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3:22 AM
Oh wow learnt a new word: catharsis
"the process of releasing strong emotions through a particular activity or experience, such as writing or theatre, in a way that helps you to understand those emotions"
3:43 AM
@M.A.R. That's great!
For some reason I feel very tired and depressed during and after running.
But I think running is good, and I love running.
It this a joke?
@M.A.R. Register on Strava!
I will see your jogs then.
4:09 AM
There was an opinion poll several days ago, and 23% of Russians said that COVID is a hoax.
Every fifth person in Russia is a clinical moron.
4:20 AM
1 hour later…
5:36 AM
AliExpress just delivered it to me
1 hour later…
6:37 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer, pattern-matching email in answer, potentially bad keyword in answer (348): Can I pay my credit card? by kevlin Ericksson on ell.SE
@CowperKettle It looks cool.
@AIQ By the way, I forgot to ask, what major you were studying? I mean what program did you get graduated from?
@CowperKettle I used to work out very regularly before the pandemic. I recall that at the time when I just started training I got really tired, but I got better over time. My food intake also increased proportionately. Anyways, now after couple of months, I get really tried after a 6 mile biking. It feels like that I have a flue-like fatigue in my entire body. It's weird. It probably has something to do with my diet since I do not eat enough and in an orderly manner.
7:23 AM
@EddieKal No no, Iran jogged for 7.0 km
8:02 AM
@AIQ Also used in Inception
3 hours later…
11:11 AM
("Survey says" is a Family Feud reference btw)
4 hours later…
3:24 PM
The Pulfrich effect is a psychophysical percept wherein lateral motion of an object in the field of view is interpreted by the visual cortex as having a depth component, due to a relative difference in signal timings between the two eyes. == Overview == The effect is generally induced by placing a dark filter over one eye but can also occur spontaneously in several eye diseases such as cataract, optic neuritis, or multiple sclerosis. In such cases, symptoms such as difficulties judging the paths of oncoming cars have been reported. The phenomenon is named for German physicist Carl Pulfrich, who...
3:47 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer, potentially bad ns for domain in answer (61): Help changing active to passive voice in this sentence? by a deleted user on ell.SE
@Cardinal Econ
Is this for real?
Q: How do you pronounce 2×4 (board)

eth4ioRecently, I found "2x4" as a weapon in a game I played. I found that it's a common standard for lumber board. I tried to pronounce it as "two multiplies four" but it feels really weird. How should I pronounce this word?

the correct answer says "two by four" and gets 43 upvotes?!!
@DecapitatedSoul Did you see that question?
this is really pissing me off ...
@AIQ Why do you think that's not the correct answer?
it is the correct answer
but 45 upvotes for just that?
that is a simple question and a basic answer
Yep. Yay for HNQ.
Everyone who would have posted the exact same thing up-voted it to indicate that
@AIQ I did leave a comment under the more complete answer that called the single liner an "excellent and correct" answer.
4:03 PM
how does such a question gain that momentum in the first place, I wonder. It's such a basic thing. Even if one doesn't know, they can find it by googling it. And if I had not seen this question, and someone told me about it, I would think it would get downvotes
@AIQ The "hotness" algorithm does not factor in question quality very well
And there's no waiting period that gives the site a chance to close them before they get hot
(on smaller sites) I think it's tuned toward SO
This is a description of the "hotness" algorithm:
A: What are the criteria for questions to be selected for Hot Network Questions?

David FullertonBasically what's documented here: What formula should be used to determine "hot" questions? We have a few tweaks: Successive questions from the same site are penalized by increasing amounts. So, the first question from SO in the list gets multiplied by 1.0, the second by 0.98, the third ...

