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12:52 AM
should probably either be removed completely or be made a synonym of , hmm.
5 hours later…
6:13 AM
In case anyone is interested, interview with @Shirish.
9 hours later…
3:36 PM
@kyrias ok, I just got up, but what language is that... I think the language that's written in should replace both of those tags.
I mean, it could be shell, its valid shell syntax, but AFAIK none of those do anything useful...
I just got up—maybe I need to read the question again after some tea...
unix.stackexchange.com/questions/188474 is now the only question with either of those tags. I retagged one that was using decimal, because it wasn't really about decimal. (Was almost "what does tee do?") That was unix.stackexchange.com/questions/163524
3:57 PM
> I am a newbee in linux,and i have chosen gentoo for my linux distribution.
I think I see a problem right there :)
@terdon Not necessarily. He might be a super-experienced FreeBSD user.
@derobert I somehow think of you as an exotic coffee drinker. A la the Crane brothers.
Question - I'm trying to help someone who has a SO account log into Area 51. I thought his SO login would work. Any idea what he might need to do?
@FaheemMitha That should work. Just like any other SE site.
Ah! Unless... hang on
Q: "OpenID 2.0 for Google Accounts is going away"; will this affect Stack Exchange?

badpApparently, for some reason, Google is retiring its OpenID 2.0 platform. I got this notice while logging in with Disqus, but not with Stack Exchange. So... is Stack Exchange going to be affected by this? Do I need, or want, to add extra login methods to my Stack Exchange account to ensure I can ...

That might be relevant.
4:15 PM
@terdon Ok, I pointed him to that. We're on freenode, btw.
I doubt that's the issue, I just happened to hear about that today.
@terdon ok
4:32 PM
Did the linux bash prompt ever by default in distros, not show the directory(so people kept having to do pwd to check)?
and if so, then when was that?
@barlop Um, today?
It depends on the distro. I think that Debian and its derivatives always show the PWD but I'm sure that many others don't. It's such a simple thing to tweak.
@barlop And everyone likes their own personalised prompt and hates everyone else's! ;-)
Hmm, I just checked and CentOS also shows \W
I don't know though since I always modify my prompt from the default.
@terdon what's your default?
Mine is: green for normal users, red for admin/root and pwd on one line and $ on the next...
Mine's quite simple, just user@host and PWD $ on one line. Colors change for users/hosts though
${debian_chroot:+($debian_chroot)}[\033[01;33m]\u@\h[\033[01;34m] \W \\$[\033[00m]
4:45 PM
similar to mine...
Haven't really tweaked it much. I'd played with more complex ones in the past but they ended up being too distracting.
@Gilles are you around?
I'm looking into the and I think that (which exists) is better than . Do you have any arguments why the should be created instead?
@terdon synonyms?
@Gilles You mean create the new tag only to make it a synonym?
5:00 PM
“background” is used more often than “wallpaper” in the unix world, but I think “wallpaper” is used everywhere else
$ apropos wallpaper
fbsetbg (1)          - Set a background wallpaper or pattern
it's also called “root [window] image” but that's less well-known
I'd just rather not create a tag unless necessary. We already have , would really add anything?
@terdon discoverability
People on this site have been spontaneously using “background” for years, not “wallpaper”
Well, sod it, I've already created the tag so I may as well synonymize them. Are you suggesting we make the master and the synonym?
@terdon could go either way
I'd recommend the inverse since there are already 27 questions tagged with
OK, dealing with it now, I'll post an answer to your meta Q once it's done.
2 hours later…
7:19 PM
Has anyone ever used reportbug with the --bts option?
faheem@orwell:~$ reportbug --bts debbugs.gnu.org
Ignored bogus setting for --bts: debbugs.gnu.org
8:06 PM
@Fabby mine is pretty normal (basically Debian default) except that it turns red and adds $? when it's non-zero
Oh! That's a good one!
PS1_INSIDE='${debian_chroot:+($debian_chroot)}\u@\h:\w$bad\$ '
        retcode=\$? ;
        if [ 0 -ne \$retcode ]; then
                bad=\" [\\\\\\\$?=\$retcode]\"
                echo \"$RED$PS1_INSIDE$NORMAL\"
                echo \"$PS1_INSIDE\";
Too complex for me to understand...
There, that's simpler to understand. And if you think its hard to understand... I got to build and debug it.
Possibly there is a better way to do that, who knows.
@derobert I'm pretty sure there is, it begins with exec zsh
8:10 PM
:D I'm not even going to try...
Here we go again... >:)
@Gilles someday I'll check out zsh
After I've read the entire Linux System Administrators manual (which doesn't contain zsh) I'm going to start on go and then I'll have a look at zsh...
@Fabby What a dreary way to spend the time.
@derobert I'm just going to keep this for future reference as mine turns green for users and red for root and admin, so I will in a year or so when I know more, incorporate yours into mine and make the error orange...
Now I'm just not capable of doing that...
Hold on, I could ask a question here for that!
(just not used to actually asking questions on U&L...
8:46 PM
One might reasonably expect mv to write atomically, and rollback if it fails, but it doesn't. E.g. in the case of running out of space.
@FaheemMitha Unix provides no API to do that. Rename of a single file, on the same partition, is atomic—beyond that, nope.
@derobert same partition? You mean same filesystem?
yeah, sorry, same filesystem
@derobert do you have an opinion about
Q: How to prevent automake from overwriting INSTALL?

zenithI'm working on a project that has a custom INSTALL file. Running automake --add-missing (or more precisely, autoreconf -i) will generate the GNU default INSTALL file, and overwrite our file with it. How can I prevent this behavior? I want it to either not generate the GNU INSTALL file at all, or...

@terdon obviously, we should use the longer one, as there is a long Unix tradition of typing as many characters as possible. (Just kidding... seems like a good candidate for synonyms to me)
8:56 PM
Sorry, I should have been more specific.
The issue about whether the INSTALL overwrite is a bug.
No idea. Seems like a question for upstream.
@derobert ok. I'll file a bug. Though apparently it is known behavior, which suggests they don't think it is a bug.
I don't use autotools enough as a developer to have an opinion
@derobert ok
Maybe they'd take a flag to keep existing.
Anyway, BBL.
8:58 PM
@derobert ?
A patch to add a flag somewhere to tell it to keep the existing INSTALL fille
I think it should just not overwrite. That seems like the right thing to do.
@derobert I see. Not a terribly useful (hypothetical) flag, I think.
Well, if they're for some reason tied to their overwrite behavior... then maybe suggest a flag to disable it.
@derobert Fair enough.
Still should work up a small repro example though. Haven't actually seen the behavior myself.

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