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2:11 AM
?!? Z did you delete that?
Any suggestion to revise/Improve this? @kdopen
Q: Did I manage to post an answer twice, or what?

bmarguliesAm I in danger if a project component is relicensed? A few times in my SE history, I've gotten tangled up in a particular oddity of the editing UI and ended up with a duplicated answer. Did I do that here and Zizou cleaned up after me?

3 hours later…
5:20 AM
Can I declare myself a osx java idiot? stackoverflow.com/questions/32087039/…
@Mnementh Aren't you supposed to be a java expert? Help me!!!
4 hours later…
9:29 AM
@vzn What we talking about?
3 hours later…
12:41 PM
1 hour later…
1:42 PM
posted on August 19, 2015 by masson

University’s culture of “openness” extends beyond Open Source Software to Open Educational Resources (OER) and Open Access in research and data. PALO ALTO, Calif. - Aug. 19, 2015 -- Recognizing the growth of open source software within higher education, the Open Source Initiative (OSI) recently expanded their Affiliate Membership Program to include colleges and universities. Today the OSI an

1 hour later…
Um... ok?
open source within open science!
Ah, right.
:) its a new prj ... has a lot of cutting edge stuff eg incl deep learning, etc
@vzn And you are spamming our chatroom with it...
3:10 PM
@Zizouz212 Nah, it's not that bad
It's relevant, at least :)
I guess...
Though if it's constant and obvious self-promotion, we get the deletion hammers out :)
Sounds like something that might be of interest to some people round here, so I'm inclined to keep a quick mention of it around.
@ArtOfCode and where is your written policy on so-called "self-promotion"? do you want an active chat room or one with just mods killing stuff within seconds of it appearing? yes have run into this similar bias in other SE chat rooms. its a simple link. its obviously on topic. it will scroll past in the chat room unless somebody stars it. did you delete something else I posted? cant tell. "micromanaging"?
@vzn No, Feeds deleted it - meaning we can't tell. I have no problem with a couple links, just noting that if it becomes a problem we'll do something.
@ArtOfCode what is Feeds?
3:24 PM
@vzn The chat equivalent of the Community user
@ArtOfCode ok, havent run into that before afaik
figured it was Z because he just said it was spam and wrote right after it was posted
@vzn Understandable, it's not obvious
@ArtOfCode right. its somewhat subjective.
@vzn I can't tell who deleted it, only that someone did
@ArtOfCode isnt Z the obvious candidate?
3:26 PM
Possibly, but I see no reason to cause deletion via Feeds rather that just deleting it outright, if it was
anyway lol the ref to spam in a room with xkcd autofeed into it... whose idea was that anyway ?!? :P
It's possible, that if Feeds deleted it, that your message got a handful of flags and got autodeleted
@vzn No idea, but we seem to enjoy it around here.
@ArtOfCode so, good thing you guys have your priorities in order!
@vzn Isn't it just :)
@ArtOfCode fyi Z wrote me a chat reply right after/ next line (now deleted): "Explanation?"
3:32 PM
Lemme go find that...
@ArtOfCode dont worry about it, it seems to have disappeared after a nightly period, it doesnt even seem to say (deleted) in the transcript any more.
Ah right. Presumably he wanted some context to the link? Correct me if I'm wrong, @Ziz.
@vzn It's still in my transcript
Hey, what's up?
1 min ago, by ArtOfCode
Ah right. Presumably he wanted some context to the link? Correct me if I'm wrong, @Ziz.
It was completely unparalleled... And it likely looked like spam. As a user who has never been here before... And to simply post a link and leave
That's kind of strange... Especially when it's about open science (relationship? Maybe, but open science has their own chatroom)
3:34 PM
lol, horrors
think theres a very natural connection between open science & open source dont you guys?
esp open computer science. hence the link. but maybe not many or a lot have made the connection yet.
There's some connection, sure
But not a complete connection (that site was going crazy... in quality and content)
open (computer) science can/ does leverage the long history of open source.
@Zizouz212 Didn't OS shut down?
AoC, wondering, are you young like Z?
@ArtOfCode yes.
3:36 PM
How do you know how young I am?
@Zizouz212 what site are you talking about?
That's scary...
You've probably said it sometime :)
