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1:37 AM
Q: Are strings null-terminated in major golfing languages?

Dannyu NDosI have a code-golf challenge idea, like this: Interpret a Haskell string literal Objective Given a Haskell string literal without enclosing quotation marks, interpret it to a string. Input and Output A string composed of ASCII characters amongst 0x20 – 0x7E. It is also assumed to encode only ASC...

7 hours later…
8:41 AM
I wonder why I got downvoted for codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/211611/17602
we can never know
crazy how that happens lol
2 hours later…
10:34 AM
I got downvoted on the phonetic alhpabet question for some reason
I guess some people don't like built in compression
@Neil hmm
5 hours later…
3:06 PM
Anyone want to work together on Totally Cubular? It's been unanswered for 4 years, but a working solution shouldn't be too difficult given multiple people.
3:24 PM
I have tried it a while ago. I couldn't think of an algorithm that's better than A* (I really like A*). I implemented A*, and it probably won't complete before the heat death of the universe. It also consumes insane amounts of RAM (and if I use something like IDA*, it might keep computing until a new universe is randomly created). The question also mentions "Please provide the solutions to these 3 test input in your answer.". I won't be surprised if we'll never know the solutions.
I think I have an idea for how to reduce the amount of brute forcing needed. I wish I had some way to visualize the problem in 3d, that would really help me think. Maybe I'll work on that next.
4:27 PM
A: List of bounties with no deadline

caird coinheringaahing50-300 rep for answers to unanswered questions Similar to this offering, I will offer varying amounts of reputation for answers to questions that meet the following criteria: The question has gone unanswered* for at least 1 month The question has a net score \$\ge3\$ and \$\lt 15\$ The question ...

1 hour later…
5:39 PM
I got too creative with command blocks and destroyed my minecraft world. It would self replicate three times per tick, summoning fire in every available spot nearby. On the plus side, that might be useful for some sort of recursive function in code golfing command blocks.
brown goo?

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