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9:00 PM
3 hours left before the event! -^-
(and the posting of my question)
haven't gotten the "chat event starting soon" notification in so long, wow (ever since contact froze)
@hyper-neutrino I did some querying on the site, and it looks like your Sandbox proposal isn't a dupe. I'd suggest changing "balanced" to "equal" in the first sentence, and limit it to positive integers. Other than that, it looks good
oh thanks. also thanks for the suggestions; will do, i don't see a reason to require negatives to be handled
Wait, I just realized the Mini Golf will be at 2AM in my time zone :(
just stay up til then :P
9:04 PM
Those with crappy sleep habits should not encourage those habits, hyper :P
@Delfad0r it's 8:00 am in mine.
> Caird 69:420
@MatthewDaniels Does that mean it's 5am for you now?
@caird yes.
9:05 PM
You're either an early worm or a vampire :P
@user Follow me for more biblical golf lessons :p
@hyper-neutrino I would normally do that no problem, but I'm kinda studying for my exams lately :/
isn't the phrase early bird
or is that the joke
Yeah, the early bird gets the early worm
no, I screwed up my sleeping schedule since Christmas Break.
9:06 PM
@user That's why I'm always late
@Delfad0r ah. well in any case i should clarify that staying up until 2 is unhealthy and bad and i would never do such a thing. but yeah exams are more important so good luck on those :)
@user self ping. lmao
Yep, dzaima made a userscript for it
oh that's nice
i just permalink and manually enter the :id
9:08 PM
Same here lol :P
@user Look at the ease with which I talk to myself.
uh, how does it work
@hyper-neutrino It shows a reply icon on my messages just like y'all's
(Is y'all's correct or should I say yours'all or something?)
9:09 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Works for me
@hyper-neutrino Right end
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

hyper-neutrinoLongest Even-Weighted Sublist code-golf array-manipulation Given a non-empty list of positive integers, find the longest contiguous sub-list such that the count of each element is equal (not the number of consecutive occurrences, just the total count). You may return any non-empty subset of the s...

there's a reply button there?
Wait how do you reply to other people?
9:10 PM
Arrow at the left -> reply to this message
lol imagine being a mod and being so ignorant /s
@user neither. "yours all" doesn't make sense because "all" should be qualifying "you", but the saxon genitive isn't something you can attach to whatever you want, it's more or less a conjugation that's now been changed to a 's ending. instead you would need to say "that which belongs to X", or "that of y'all", or "th'o'y'all"
@hyper-neutrino I didn't get a word of that, but I guess I'll just start saying "t'h'o'y'al'l" from now on
Just use the German genitive: die Sendung der y'all
Draft: write a program that should output a reversed input. if I have "we're no strangers to love", then the result should be "er'ew on sregnarts ot evol".
How are we going to vote on the drafts? (sorry, too lazy to find it in the transcript)
stars (please don't btw)
If we move them to a "listing" room, stars work
32 mins ago, by caird coinheringaahing
Suggestion: Just before the event, we move all these drafts into a gallery room so that people can find them easily, and pin a link to the room
@hyper-neutrino It'd be like real life - those who are already ahead and on the starboard would keep getting voted on, and the others would be neglected :P
9:16 PM
what are "standard loopholes"?
@cairdcoinheringaahing Only if we don't have too many drafts
we create a meta post, and then you post your stuff there and people vote (that way rep doesn't factor in, and you can downvote solutions you find boring or bad), then once each CMC is over, i purge all of the answers and we start over, then after each event, i lock and purge the post until the next one and reopen it
I just saw this question at the very top of the home page:
Q: Drawing the Stack Overflow logo

user103617From here. Every new game is the first day of the month, 12:00 PM UTC. The goal is to create the Stack Overflow logo using ASCII characters. It looks like this. The exact output should look like this: \\ \\ \= \\ \= \\ \= \\ \== \\ ¯...