Open Science...
@Zizouz212 lol, you put it on your profile
3:36 PM
Yep, I have said I'm 15
Alright, I'm fine now :)
think 15 is young to think about open science! (admittedly open source is much more mainstream)
On the Internet... maturity isn't measured in age.
Not necessarily... I've kept a strong eye on it
@Zizouz212 wondering/ curious, why?
And the quality got really bad after a while
3:38 PM
@Zizouz212 quality of what?
@vzn Starting up sites is like my new thing now... I'm sick and tired of SO and big sites
@vzn on Open Science
@Zizouz212 dislike a lot of SE culture at times myself :(
I wouldn't say SE, but more the big trilogy sites
@Zizouz212 the large scale sites face unique challenges. even SE mgt admits it.
Yep... It's impossible to ask a question without being criticized on the difference in code style
3:40 PM
@ArtOfCode so what is it measured it? ;)
Avatar awesomeness
@vzn In maturity itself, objectively decided by the peers of the measured subject.
there is a lot of cross-site SE (near/ veiled) hostility to questions/ newbies etc.
I've got 1.9k there...
And I still get yelled at half the time
Oh, and bounties are completely overrated.
1.9k for me too. 1.9k is nothing, in SO terms.
3:42 PM
Even 10k isn't much now..
yeah. after years of earning solid rep, many mods still hassle me. its like starting all over from scratch on new sites. etc.
Now, I just ask questions if I really want an answer (and I have to put a hefty bounty on it in order to do that)
@Zizouz212 by who? new users will always be ... unruly at times.
I ask questions, I get yelled at for my genuine confusion
How many points do you peeps think I'll need to do?
@Zizouz212 I ask questions with as much detail as possible
@Zizouz212 Don't bounty, edit and bump
3:45 PM
@ArtOfCode Never gets me anywhere... No one ever cares to answer anyway
@ArtOfCode I die then
@Zizouz212 Heh. Mine get answered ;P
How big of a bounty do you think I'll need this time?
If only I had so much...
3:49 PM
1 hour later…
4:56 PM
Bot started.
Bots are coming out to play
Bot started.
Oh. Of course...
@Ziz you forgot? How dare you?
I didn't forget...
6:03 PM
@ProgramFOX Bot terminated.
6:52 PM
@ArtOfCode How did the bot hour go?
@Zizouz212 Karma's still running. Transcript looks pretty empty though
Karma, give me a random number
Or, you already have a thing for that...
~> listcommands
@Zizouz212 Commands: alive, utc, listcommands, help, cat, read, getcurrentusers, ping, flip, xkcdrandomnumber, xkcd, random, randomint, randomchoice, shuffle, detectlang, translate, translationchain, translationswitch, stop, disable, enable, ban, unban, delete, module
@ArtOfCode 0.8768551144415211
6:58 PM
@ArtOfCode 1329618430
~> randomchoice 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 500
@Zizouz212 50
A 50 point bounty it is then... Doubt that will give me an answer though
6:59 PM
~> randomchoice 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 500
@Zizouz212 150
I can do 150
Might actually get you an answer
Yep :)
@Ziz know any PHP / would be prepared to learn it?
7:04 PM
Nah, what for?
I'm open to anything :)
It's not that bad
Cloning Stack Exchange. And making it open source.
hasn't that happened already?
Scram outta here!
There's spies!
wat just happened
@ratchetfreak Yes, but many are incomplete and/or abandoned...
7:06 PM
The SE spy, namely, @ratchetfreak, has discovered our plans...
If I worked for SE I'd have a blue name already
All but more reason to think you're a spy
Interesting logic ;)
@ratchetfreak Know anything in java?
the NSImage: refers to the protocol, it tells java how to look for the resource, like file: tells it to look in the local file system and http: is over the internet NSImage is a local native image
Geez... Too many smart people around
8:12 PM
Bot terminated.
9:22 PM
@Zizouz212 I didn't do any desktop Java in ages, so no idea. i used Toolkit back in the dark ages. But if I read right you try TIFF and it isn't supported, so no surprise...
We were having a debate over how big a bounty I need for the question. What do you say?
Karma told me 150
I said 200
Can't you ping Jon Skeet to your rescue? He probably knows the answer
@ArtOfCode Says bump
Ooh, and with the mod pings...
I could demand him to a one-on-one session! <:D
9:28 PM
But 150-200 sounds OK
First thing tomorrow when It'll let me
9:46 PM
Jon Skeet is @ @11757... mwahaha
Oh dear

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