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1:59 AM
Python is definitely nice if you want to get things done.
I always suggest learning Racket. It’s fun! :-)
YMMV, though.
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6:30 AM
Q: Wording for three different behaviors for a count-down timer hitting the maximum range

Konrad VilterstenImagine you have a timer that is set to a certain number of hours and minutes to elapse before going off. Now, if there's a button above the hour window and minute window and you click it, the value of the corresponding field will increment by one. If the minutes are set to 59, the display will t...

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12:57 PM
@userr2684291 I'd been hearing that, and scripting is exactly the reason to learn it. This telnetting program I use already has REXX integrated into it. I just haven't found a straight forward tutorial aimed at a complete "novice" (pronounced id-EE-ot)
@snailcar I'm going to look into this.. never heard of Racket..
1:17 PM
I don't know what Racket is, but it's oddly reminiscent of the IDE used for Scheme. I shall be looking into it myself.
1:32 PM
@userr2684291 I looked it up, IDE and Scheme are just as unknown to me as Racket is. The example given in Wiki looks simple enough, however, I get scared away from anything that requires compiling.
Programming iz laik a bocks uv CHawKOLits that has been sitting outside in the sun. Package is pretty on the outside, just a jumbled mess crawling with bugs on the inside.
Phonetic spelling based on Southern American regional accent and dialect.
Anyone know why I keep getting placed in a chat room after I specifically left it? I have noticed this has happened several times in the past week
5 hours later…
6:45 PM
@userr2684291 Racket is the new name for PLT Scheme, as of ten years ago.
7:00 PM
Good evening, Snails. Update. We're having a total lockdown in Yekaterinburg starting tomorrow's morning.
7:23 PM
@CowperKettle . . . yay?
At least you'd start reading GoT and we can discuss the myriad ways someone can die
7:39 PM
@M.A.R. Game of Thrones? I"m afraid not
I'm busy working
I'm working from home anyways
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
> Studies for another drug, remdesivir from Gilead Sciences, are expected to read out in the coming weeks.
What is the meaning of to read out here?
I was really looking forward to that death discussion
I have GoT in paper form
My sister have read it
I have prepared for the quarantine
@CowperKettle is it in the sense of "this book reads well"?
Nov 7 '15 at 14:26, by Damkerng T.
For example, we can say something similar to The door opens, This book reads well, etc., in Thai.
@CowperKettle to the betterment of mother Russia!
4 hours later…
11:41 PM
I have no idea what read out means there. Well, I have some general idea, but...
Sounds like something snail would know, though. I would ask this on ELU, so that it can be useful to more people (ELL is fine too, but perhaps it'll garner more views on ELU).
11:57 PM
I would reword it as "the results from the studies are expected to be read out in the coming weeks"
Q: If I name my child Mathematics, will I become the father of Mathematics?

Ardent CoderFirstly, I'm a male. Secondly, this was a troll but I took it seriously: As a proper noun (the child), yes. As a (?) noun, no. I'm not a grammarian, so my reasoning maybe flawed. I am looking for the correct answer to this question. Edit: It was an audio, so ignore the capitalisation and p...

@skullpatrol And what does that mean? Like announced? Or interpreted? Or evaluated/shaped into an acceptable form?

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