@hyper-neutrino Please no
why not it's a brilliant idea i see nothing that could go wrong with this and this is definitely not a total abuse of my mod powers and SE
9:18 PM
it says that the challenge poster would accept the answer on May 20. but it looks like his account is unaccessible.
maybe it's deleted. how can they accept an answer now?
ok. D:
well, I'm getting a bit bored here. so I'll go for now.
We don't usually accept answers here anyway
bye. :D
is there a general chat room for SE? like a meta one maybe?
9:23 PM
The Tavern?
there's this, which was frozen 1382 days ago
Tavern on the Meta is the meta.SE chat room, but it's no where near as "general conversion" as here
lol, well that's inconvenient
@rak1507 Why?
just had a question about SE and wasn't sure where to ask it
9:28 PM
ok i just ip-xref'd my chat account and it's a total mess. i've apparently shown up on the same IP as around/over 500 users... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ no clue how, i don't use a proxy/vpn to access SE, this is just my home internet
guys, hn's a bot
I knew it!
Obviously, around 5000 users snuck into your home, created SE accounts, and chatted a while before you came back :P
hi. :D
> 5000
9:31 PM
yes that is definitely what happened lol
maybe you have made thousands of accounts yourself without realising it
and then you forget about them
some people sleepwalk, you sleepbrowse se
Wouldn't you also need thousands of email addresses to make those accounts?
@cairdcoinheringaahing Duh. caird's a more sophisticated bot that can actually mask itself by accusing other bots of being bots.
9:33 PM
@rak1507 I regret voting for HN as mod if this is true :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing Why? Bots > humans
Oh nvm, you were talking about sleepbrowsing
that's all the more reason to vote for me. while other mods can only moderate while awake, i am not subject to such weaknesses
Nah, you can't moderate anytime :P
9:34 PM
@hyper-neutrino Turn that frown upside down
@user Upside down is still :(
No, it's still :(. Damn bot.
@Ausername Gah, ninja'd
@Ausername Heh, ninja'd you this time
9:35 PM
And this time I got ninjad
@Ausername Heh, ninja'd you again
And again!!
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

SlamJammingtonIs this code golf too simple? Do I need to add more? Has something similar been done before? The idea of this golf is to convert a string of 3 or more characters to a grammatically correct list. Examples: 12345 becomes 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. ab5 becomes a, b, and 5. A comma and space is to be inserte...

Has anyone got triple-ninja'd before
9:36 PM
NSP beat NMP :P
@Ausername Yes
I've seen a sextuple ninja before :p
@cairdcoinheringaahing Would've been more if I kept gooing
@cairdcoinheringaahing A ninja who was a sextuplet?
it's like I'm a bot here whenever I join and leave.
so yeah, I'm going.
bye. :D
@MatthewDaniels You don't need to announce it when you arrive and leave btw
Guess who has most answers!
9:39 PM
It's not anyone called Joe
joining and leaving is visible in the user list on the right and if everyone announced their arrival/departure and everyone greeted them and said goodbye the room would be way too cluttered @MatthewDaniels
@Ausername Joe mama
@cairdcoinheringaahing Why
lmao gottem
9:40 PM
Anyway, it's Neil, with almost 4k answers
4k, jeez
@Ausername Joe mama
@Ausername How'd you get the stats btw?
SEDE query that I lost the link to.
Oh, that's too bad
Wrong one :/
9:44 PM
hi. :D
Oh lol
I only have 36 answers, so Neil has about 111 times as many
@hyper I understand, but I'll do it anyway. lmao
@MatthewDaniels please don't
i have 162 answers
9:46 PM
@rak fine. ):
20 of which are compose a song
half of which are deadfish~
@MatthewDaniels :)
I can't wait until UTC tommoroow because I can finally get Electorate
Thanks (tentatively)
9:46 PM
oh wow that's a large gap
I'm back
It's out of date by a day, so it doesn't include Neil's 3 answers today
Quality over quantity ;) although somehow all Neil's answers are good...
We're no strangers to love
eerW' no aegnrrsst ot elov
that's a little CMC concept.
I remember @Shaggy prepping for his 1000'th Japt answer a few years back :P
Trying to find the "right" challenge for it :)
9:48 PM
@MatthewDaniels I imagine most golflangs will be able to do that in a few bytes, split, sort each, join
Okay, the event is in 2 hrs not 1 hr right?
@rak1507 Eh, it's a CMC, so who cares?
I guess
in 2 hours.
9:48 PM
CMCs are fun and easy
> caird coinheringaahing 666
CMC idea: fetch the latest starred message from TNB.
imagine writing all the lyrics of Never Gonna Give You Up into the program.
the schedule shows how long until it is and also when it is in your local TZ
I'll miss the event :( damn it, if it wasn't for my economics exam tomorrow, I would totally stay up
9:49 PM
actually, might as well rewrite the whole lyrics.
Q: We're no strangers to code golf, you know the rules, and so do I