> Questions less than eight hours or more than 30 days old are excluded.
So we have to get them closed in 8 hours and that rarely happens without moderator involvement.
And I don't think that particular question should be closed
It's perfectly within scope on ELL even if it did attract low quality answers
@AIQ, Yep. It's really annoying
It happens a lot on ELU
I could answer this question, but I don't answer this kind of questions
@DecapitatedSoul If everyone stuck to leaving them with one correct answer instead of chipping in their own 2 cents, they would be less likely to be "hot"
@ColleenV I understand, I am just a bit shocked to see the attention it got ... I will be fine ... I couldn't believe a half line answer saying something so simple and basic got +45, where as a few answers I saw the other day by FFingers and Jason got like 3 upvotes
it's because our core audience doesn't vote much
But looky-loos from the rest of the network do
Once they've clicked on the "hot" questions, they're engaged with it and are more likely to answer or vote.
4:18 PM
"looky-loos" haha
The majority of the ELL community seems pretty results oriented and don't browse the questions to vote on them
They vote when they find a question that answers a question they had
so, less engagement, less voting
the only way to fix that is maybe to hold events that would cause people to engage with existing content more
But that's hard to do while still preserving the "only vote on content that deserves it"?
Ideally, while there's an option for content rating, the community's best interests lie in the "I didn't consider it worthy of an upvote or downvote" region being negligibly small
So I always read that sentence differently
I meant if we had a contest to use up all your votes or something, people would vote without considering the content
How does a question become HNQ?
Any event would need to balance the desired behavior with rewarding random voting
@DecapitatedSoul I linked the meta post above
There's an automated system that uses an algorithm
4:25 PM
@ColleenV Fosure, if you tell someone to behave a certain way, that will affect how they will do it
Like the double blind thing in science experiments
@AIQ, Post 'how to pronounce 2x7/8' and see what happens
ZOMG that involves fractions
Or post 'what is the formal alternative for d--head' on ELU
4:30 PM
How do I express the F-word without sounding impolite
@DecapitatedSoul Jinx
@AIQ, Give it a go... I'll upvote it
Me too
Yes @M.A.R.
4:31 PM
Only to prove a point
Post what MAR said
@AIQ, I'm waiting for your question lol
@ColleenV Look look how they are enticing me
Go for it
We're going to prove something lol
4:40 PM
okay in a min
@AIQ Idiom of the day: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.
So true
If you can't can 'em, ban 'em
5:06 PM
Q: How do you pronounce 2 x 9/2 x 8 (board)?

AIQI called home depot to reserve some wood. This was my exact requirement: 2" x 9/2" x 8ft. I told them over the phone many times "I am calling to make sure if you have four 2 inch times 9 inch divided by 2 inch times 8 feet board." and yet they don't seem to understand and want me to go th...

