentially related news, it looks like Amazon may not pick up my defective H5 at all.
@FaheemMitha But they already issued the refund right?
I've no idea why. It's never happened before. The Amazon rep guy said to me that my refund had been processed, and that if they didn't pick up the recorder, I got to keep it.
@FaheemMitha That git log you linked to is full of them. The ELF BPF programs stuff is a new kernel feature. Scroll down a bit and you find SHM_STAT_ANY, also a new kernel feature
9:32 PM
I thought I was hearing things for a moment.
@Jesse_b Yes, I got an email about that, and the rep also confirmed it.
What about it doesn't work? Maybe you can open it up and find a loose connection or cracked solder or something relatively simple to fix
@derobert Oh. Those are just examples, right? You don't happen to know what they are?
@Jesse_b If they really don't take it back, I was thinking that I could to get it replaced under the (supposed) 1 year warranty. Though I can't be sure that there is a real warranty.
@FaheemMitha Well, the BPF programs stuff has been on LWN recently. So I sort of know what that is.
@Jesse_b It refuses to work with the shipped micro-SD card. And I bought another cheapo card, and it doesn't work with that either.
It could just be a won't-work-with-cheapo-card thing, but the unit also hangs hard from time to time when trying to test the SD card, which I figure is a bad sign. You have to take out the battery to make it shut down.
@derobert Oh. I haven't been following LWN recently. And in any case, I often don't understand their kernel stuff. Though you and @StephenKitt might.
Did you know Stephen is a stealth kernel hacker?
@derobert Did I mention it's nice to see you here again? Don't mean to gush...
@FaheemMitha Stealth (kernel hacker) or (stealth kernel) hacker?
9:37 PM
@Jesse_b I'm completely useless at that kind of stuff. And I'd have a hard time finding anyone like that here.
@derobert The former, I think.
@derobert So, what's been happening? Did you get a girlfriend or something? Or get married, even?
@FaheemMitha No, nothing like that. What did happen is being very busy at work for a while. Its a really great idea time your internal CA to expire at the same time Wheezy LTS goes EOL.
Great in the sarcastic sense, of course.
Of course, that wasn't planned — the CA expire date was picked 10 years ago, for example.
@derobert Huh. You've been gone a long time. Was it a big job?
Busy at work. A mixed blessing, I suppose. Do they pay overtime?
Also, you know about lots of stuff. What's your level of expertise on sound recorders? I can't remember if I asked. Specifically, do you know anything about the Zoom series?
Nope. Haven't really had to put in any, though. But it did give me something better to do during all the otherwise free (e.g., waiting for computer) time at work instead of chat.SE :-/
@derobert You forgot to do the reply thing. :-) Presumably you're replying to the overtime line...
@FaheemMitha Don't really have any experience with sound recorders. I haven't done any sound recording work.
9:43 PM
@derobert Ok.
Now, if you want to know about upgrading from Wheezy to Jessie...
Nobody else seems to have. The Sound SE doesn't seem particularly interested in talking to me.
I briefly had the attention of one of the mods, but now he seems to have returned to the default position of ignoring me. He did give me some very useful information first, though.
@FaheemMitha Probably because it sounds like you are looking into doing nefarious things
Out of curiosity, what are you planning on recording?
@derobert He's involved with the mafia
9:45 PM
@Jesse_b Dunno. Possibly. I did ask a question about my recorder not working properly, which nobody seemed very interested in answering.
@derobert You too? :-) Recording conversations, mostly.
@Jesse_b The one that gets cool lines in movies, or the one that employs a bunch of underpaid grunts to run drugs?
I mean, it'd make much more sense to record the former. Safer, too.
I figure it could sometimes be useful. And the Zoom series also double as USB mics on Linux, which could be useful. Though I haven't figured out where the drivers live. And Zoom doesn't officially support Linux, so who is writing the drivers?
@FaheemMitha Sounds like you're about to start a podcast or something :-/
@derobert More the latter. I take it you weren't around in April when that issue with my watchmen happened?
@FaheemMitha apparently not.
9:47 PM
@derobert Not really. Recording phone conversations, probably without the other side knowing about it. As @Jesse_b mentioned, nefarious stuff.
@derobert Ok. Well, if you want details, let me know.
@FaheemMitha Sounds interesting.
Possibly, also in person conversations, possibly also without the other people knowing about it.
@derobert It's kind of a bad situation. Is that a yes?
@FaheemMitha I still want details lol :-P. So far the things you have said haven't really painted the perpetrators as criminals necessarily
@FaheemMitha yes
@derobert Ok, well not right now. It's insanely late here, and I have a few things to do before I got to sleep. But do stick around. As you can see, you miss things by not being here.
9:50 PM
@Jesse_b Well, it's not the Godfather, exactly.
so vague
You're a mysterious guy @FaheemMitha :-P
@Jesse_b Really, not at all.
@derobert I hope you won't disappear on us again.
@FaheemMitha Well, not until I go on vacation for a week in July.
@derobert Ok. Family vacation?
9:54 PM
So, one of the bank accounts I use doesn't work properly with Chromium, but does with Chrome. But I generally prefer Chromium.
Sadly, trying to get this fixed is probably a waste of time.
10:17 PM
@FaheemMitha The account or the bank website?
@Jesse_b The web site. I was speaking loosely.
I didn't realize you were a man that banked with multiple financial institutions
@Jesse_b There isn't anything special about having multiple accounts.
Most of mine are sort of accidental.
Here is what I mean by Sound SE not being interested:
Q: Problem with SD card and new Zoom H5

Faheem MithaIn my testing of my new Zoom H5, I foolishly did not test the standalone recording capabilities, which require a working SD card. I tried using the included SD card. When I tried to format it, I got an error. When I tried the quick performance test, it alternately gave me NG, and just froze part...

And nobody created an H5 tag either. Bummer.
I think that site might be more for "audiofiles" I would imagine a lot of the members on there don't care much for discreet recording devices
@Jesse_b There isn't anything particularly discreet about the Zoom 5. It looks like it might be some sort of torture device. Or perhaps a sex toy.
@Jesse_b You seem convinced I'm some sort of spy. I think your life lacks excitement. And possibly includes too many Hollywood movies.
And the Zoom series are quite popular there - they have tags for some of the models in the series. And quite a lot of discussion.
10:28 PM
Well if using recording devices as a sex toy is excitement, I certainly have none of that in my life
@FaheemMitha I suppose, I also see a few quite a few recording related questions. I just picture that site having a lot of home theater type enthusiasts which might not be very familiar with recording technologies
@Jesse_b My point was that it looks like it might be a sex toy.
@Jesse_b I think they are familiar with the Zoom series, at least.
Hardware is quite central to sound work, I think.
I looked up a picture of that recorder. I can see torture device but not sex toy
@Jesse_b You need to be more imaginative.
@FaheemMitha Haven't I been imaginative enough in fabricating a whole story about you being involved in extorting the mafia?
@Jesse_b Yes, well done.
10:45 PM
I can't figure out how to install dash on centos
@Jesse_b pkgmanager install dash?
@FaheemMitha No package dash available.
@Jesse_b Huh. Do an online search?
It's possible it isn't in the official CentOS archives, but it should still be possible to find a third party package. Why are you using CentOS?
I have been searched and am in fact on that page you linked
Because centos is legit and debian sucks :-P
@Jesse_b Blasphemy.
10:54 PM
@FaheemMitha ;-)

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