PolynomialWrite the shortest program that prints the entire lyrics of "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley. Rules: Must output the lyrics exactly as they appear in the above pastebin*. Here's the raw dump: http://pastebin.com/raw/wwvdjvEj Cannot rely on any external resources - all lyrics must be ge...

Maybe instead of a room we should just copy the drafts into a gdoc or something
no, by alphabetical sorting.
C++ is my favorite golfing language
Wait no Unary
9:50 PM
I'll just make a room
my favourite golfing language is cobol
Should be a golfing language called cogol
COGOLF! brilliant
See you guys in 1 1/2 hours or so
Cogol exists
It's the language used in QFT IIRC
9:51 PM
quantum fourier transform?
I like it when I answer a challenge with a "-X if you do Y" bonus, and if I do Y (thus increasing my score by Z), my score is Z (e.g. "-5 if you output joined by +" and by doing so, it takes 3 extra bytes, but my final score is 3 bytes) :D
E.g. this challenge offers -5 bytes if you join by +. My answer (writing now) is 5 bytes and 8 with the bonus, resulting in a score of 3 :P
so in simpler terms, when applying the bonus zeroes out the score of the actual original code itself?
I am good with the words
9:55 PM
CMC/Draft: given a list of pairs where each pair contains two lists of positive integers of the same length (known as the input and the output), return a valid program (short = better) that will transform each input into its corresponding output (win criteria by shortest output program, so test-battery)
@hyper-neutrino That's not [test-battery], that's [metagolf]
@cairdcoinheringaahing oh. right. i'm smart
why am i suddenly unable to move messages
ಠ_ಠ I always forget about Indonesian Gambling Spam, I should be moving stuff there
lol, my userscript breaks moving messages
Now works in search and transcripts
10:00 PM
wait, why couldn't you have moved them out @cairdcoinheringaahing. or did you want me to actually delete them
Speaking of, we haven't had any in a while
@hyper-neutrino I'd've preferred them to be deleted (less "evidence") but idm either way :P
Maybe the thermonuclear war against all of their accounts was enough to send a clear message
oh. oops :p
anyway i'll see y'all when the event starts / sooner :P don't break anything while i'm gone o/
If HN doesn't come back in 15 minutes, we're legally allowed to leave
10:02 PM
smh, criticising other people for saying bye and then doing it yourself!
@cairdcoinheringaahing Last one was May 4th, so close to a week
Interestingly, that user doesn't fit the pattern of the other spammers. Their name doesn't have 88 in, their pfp is the SE standard identicon, blank profile and only on one SE site
@rak1507 regardless of if you're joking the reason i did is because i just said something :P usually i don't because i leave during the night when the room's dead anyway but i was just in a conversation and am going to suddenly leave for at least over an hour, lol. also i don't join/leave often and don't announce often even when i do
I'm not joking, I'm rak1507!
The original joke was Jo King not just joking
10:06 PM
oh well it has evolved
FYI, OSP will post an hour into the chat event, just so y'all know
Should I disable it for tonight?
I can manually run it afterward
Or shortly before even
just had a cool challenge idea stay tuned for a codidact challenge tomorrow
Then I'll repost it here :P
@rak1507 Or rather, we've devolved
oh, it's a duplicate :(
or, very nearly a duplicate
10:13 PM
That's rather apioformic
keep that sort of filthy chat to the esolangs server
I'm thinking of a challenge involving quantum key distribution. It won't be super interesting as is, though
TNB is an apioform free zone
@rak1507 h you
10:14 PM
@rak1507 Then why are you here?
@RedwolfPrograms I know that it's only got one post that it'll post tonight (a koth), so it shouldn't be too disrputive
I'll just leave it alone then
I've come up with a "theme" for the next Mini Golf, where's a good place to put it?
Sure, I was thinking like as a meta answer for the post :P
But: "CMCs that are very short in golfing languages, but very long in practical langs"