please help me figure out my problem
Lol James K close voted it
that was fast!!!
I've already upvoted it lol
Are you trolling the ELL SE?
@CowperKettle I was inspired
5:11 PM
3 upvotes in 5 mins
@CowperKettle please help me
Someone needs to answer it
omg ColleenV's excellent comment
number of answers is an important factor
questions with no answers can't get HNQ status
but we have 8 hours before that happens anyhow
@M.A.R. please help me
Jesus, ... EddieKal will be pissed
5:14 PM
I'll answer it
I don't know. These sorts of questions are easy for native speakers to dismiss as too simple, but they can be very helpful to learners
If you're trying to ask if a store has something in stock over the phone, you need to know the most idiomatic way to describe it
True that, that is why I phrased it that way
and also because I need to by them for my heavy bag stand
How to pronounce it?
too expensive - Home Depot
2 by 8 by 4 and a half inches
But I'm not an expert on lumber
I know there are 2 by 8 boards so I would probably put those together
and tack the fraction on the end
Oh wait
You want 8 foot boards right?
so that's completely wrong
2x8 is inches with different lengths
Sorry, my basement flooded and they've been tearing moldy stuff out for days now and I'm allergic. So I'm kind of stupid right now
5:24 PM
it should be 2 by 4 and a half inch by 8 feet
Yeah, but you can only get 2x4 or 2x6
If you really need 2x4.5, you have to get 2x6 and plane it down
or something
my husband is the builder not me lol
@ColleenV I know - I just made that up for the sake of the question ... James K wrote me an answer
You have a cool husband
an excellent answer by decap
He says 2x6 is actually 1.5" by 5.5" btw
Actually I asked a mathematician
@ColleenV yup actual measurements are slightly different
5:31 PM
@AIQ There is a good comment about your title needing clarification though
I am incorporating it
I don't know how to add the division sign
the one where you have two dots and one line in the middle
I would just add "inches" and "feet"
2" x 9/2" x 8'
The lack of inches on the 9 could be seen as a typo, but it's less likely
@DecapitatedSoul you made a mistake in your excellent answer
@DecapitatedSoul note the edit in the other answer
that is basically your answer
@M.A.R. I am waiting for M.A.R. to say something. Please, share your wisdom ... let me learn
Now, all we have to do is wait 8 hours for the other 10 answers
My answer needs to outscore the others :p
5:47 PM
Well, you should probably add a link then
To some helpful resource on reading fractions aloud or somethign
Add a kitten pic
No-one wants to see 9/2 of a kitten
9 maybe, but not 9/2
@AIQ Welcome, to the magical place called Hot Network Questions! Here, our slightly clueless folks about language cast magical modannoy spells and enchant our verbose oneline answers
@ColleenV We can keep the gore out of the frame
@AIQ Jokes aside, why? Your question seems to me to be more about a "real problem" and looking for a real solution than two thirds of ELL's questions
@M.A.R. Oh because I already know the answer
5:52 PM
It's certainly more real than "Is this conditional type 53? I had had had had lunch yesterday since five years tomorrow"
@AIQ Most of the askers of better questions do
@AIQ The point of a question on ELL is only partially for the author to get an answer. It's more important that the 4 kajillion people who have a similar question in the future will find answers when they search.
@ColleenV that's great to know I am doing some community service
And, echoing @M.A.R.'s point, it's much easier to state a question well when you already know the answer.
You can even self-answer if you think it would be helpful to others
someone downvoted it
5:58 PM
And it might be worthwhile to do that on this particular question, because it gives our experiment a little less of a "gaming the system" aspect
I've slef-answered a question on ELU and I got 40+ upvotes on my answer and 30+ on my question
You saw the other question and thought it should cover fractions as well
@DecapitatedSoul damn
A: WhAt iS tHiS kINd oF caPiTaLiSAtIOn cAlLeD? - random capitalisation or intermittent capitalisation

Decapitated SoulAfter digging for a long time, I finally discovered the name of this kind of capitalisation. It's called studly caps or sometimes sticky caps. Studly caps: Studly caps is a form of text notation in which the capitalization of letters varies by some pattern, or arbitrarily (usually also o...

See how to ask a well received question
@ColleenV True. But I guess I can't really add anything more than what all the other answers have addressed combined
@DecapitatedSoul That question was actually interesting - and your answer was original. If I self answer, it won't be original given all 3 has more or less covered every aspect
6:02 PM
But for your future questions-answers*
Q: Reduction of diphthongs to short vowels (/waɪz/ -> /'wɪz.əd/)

Decapitated SoulI've noticed this phenomenon / process in many words where a diphthong (or a long vowel as well?) reduces to a short vowel when it's inflected. Consider the following examples: Pronounce /prəˈnaʊns/ → pronunciation /prəˌnʌn.siˈeɪ.ʃən/ Wise /waɪz/ → wizard /ˈwɪz.əd/ Know /nəʊ/ → knowledge /ˈ...

