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7:04 AM
Q: Sum the array times n, except the last

BubblerI've been posting relatively hard challenges recently, so here goes an easy one. Task Given an array A and a number n, calculate the sum of all numbers of A multiplied by n, except the last one. All numbers (the elements of A and the value of n) are positive integers, and A is non-empty. Shortest...

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10:52 AM
ugh, you can't edit the edit message if it has a mistake :-(
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10:03 PM
Q: sleeping cover for carers

macaluI am working and living in a care home where I need to take 2-3 days a week sleeping night cover and pager where by law I am not paid for that. My question: How many nights can an employer ask me to take sleeping or pager cover of the week? Right now I am doing 4 days a week (not pay) and I canno...

10:41 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Don ThousandPainted Cubes Many of us have seen math problems where a shape made of unit cubes is dipped in paint, and the answer is the number of painted sides. We'll generalize that problem in this challenge. Input A 3-dimensional matrix of 0s and 1s. Output A non-negative integer Challenge Given a n by m b...


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