Stuff like "all permutations of the input" but more interesting
10:17 PM
Sounds like normal code golf, but go ahead :p
Jelly, 1 byte: ḥ
@cairdcoinheringaahing Scala: _.permutations :P
@rak1507 I thought you didn't like esomemes.
That would be kind of cool, if the theme were more specifically like built-ins in golfing languages, maybe with a universal built-in ban?
coincidence I promise
10:20 PM
Let's discuss the schedule for MMG
I made it a 90m event
(MMG = Monthly Mini Golf not Medium Machine Gun)
An example CMC: Given an integer n, output how many unique (not counting reorderings) ways it can be expressed as the sum of 1 or more consecutive integers. 25 -> 3 ([25, [12, 13], [3, 4, 5, 6, 7]])
I like SMGs.
but not what you're thinking of.
@RedwolfPrograms Post a few CMCs every 5 minutes or so for everyone to solve?
Sounds good.
@cairdcoinheringaahing 3 bytes in Jelly
10:21 PM
alright which one of you idiots broke into my house last night and changed my keyboard to use the APL layout?
I think it was someone called "The Lyx-ler"
@lyxal ⍥ Totally not me
I left it on ENG-AUS and found it on US-APL this morning
The APL is calling you, don't resist it!
I'd say we should start the voting 10 to 20 minutes before it starts (I already have it ready), then we post the top few at the start, then post another every ten minutes or so until it's over
10:23 PM
I'm close to you, but I can't even ride a plane or boat.
or hack. lmao
@RedwolfPrograms I know it's a bit irrational, but how about every 3pi minutes instead?
@user that's not very rational
At least it's not complex
It's not exactly natural tho
@lyxal I saw that :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing Or wholesome
10:25 PM
Discussions about your proposal could get rather circular
If we did that, things would get pretty real
Doesn't seem like it's a prime example of a time interval
Honestly, pi and 10 are polar opposites
In conclusion, we don't like it, not to any degree of acceptance. It's too radical
Too much of a steep gradient for implementation
The problem is that with pi, we can't get to the root of the problem
10:29 PM
Plus, some users might find the last 7 digits offensive
of pi that is
@lyxal There was a relevant SMBC but I can't find it now
The recent xkcd is just this message as a comic :P
CMQ (while I still can): How do you make a custom keyboard layout (without using AHK)? Looking for a solution like how APL has a keyboard layout you can install.
@cairdcoinheringaahing Obviously, Randall Munroe is a user here :P
It's a definite possiblity honestly :p
10:38 PM
@user Obviously, Randall Munroe is a user here me :P
Seems like the reverse code golf one is inspired by a challenge here
The fact that this was posted like 2 days after the Moby Dick challenge is hella sus
@cairdcoinheringaahing amogus
I think there's a user called RMunroe in the Code Review chat room, actually
@lyxal For Windows native keyboard layout, MSKLC
@Bubbler thank you
The 1.9k on emacs and answer to Moby Dick within the sus time frame is why
@RedwolfPrograms Don't get the reference :|
@lyxal Also worth checking out browser language bar
It's not a reference
10:43 PM
xkcd 1960 (Code Golf) was posted 26th Feb 2018, Moby Dick was posted Jan 9th 2018
Worldbuilding and Space Exploration
My guess (highest rep user in the US)
I think. Pretty sure Arnauld's in France, and I have no idea where xnor is
The reasoning behind my two guesses is that those are the only two which do not associate themselves with an actual person, and both answered the Moby Dick challenge in Python
Skyler actually seems more sus than user2699
This assumes that my assumptions are accurate, which is of course unlikely
10:47 PM
Isn't Skyler the name of an xkcd character?
I don't think so
Emigna's pfp is Black Hat
> claiming to remember watching on CNN as the Challenger spacecraft crashed into the Berlin Wall. This is an inaccurate memory of these two events
From here
Idk, I'm pretty sure that's accurate
in case anyone actually installed my transcript redirect, updated version no longer breaks moving messages

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