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12:51 AM
just learned of http.cat
Wake up babe new vyxal version just dropped
@lyxal whoa
is it saturday for you already
3 hours ago, by lyxal
Ooh it's my 4th favourite day of the year today :p
2 hours later…
3:18 AM
A: Nominations for Language of the Month, Take 2

jfioasdGS2 GS2 is a golfing language inspired by J and machine code. It was probably the first golfing language that uses a 256 byte instruction space. GS2 is a very competitive language, despite being created in 2013. Furthermore, some of the ideas first introduced in GS2 (Number shorthands, rest-of-pr...

3:35 AM
Huh, I don’t think we r doing any more lotm right…
I don't know
Yeah, there hasn't been one since january
Because people haven't been around to teach the lotm language
Don't worry; if nobody's interested to post one, it can wait. If it dies, that is, turns out to be inactive for months, then the community is most probably not very interested in it anymore. — Erik the Outgolfer Oct 2, 2018 at 18:50
4:10 AM
wait how did this happen the same way already
I think it's a combination of everybody thought it was someone else's responsibility and interest waning, but that's just my impression. — DJMcMayhem Oct 2, 2018 at 17:59
We need to do what the Romans did and elect dictators of the site
That way we all have an absolute leader to blame if things get forgotten
@lyxal Why did you unprotect this?
Because it didn't need protection anymore
It hasn't been interacted with for years
It's not in danger of having a flood of incorrect answers
And the fact it took almost 3 months for anyone to notice suggests it isn't crucial to protect it
2 hours later…
6:24 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Huỳnh Trần KhanhSoundproof Cell code-golf kolmogorov-complexity Here's a message from the organizers: Hello! We hope this message finds you well. Unfortunately, your performance in the past games has been sub par. Your team is unimaginative and lacks creativity. Instead of inventing novel techniques to win our ...

must be the weirdest challenge I've ever thought of. well I stole the idea from another person which I'll give credit to later. you can give me some feedback to improve the challenge before it goes live
6:48 AM
@lyxal the irony here is that the current shortest answer of 6 was found by someone with less than 10 rep who couldn't post it as an answer at the time :p
Ooo, I am 19 upvotes and 28 answers away from a golf badge on meta :P
7:09 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing by my calculations, it's only 28 answers
As in, it's implied that I'll get 19 upvotes in 28 answers?
No, as in currently speaking, it's only 28 answers
0 more upvotes needed by my calculations
7:27 AM
huh, a downvote, I wonder what attracted it this time
@lyxal according to my badge tracker, it's 1 upvote away :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing dah frick
So close but so far
I'm sure I'll be stuck on 999/1000 for the next 27 answers I post
2 hours later…
9:38 AM
CMC: Given a black box function as a predicate f, which takes a natural number and returns either true or false for that number, and a positive integer n, output the first n positive integers such that f is true, and the first n such that f is false
Clear distinction between the two outputs, otherwise, whatever format
In vyxal ȯ solves the first half but there's no easy way to invert a black box function
Try it Online! for 10 bytes
Actually wait no
Try it Online! for 8 bytes
@emanresuA logical negation of the result
7 bytes using that flag that reenables implicit output
@cairdcoinheringaahing how many jelly bytes?
I think I can do it in 7
Nope, doesn't quite work, damn 0 :/
Solution: change the CMC specs
What was the 7?
ÇC$#,Ç#, but it fails as it tried to take input twice
..I think
It failed for something to do with #
@lyxal 7, 6 with o
I love infinite set logic
@emanresuA no
Oh yeah, you may assume that f returns true for an infinite number of inputs, and false for an infinite number of inputs
10:01 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing CMC: this but for all integers assuming the order 0, 1, -1, 2, -2, ...
@lyxal CMC: this, but for all integers. You may decide the order, which must be consistent across all inputs
I still have 9 bytes under that :p
But mainly I thought that was a pretty standard ordering
It is
I just wonder if there might exist some better ordering :P
2 hours later…
11:48 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing x=>(x&1?~x:x)/2 is the golfiest map from nonnegative to all integers that I could find but it goes 0, -1, 1, -2, 2, ...
actually I just found x=>(x^-x%2)/2 (same output)
12:33 PM
thems a lot of pings
april fools prob
reading all messages no worky
heh I've seen server icons like that before
1:10 PM
in The APL Orchard, 6 hours ago, by RikedyP
Announcement: New language extension: flip individual scalars in v19.0 - read about it in our latest blog post https://www.dyalog.com/blog/2023/04/extending-structural-functions-to-scalars/
@Seggan Oh god
APL's becoming more and more like a golfing lang
kinda sad SO/SE didn't do anything chicanerous for April Fool's' this year
1:31 PM
would it be okay for me to invisibleify my name for today? (@cairdcoinheringaahing @hyper-neutrino)
@cairdcoinheringaahing dont tell @Adám!
@Ginger Why? April Fools?
just for today of course
I mean, I'd prefer if you didn't, but I'm not gonna stop you or change it back if you do
1:34 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing on the one hand I did get in trouble the last time I did it but on the other hand it's april fools
I dunno
Chicanery! Do the fool thing!
shame you're not a mod
I'm going to do it but I will also blame you if it goes wrong
Oh, so I'm blowing up lyxal's fridge again?
they fixed the character I used last time!
@Ginger I mean you can kinda say that about a lot of things when you think about it
1:38 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing you didn't already have that planned for today?
@lyxal Nah, that was gonna be the prank
You'd expect your fridge to be nuked, but nothing would actually happen
Ffs the one day I need it too.
You see I'm expecting a delivery tomorrow but they don't deliver it you already have a fridge
And the deposit is non refundable too
@︎︎ᅠ it's April fools not Halloween no need to startle me like that
Jack o lantern looking mfer
1:43 PM
I have seen unholy things, Lyxal Golfing
also, for today only my pronouns are 𒈙/𒈙
@︎︎ᅠ Yeah but that doesn't excuse your carved pumpkin ahh looking picture
> carved pumping
*halloweens sexily*
Heh idiot you're supposed to report the edit error after 2 minutes :p
@︎︎ᅠ also, that's what she said
Whatever that character is, it looks really weird in the replies, because it overlaps with the following word on my device
Like in lyxal’s last message, the @<that thing> overlaps with the first two letters of “also”
skill device issue
Firefox on mobile renders it without overlap
1:51 PM
I am on “Firefox”, it’s just that iOS requires all browsers to be Webkit-based, so really it’s like I’m using Safari
Oh yeah that's right you're on ios
Laughs in Android
I’m on iOS because my family’s cell service provider offers a discount on iOS devices
Fair enough
When I was in elementary school we had a different cell service provider, and my parents had a Samsung phone
It was a camera phone. One day last year, we found it again while cleaning. I told my mom, and my little brother just asked “what’s a camera phone?”
what is a camera phone
1:58 PM
A phone with a camera
Like literally a camera
Samsung made some once
It’s pretty standard for smartphones nowadays to have cameras but there was a time when a camera built into a phone wasn’t a given
Oh wait you aren't talking about the smart cameras Samsung made?
I don’t remember the exact model
It had a physical keyboard you could pull out though
and it’s much smaller than modern phones
Oh see I'm talking about the smart cameras
@Bbrk24 Imagine not using a smart toaster
2:04 PM
No this was a cell phone (hence the “phone” part of “camera phone”), it could do calls and SMS
it just. also had a camera
That's what I mean
yeah no definitely not that
Camera on the front, phone like screen on the back
@Bbrk24 Oh
the camera was more like that of a modern phone, embedded near the edge of the device
@lyxal what
2:06 PM
Q: Make a Custom Bayer Matrix

