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6:12 AM
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10:37 AM
Can you make the number 29 from the numbers 1,2,3,4 using +-*/ and each number exactly once?
You can use brackets as much as you like
11:01 AM
@Anush no "hi all"?! :)
@ngn hi all
time is in reverse :)
@ngn do you think it's possible?
it's very close the the four 4s question so I am not sure I can pose it on main
13     +-
  )   (  )
 4      *
2)))   /
@Anush ^ there, "29" :)
that is hard to read :)
oh I see :)
very nice
@Anush is this for pe 93?
oh no it wasn't! It was homework for a child :)
from that question I am guessing 29 is not possible
thanks that is a really good find
it's not really clear to me how to brute force it
11:14 AM
@Anush i have solutions in k for pe 1..100 here
for this particular problem: try all possible parenthesizations × all possible choices of 3 from +-*/
× permutations of 1234
11:52 AM
But it's not possible for 29 so what does it mean?
@ngn what do you get for 29?
@Anush well, all of my answers are correct, so i guess the authors of that problem were right about 29
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Member for 3 monthsax + by, a & b are coprime code-golf integer number-theory Backstory A doctor in Berlin, after analyzing his medical history, has realized that all of the results of his integral measurement results can be represented in the form of \$23x+28y\$. However, he could have extended his theory. ...

12:13 PM
Could you let me know what solution you have for 29?
@ngn could you let me know your solution for 29?
@Anush well, i mean there isn't one. the problem says: "1 to 28 can be obtained before encountering the first non-expressible number"
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Member for 3 monthsDivide into 2 isosceles triangles code-golf integer geometry Given the measures of two of the interior angles of a triangle (x and y; the other angle can be easily calculated with 180 - x - y), draw a line segment that cuts this triangle into two isosceles triangles. You need to output the angle...

Oh ok. I didn't understand you meant when you said all your answers are correct
@Anush authors
What does authors mean?
12:24 PM
@Anush above i wrote "the authors of that problem we right", not "the answers .."
ok.. i also said "answers" but that's answers to project euler problems
anyway, if they say there's no way to shuffle 1234+-*/ and get 29, there very likely isn't
Q: Single-byte typo

Member for 3 monthsQuoting Anush: I am very glad to provide a service to fill in the terrible gap in edit distance questions which codegolf.se has had. When there are as many edit distance questions as quine questions my job will be done. Task Given a string considered "correct" and a typo string, output the...

12:47 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Member for 3 monthsCan this month tell the day-of-the-week? code-golf decision-problem date June 2020 is a month in which June 1st corresponds to Monday, June 2nd corresponds to Tuesday, ... June 7th corresponds to Sunday. For reference, here's the cal of June 2020. June 2020 Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa 1...

1:31 PM
@Anush Can you evaluate 2x-1 using +-*/ exactly once?
You can use brackets and the symbol x as much as you like. (This puzzle is invented by sporeball, so credits to him.)
2:09 PM
@Anush 2⁴⁺¹-3 = 29
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4:14 PM
Very nice
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

MukundanBoolean Pythagorean triples problem code-golf Task Write a program that when given a positive integer \$n\$ splits the numbers from \$1\$ to \$n\$ into two sets, so that no integers \$a, b, c\$, satisfying \$a^2 + b^2 = c^2\$ are all in the same set. For example, if \$3\$ and \$4\$ are in the f...

4:47 PM
Anyone know of any format string vulnerabilities in Python?
@NewMainPosts I'm trying to build an eval / exec without using any lower-case letters, and that seems a promising direction. I've already got access to most of the letters, but I don't have any keywords – nor any way to get __dict__ access.
Hang on. f-strings give you arbitrary attribute access. Thanks, TNB rubber ducky!
5:16 PM
Okay… they don't, unless you can catch them at compile-time. I am once again asking for your assistance.

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