Add as much information as you can...
See, for example, this one
@AIQ You are not very good at this HNQ thing if you think you have to add significant value over the other answers. Put a picture in our something... ;)
save me from the closevotes
@AIQ, Ask 'how to say the F word without sounding rude/impolite' next time
Sounds good
Lol, they can't close it if you don't want
I had got 5 close votes on my quetion but i rejected all of them
6:09 PM
wait what? It doesn't work like that
does it?
You receive a private message from the Close voter
Select 'No'
And submit
that's only for dumplicates
and it doesn't prevent closure, it just allows you to say "Yes, that does answer my question" and close it yourself as a dupe
oh yes someone closevoted it as proofreading
I'm definitely gonna steal that @Colleen
6:11 PM
lol I'm not fixing it
You shouldn't! It's a work of art
It was a bonafide typo, but I'm going to pretend I meant it
It's called malapropism
Fleming pretended he meant it too
Search up 'malapropism'
6:12 PM
I'm just gonna call it work of art
It's not really a malapropism, because there is no real word 'dumplicate'
but that's nitpicking
That's how malapropes (?) come into existence
There should be a real word "dumplicate" so lets call it a neologism
Nope, malapropisms are swapping similar sounding but existing words
6:15 PM
Then what's it called?? :/ I think I should ask it on ELU
@DecapitatedSoul Art
@DecapitatedSoul no e
@DecapitatedSoul Lol, it's called a "serendipitous typo"
@AIQ Nice!
join in the fun
6:23 PM
It could also be described as 'spoonerism' @ColleenV
@DecapitatedSoul I am writing an answer
Also, give me all your opinions:
Q: Should the "writing" tag be changed to "written-english"?

ColleenVSo writing has 251 questions and very few of them are focused on written English as opposed to spoken English. It's not a good tag, but changing the name to "written-english" would make it more obvious what the intended use of the tag is and mirror spoken-english. After looking at the questions i...

@DecapitatedSoul I don't think it really fits, although "is it kisstomery to cuss the bride" made me laugh when I was looking it up.
There's not really a transposition
6:30 PM
@AIQ what fun? :-)
@Cardinal I asked a question
everyone upvoted because not only are we carrying out an experiment, it may also be a great resource for learners in the future
The one which is about the dimensions of the lumbers?
I just read it! :-)
I recall that I left a comment below a sort of similar question couple of nights ago, but it turned out that I misunderstood the OP's intention. :-)
6:49 PM
Someone has left a blot on your question
what is a blot?
@DecapitatedSoul @M.A.R. @ColleenV I posted an answer to my question
7:06 PM
muchas gracias
what a crazy thing to do
@ColleenV how did it flood?
@AIQ It rained steadily for 4 days, and the float on our sump pump stuck one night and the pump didn't pump
My husband had fixed some drainage problems we inherited when we bought the house but we thought they had completely repaired the sump pump
and maybe they did, it lasted for a couple years after
We're insured. This will actually let us replace the carpet with tile in case it happens again
and do some clever stuff with the drywall to prevent it from getting soaked and moldy
They had to cut off the lower two feet of every bit of drywall down there :(
That is terrible...
actually its not bad
considering it didn't damage any kind of wiring
Naw, we are blessed compared to a lot of people
we found the water first thing in the morning and managed to clear all the backup and get the pump working again
I remember basement of my house (where I rent a room) flooded a bit few months ago
then at 3 am I help my landlord to clean out the drain in the backyard
which was clogged, and because of that water piled up in the patio and entered into the house from somewhere
our neighbor had to pump water every few hours for two days
Both of our neighbors' basements flood every time it rains significantly
7:17 PM
woah ...
my husband put a lot of work into some drains and we got a new gutter in the back so we thought we were 'safe'
is it a drainage problem or is it due to the house being worn down?
We tempted fate and it bit us in the tookus
but that should be the responsibility of the city
Lol, no we're out in the country
The houses here on on cinderblock foundations
which are porous
so basements are wet if you don't take care to move the water away from the house
The good news is our well is nice and full lol
So you have to do french drains and make sure your gutters aren't leaking near the foundation
7:21 PM
Oh ... I guess you and your husband learnt a lot then - not having to rely on the city corporation
do you have any farm animals?
It's actually better out here - less pavement, more grass
There aren't storm sewers to back up
No, we only have an acre
We live across a field from a couple of dairy farms though
Sounds like some life
I live in 1% of an acre
Like I said, we're blessed. We move out of Austin TX a couple years ago and are really happy we did
especially with COVID
7:23 PM
@ColleenV Holy moly
@M.A.R. I have more :)
I've taken a lot of pictures of the sunset from my front porch
that's the best one
wowowowow this is the kind of place I want to live in
or one of the best anyhow
I am already in a very beautiful place, with water all around me and then mountains and trees ...
It doesn't have the mountain in it - that's to the right
7:25 PM
Q: How to mention your rank about an exam you took