YousernameA Bayer matrix is a threshold map used for ordered dithering that gives the illusion of having more shades of color than actually present by using a crosshatch-like pattern. Bayer matrices are square with a side length that is a power of 2. Here are some examples: \$ \displaystyle\frac{1}{4} \tim...

@Bbrk24 it's actually 3 characters :p
required in order to fool SE into letting me do it
> tasks.named<Test>("test")
I can't
task named test
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

lesobrodDoors and guards Related but noticeably different You are the leader of the guard in the dungeon of an ancient castle. There are N doors and N guards with keys. Guard with index i may operates with doors that have multiple indexes: i, 2 i, etc. The way he operates is very dumb: he just toggles st...

2 hours later…
4:15 PM
So, I see many optimizing BF interpreters
They said that it can do much more than simply executing each instruction
So how did it work?
Is it just detecting some patterns like [a+b-]or is it something more elegant
4:53 PM
From awib's README:
> - Sequences of '-','>','<' and '+' are contracted into single instructions. E.g. "----" is replaced with a single SUB(4).
- Mutually cancelling instructions are reduced. E.g. "+++-->><" is equivalent to "+>" and is compiled accordingly.
- Some common constructs are identified and replaced with single instructions. E.g. "[-]" is compiled into a single SET(0).
- Loops known to never be entered are removed. This is the case for loops opened at the very beginning of a program (when all cells are 0) and loops opened immediately after the closing of another loop.
1 hour later…
5:58 PM
how tf do I parse XML with Kotlin
why is this so difficult to do
@Sʨɠɠan help meeeeee
6:22 PM
Jackson's good if you're on the JVM
There's a Kotlin module, in fact
If you're using a JVM language, there's tons and tons of Java libraries for you to use
found a suitable module, nvm
only problem is it was last updated in 2013
You probably want to use Jackson, then
Are you making something that's cross-platform?
@user I saw that but couldn't figure out how to use it
whereas this other library has excellent docs
6:39 PM
What library is this?
@︎︎ᅠ Hmm, Jackson's last 1.x release was also in 2013
@user coincidence
7:31 PM
@pxeger if you're going to run HSTS, do be sure to keep your cert up-to-date!
I don't know what you're talking about ;)
Honestly I'm surprised that's never happened before
certificate automatic renewals were completely broken
Petition to change ATO to pink for april fools
8:00 PM
too late
why is too late :(
april fools jokes are only allowed before midday, and it's after midday almost everywhere on the planet
although incidentally when I saw the new tailwind release I considered tweaking ATO's colour scheme to some different shades of grey
8:36 PM
@emanresuA maybe I'll do it next year and then gaslight everyone into thinking it's always been pink
Since when are they only allowed before midday
@user Not like XML changes over time
If anything I'd be more concerned if it was constantly being updated
Since that would mean new bugs are constantly being found
8:58 PM
@RydwolfPrograms I was pointing out the coincidence that both Jackson 1 and Ginger's Simple library were last updated in 2013
But yes, it's fine to use an old but proven library for XML
9:40 PM
Re: this challenge codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/259618/…, I'm sure it's possible to take advantage of the fact that Swift 2 had a stable hashValue property, but I'm not sure how best to manipulate the hash values to get the right order. Starting in Swift 3, hashValue changes from run to run, hence why I specify Swift 2.
Tangentially, I've never seen a code editor nearly as laggy as the one built into SwiftFiddle

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