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9:10 AM
Revision 7 of the "apology" is hilarious, and never got undone
Revision 17/16 is pretty good too, since that's exactly what Monica was fired for
Q: What cannot TIO simulate?

Dannyu NDosToday, I learned that TIO cannot simulate thread waits. I was going to ask a code golf that simulates Poisson point process, and wrote the following C++ code snippet: #include <thread> #include <iostream> #include <random> #include <chrono> int main() { std::random_device rd; std::mt199...

Q: List where pinballs would exit a grid of bumpers from different entrance points

kuantumleap123Inspired by this lumosity mini game, Pinball Recall We start with a rectangular grid (viewed from above) with several bumpers as follows. Entrances/exits are numbered counter-clockwise starting from the leftmost of the bottom of the grid, as number 0. 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 25 . . ...

11:13 AM
@JoKing Well, it's not. What Monica was fired for is complex and poorly understood by those outside the company, but I do know it wasn't that. (Though I agree with the edit; she doesn't like being called "they", and we should respect that.)
1 hour later…
12:23 PM
@primo I mostly agree with that, except perhaps with ordering by time inserted between the two, so the top doesn't get clogged with the same language... Though that may be a problem in languages with few submissions e.g. brainfuck?
it does end up FGITW if that happens, though as solutions get shorter, people will get bumped from the top
@wizzwizz4 Well I know it wasn't exactly that, rather for questioning whether she could keep her writing gender neutral regardless of what pronoun the subject prefers, but since Sara was pretty much doing the same thing by anonymising Monica as "a moderator", I was generalising it as close enough
I do wish SE could be a little more transparent (or even just not straight up opaque) with the reasons/CoC violations behind it, rather than saying "We're sorry you were hurt by this, but we'd totally do it again if we had to"
12:39 PM
@JoKing They can't. I can't. Nobody involved can.
This went down in a room from which no information should've left.
@primo how in the world have you solved this in 213 characters? code-golf.io/scores/12-days-of-christmas/php I know you are a master golfer, but even the unique words in that challenge are longer than 213 chars, my tiny brain cannot understand :(
3 hours later…
3:30 PM
CMC: In triBUTe to Sir Mix-a-lot, please upper case the substring BUT wherever it appears in the input, even if other letters aBUT it.
3:44 PM
@Neil Vim, 15 bytes: :s/\cbut/\U&/g<CR>
There's an equivalent V 8-byter but I can't remember the non-verbose characters
2 hours later…
5:56 PM
Anyone interested in building a CodeWars clone? Link to Fosstodon maybe-discussion on the topic.
Because CodeWars doesn't support real languages, like Vi and Malbolge.
6:07 PM
For those who don't know, it's a pass / fail programming challenge system where the winning criteria are defined in code, sometimes in the language's usual testing API (but often not).
7:05 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

gadzooks02Plain Hunt code-golf Your task is to create a plain hunt (a bell ringing pattern) with n bells. An example with 6 bells: 123456 214365 241635 426153 462513 645231 654321 563412 536142 351624 315264 132546 123456 Each number "bounces" off the side of the grid. From Wikipedia: Each bell ...

7:58 PM
@wizzwizz4 what a horrible oversight
@DJMcMayhem Come on. Let's make our own!
Like TIO, but with more servers and serving a different function.
8:18 PM
This question intrigues me because another online community that I was in tried to do this exact thing (moving to a new site).
8:32 PM
@JoKing i agree that time should be reflected in the ordering, i don't think it should affect the rank, though
@Night2 I might point out that the site scores in characters rather than bytes
now that i look at it, this could probably be improved as well
8:48 PM
@wizzwizz4 So like Axtell :P
How far along is Axtell as it stands?
@Mego Axtell looks really cool; are there plans to add hidden automated tests?
@wizzwizz4 There's not plans to do any more development right now
I kinda want to rebuild it from the ground up, because the backend was really shaky
Yeah; it reminds me a bit of the Reddit source code.
It'd be great if it was federated, over ActivityPub or something, so you could have challenges across multiple different sites when they shared scopes.
8:58 PM
Build it with APL! That way we get code golf hieroglyphics baked in :D
Build it with Rust! Then it's relatively easy to port it to run in the browser.
Web servers should be written in Electron.
9:42 PM
I'll probably rewrite it in node + react
Not Piet?
Come on. You could make it a tapestry.
10:03 PM
It's not too late to switch to brain-flak
Come on, if you can do QFT, surely building a website in brain-flak couldn't be that hard :P
10:22 PM
@DJMcMayhem My part of QFT was writing the script that translated our VarLife designs into OTCA megapixels :P
11:25 PM
If you're familiar with Go-type board games, please take a look at my quest to find a game from my childhood: boardgames.stackexchange.com/questions/48953/…
11:59 PM
@DJMcMayhem bonus: When you program in an Esolang, you don't have to worry about good design patterns, as you end up worrying about making it work in the first place

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