MrtHow can I mention a rank you are at on an exam. Can I use the work "rank" to define a success on a exam? An example sentence would be I was/ranked in top 100 out of 10 000 persons/people/applicants/test takers on the exam.

but my other likes a city life
Divide it by 42
@AIQ I also live in a beautiful place, with lots of . . . car noise and shouting mechanics and angry neighbors
Cries slowly
@M.A.R. Can you get food delivered to your home?
she wants me to move to NYC
@AIQ Don't do it. I lived in New York state for more than a decade and it's not worth the expense
7:27 PM
@ColleenV Meh, we buy the ingredients
But we go bulk shopping, every once in a while
@M.A.R. But if you wanted to you could? Because we can't get any food delivered here
but we do get Amazon, which was important to me lol
@ColleenV The ingredients, not ready made
@ColleenV I don't want to, but we gonna have to make some hard choices, cz she lives there with her family ...
Do you guys travel to the city much?
7:44 PM
@AIQ The city isn't that far away - it's not a big one lol
When I was going in to work, it was an easy 25 minute drive
I think you can have nice city living without living like ants though. My husband lived in NYC for a while and had nothing good to say about it
We moved to be closer to family, which is important, but if you're within a few hours drive, that should be good enough
It's hard for some people to make a big change like moving to a different city
but in the long run, it's really a good idea to see what else is out there when you're younger so you can choose wisely once you have had enough moving around
I mean, I could have baby goats if I can just trick my husband into saying yes.
I'm more likely to get a chicken coop though - they require less space and we would get fresh eggs instead of just cute baby goats in the spring
haha baby goats
yeah for some reason I am deeply in love Canada
Beautiful country up there
I lived in Rochester NY, right across the lake from Toronto
They are very very picky about letting Americans work there on visas though
I blame the draft dodgers
It's still nice to visit
lol where did my with go
8:05 PM
Q: Should the "writing" tag be changed to "written-english"?

ColleenVSo writing has 251 questions and very few of them are focused on written English as opposed to spoken English. It's not a good tag, but changing the name to "written-english" would make it more obvious what the intended use of the tag is and mirror spoken-english. After looking at the questions i...

@EddieKal, 'I know. As the asker I suffer the same fate. I actually thought you answer made sense. I don't see why every post under this question including the question itself has been so much downvoted.'
It happens a lot on ELU
I UV'd your question though
I'm thoroughly annoyed by these unexplained and unfair downvotes
8:27 PM
@DecapitatedSoul Appreciate it. I just think if people think a question should be improved they could try and be helpful by leaving a comment. I think ELL has definitely been better than ELU in that respect (with AIQ, Jason, FumbleFingers and some other active users giving askers pointers)
8:43 PM
> “Do you have a reason for calling your wedding off?”
“I can’t say I do."
@EddieKal Exactly... The downvoters should at least leave a comment. I got 3 downvotes on my answer, I know my answer doesn't lack anything... :/ And the downvoters didn't even consider leaving a comment.
@DecapitatedSoul If they don't leave a comment, you may imagine any reason you like for the down vote.
Including that they were raised by wolves and wouldn't know a correct answer about English if it walked up to them and said "Hiya!"
@ColleenV, I know my downvoter.
@DecapitatedSoul How so?
Unexplained downvotes often mean that the downvoter doesn't know the answer and is jealous of the answer they downvoted
I keep an eye on the rep points of my downvoter and whenever I get a DV, their rep points decrease by 1
And oddly, I often get 2 consecutive downvotes
The question about 'nope' became HNQ
9:02 PM
@DecapitatedSoul You know sometimes down voters do you a favor and cause people to up-vote that wouldn't otherwise just to off-set it
It takes twice as many down-votes to offset one up-vote so shrug
Now I can expect 10 more upvotes
@AIQ, Good luck! Your question is going to be HNQ... I've gotta go. Laterz.

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