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2:13 AM
@mypronounismonicareinstate Not sure why you closed that question as duplicate. It has the [tips] tag.
At least after another user added the tag... but I suppose that's what the OP meant.
@user202729 Then isn't it a duplicate of the [tips] question for adding two numbers in Python 3 with the same scoring formula?
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5:05 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Third-party 'Chef'Tell the time (with a timer!) code-golf time Let's begin with a thought experiment. You have a clock and a timer, in which you start both at exactly hh:mm:00 Clock: The clock employs 24-hour time. So the range of hh is 0<=h<=23. Timer: It starts exactly on 00.00. The number to the right of . isn...

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7:58 AM
I don't know how long it'll last.
@Third-party'Chef' githubstatus.com
8:31 AM
Q: Laguerre Polynomials

golf69Laguerre polynomials are solutions to Laguerre's equation, a second-order linear differential equation: \$xy''+(1-x)y'+ny=0\$. For a given value of n, the solution, y, is named \$L_n(x)\$. The polynomials can be found without calculus using recursion: \$L_0(x)=1\$ \$L_1(x)=1-x\$ \$L_{k+1}(x)=\fra...

hello all! Remedial doc reading problem here
I don't know if I am being blind but can anyone see how to set loc=0 using distfit? github.com/erdogant/distfit
8:56 AM
Q: Print om sign with pi

TanmayThis time I will give you an easy challenge: Draw the Om sign with \$\pi\$!(Sorry for many challenges with \$\pi\$) Here is the om sign drawn using pi numbers: 59 0 64 230781 3.14159 26 502884 535 83279 1971 89 433 6939 79 ...

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3:39 PM
Q: Code golf a random orthogonal matrix

user9206An orthogonal matrix is a square matrix with real entries whose columns and rows are orthogonal unit vectors (i.e., orthonormal vectors). This means that M^T M = I, where I is the identity matrix and ^T signifies matrix transposition. Note that this is orthogonal not "special orthogonal" so th...

Q: Fibonacci’s sexagesimals

user15259Leonardo da Pisano a.k.a Fibonacci was instrumental in bringing the Hindu-Arabic numeral system into Europe. Before that, mathematicians there worked in base sixty with Roman numerals. For example, the square root of two might be approximated as: one and twenty-four parts of sixty and fifty-one ...

Q: Negative XOR primes

Ad Hoc Garf HunterAbout a year ago you were asked to find the XOR primes. These are numbers whose only factors are 1 and themselves when performing XOR multiplication in base 2. Now were are going to spice things up a bit. We are going to find the XOR primes in base -2 Converting to Base -2 Base -2 is a lot...

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5:02 PM
Q: What is the Subspace Dimension?

fireflame241Challenge Given the Cartesian coordinates of a set of at least two distinct points in Euclidean n-space (\$\mathbb{R}^n\$), output the the minimum dimension of a flat subspace that contains those points. For example, in 3-space (the 3-dimensional world we live in), there are a few possibilities: ...

5:27 PM
Q: Create google gravity

c0d3rThere is a site https://mrdoob.com/projects/chromeexperiments/google-gravity/ This site shows the google logo and options falling because of well, gravity. Your task is to remake it (make sure to include every button and option at the top). The google gravity that looks the most like the original...

6:16 PM
Q: Print out a valid pokemon team!

Eric ChenGenerate a valid Pokemon team! Sometimes, I like to play on Pokemon Showdown. There, you can make your own teams of Pokemon, and fight other players. Today, I want to generate a valid Pokemon team in the ruleset "OU". The Challenge Print out any valid Pokemon team! Checking your answer To check, ...

7:06 PM
@NewMainPosts slightly disappointed that base -x isn't more popular
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8:24 PM
Q: Code Golf Contest(Idea)

Nip DipWelcome to the idea of the Code Golf Contest, where many code golfers pit their skills against eachother in a Battle For Dream Island-esque competition! The prize? 300 reputation! The challenges will start easy, but will get harder and harder as the contest progresses, and one contestant will get...

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9:37 PM
Q: Feedback for closed questions

Eric ChenI just posted a question available here: Print out a valid pokemon team! , which got closed due to lack of details. I do understand that at first, my question was somewhat unclear, as mentioned by Jonathan Allen, Zgarb, and nph, I forgot to mention if there could be a constant output. I addressed...

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11:34 PM
@NewMainPosts hmm, why have four of the answers been downvoted?
@Neil Possibly more of this?

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