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5:15 AM
A: Where is [old arcane project] now maintained, maybe as a fork under another name?

curiousdanniiOn other sites these types of questions are often called Resource Requests, and are usually considered on-topic. Note that these are distinct from Resource Recommendation questions, which are usually off-topic. In as far as the type of question is concerned they should be allowed. With the upcomi...

Please see this proposal for which project locating requests we should allow. Comments welcome!
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8:51 AM
GNU FSDG says: "We would like to thank the Fedora Project for their help in focusing these policies, and allowing us to use their own distribution license guidelines as a basis for this document." I want to read that fedora (own) distribution guide line, can anyone help/link me where I can find?
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10:03 AM
I have a response from Robert - I'll post it here
Thank you for taking the time to outline the issues raised. Tim post and I are reviewing the issue, and we will be responding as soon as possible. Unfortunately we're coming up on a holiday weekend, so I didn't want to rush this without giving it the full thought and time it deserves. If you do not see a response soon, we'll be addressing it again going into next week.

Take care and enjoy your weekend!
Essentially, they know we're here and they're working on it, and we can expect some progress next week - cc @Zizouz212
10:36 AM
@ArtOfCode what exactly did you send?
A few days ago, you made a comment on a post there. It is, among other discussion and similar opinions, a reason for a recent Meta post, in which we discuss a site scope modification. Recently, there has also been some discussion in The Bikeshed, our chatroom, about our scope and our interaction and relation to open source and free culture organisations. (You may have heard about our discussion with OSI, where the OSI agree to support us in some way - Tim Post knows more about this.)

Could you, when you've got some time, drop into a chatroom with us and mull these issues over with us? We'd
(with multiple links)
ok, cool
11:07 AM
btw, @Mnementh What is your opinion about last para of this?
@Pandya: "Open source allows to work with essential(required) proprietary firmwares, drivers, plug-ins etc. " - yes, but Free Software does allow that too. Linux for example is free software, but allows to work with proprietary firmware. That is no distiction between free soft/OSS.
Although I agree, Free Software supporters often disagree with using such proprietary software
To be clear, the plugins, firmware etc. are not free software, but working with them in free software is also a part of freedom 0
@Pandya: It removes nonfree parts distributed with it, but even without parts distributed with it, it still can be used with them. On the decision of the user (freedom 0). The nonfree-parts in question are also not open source, so that does not work as a distinction between the two definitions.
ok. btw, +1 and +favorited for that
11:23 AM
Your explanations given here probably match if the question would be about the philosophical differences between open source camp and free software camp. I might ask that too. The question at hand asked specifically about the definitions and matching licenses.
edited last para.
I accept that my answer may for philosophical differences between open source camp and free software camp. and doesn't help much for specifically about the definitions and matching licenses. @Mnementh
11:44 AM
Also, @ArtOfCode That's good to know, at least we've got some helping hands :)
12:29 PM
Hello! :D
Hi @Zizouz212
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1:58 PM
Q: How is this question off-topic?

Zizouz212I stumbled on this question about the infamous case of Google and Oracle, concerning the integration of Java and Android. I've edited the question, but here is the original: As many people know, there is a current case going on between Google and Oracle over the use of Java and perhaps its st...

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3:52 PM
Q: Does a question need to include source code to be on topic?

trichoplaxThere is a comment on this question suggesting that the question should be closed. I was very surprised by the reason given: I'm fairly certain that since this does not involve any sample of code, but a situation in which you are discussing a job about situations wherein you code, that this i...

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7:50 PM
Everything feels so quite today...

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