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12:03 AM
@Adám that won't help much when you transpose eta to eat or tea ;-)
@Neil That's when you need an AI to guess the "right" word...
@Bubbler but there's still a chance of getting the wrong word
The "right" word is completely subjective
Is it not?
But I've probably missed a joke here
Of course an AI can't be 100% correct
so it's not a good task for, say code golf, but it's still an interesting problem in general
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1:27 AM
A: Golfing Class of a language

isaacgElo ratings, treating pairs of submissions as games. I'm using the Elo system here. Essentially, the solution is find the best solutions in each language to each challenge, and then treat each pair of such solutions as a match between those two languages, with the winner being the shorter submi...

Stax has overtaken 05AB1E in ELO rankings
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3:33 AM
Q: Extract words with clue numbers in a Crossword puzzle

BubblerRelated: Read a crossword Task Given a completed Crossword puzzle, extract the words in it with their respective clue numbers, with "across" (horizontal) and "down" (vertical) words grouped and ordered like a real crossword puzzle. The words are numbered in the row-major order of their first l...

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4:42 AM
@Adám Is there any reason for Dyalog APL to deviate on ¯4○Y from other APLs (which define it as simply (¯1+Y*2)*0.5)?
After some more experiment, it actually looks like J's doc is imprecise.
5:04 AM
Whoops, wrong room.
@Bubbler Which doc?
@Adám Both J doc and NuVoc.
"Sqrt (Sqr y)-1" and "sqrt (_1+(y^2))" are the same as (¯1+Y*2)*0.5, no?
It actually computes sinh arccosh y, which is sometimes the negative of that.
5:28 AM
@Bubbler Huh, so almost everyone neglected to check the documentation when they added complex numbers. Only NARS2000 gets it right: (R+1)×√(R-1)÷(R+1)
Dyalog one is also fine. It uses that exact formula, and manually fills the gap at -1 (because that formula hits division by zero).
No, I don't mean that the formula they use is wrong, only that the previously correct documentation ceased to be correct when complex numbers were added.
5:44 AM
@Bubbler How did I manage to get it right in APLcart
6:08 AM
@Bubbler So ¯4○ is sinh arcosh and 4○ is cosh arsinh. Are there similar formulations for ¯8○ and 8○ and 0○?
6:31 AM
@Adám Yes, 0○ is cos arcsin or sin arccos.
@Adám I've got no idea for 8○. 0○ is correct.
@Bubbler There aren't any for ¯8○ and 8○. I just wrote a program to search for it.
@Adám Btw, didn't you realize this chatroom isn't the Orchard...?
I did, but nobody is here anyway.
@Bubbler Might interest you. Not beautiful code, but did the trick.
3 hours later…
9:16 AM
@Neil Jelly is admittedly terrible. Jelly is even worse however, since I couldn't even program in it.
@Λ̸̸ In order to program in Jelly, you need more than just training, you need Jelly Hypertraining™!
I never understood (and will never understand) how are chains evaluated, so when I have to program in Jelly, I simply reorder characters until it works and also try to add random quicks (those with the complicated descriptions) in random places. It usually works in the end.
9:42 AM
Waiting feedback from those who don't know APL:
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

BubblerExplicit-ify APL expressions involving trains code-golf parsing apl Related: Clearly parenthesize APL trains Background In the most basic form, APL has two kinds of tokens: arrays and functions. For this challenge, we will use a lowercase letter a-z for an array, and an uppercase letter A-Z fo...

10:27 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

KeizerHarmFind the Aztec year! It's time for another Mesoamerican calendar! The Xiuhnelpilli was used by the Mexica to name their years. Each year has a number and a sign. Here's part of the cycle: 1089; 13 Calli 1090; 1 Tochtli 1091; 2 Acatl 1092; 3 Tecpatl 1093; 4 Calli 1094; 5 Tochtli 1095; 6 Aca...

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2:15 PM
@Bubbler I mean the physical eatable jelly.
2:58 PM
Q: String [] puzzle

randomerI got this puzzle in an exam yesterday and I'm still thinking about it: public void puzzle (String a, String b, String c){ String temp = a; a = b; b = temp; c = "test"; } We also have a String [] myList containing "red", "yellow", "blue" What will be printed out if, after calling the puzz...

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7:21 PM
Q: DON'T... do NOT lowercase UPPERCASE this

darrylyeoWrite a program that outputs its input unchanged. However: If all uppercase characters are removed from the program, it lowercases all uppercase letters. If all lowercase characters are removed from the program, it uppercases all lowercase letters. Transforming characters beyond the basic Lat...

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9:35 PM
Hey guys I made one trivial code-golf challenge and one more serious related fastest-code. Since the explanation of the first it's fully contained in the second, can I merge them in one single post then accepting 2 different categories of answers? Or should I keep them separated?
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10:56 PM
Q: Chinese checkers adjacent squares

applemonkey496Challenge You have a Chinese Checkers board looking like this: board = [ [''], ['', ''], ['', '', ''], ['', '', '', '', '', '', ''], ['', '', '', '', '', ''], ['', '', '', '', ''], ['', '', '', '', '', ''], ['', '', '', '', '', '', ''], ...

11:33 PM
@DomenicoModica Keep them separated. One requirement for a challenge is that we must be able to decide on a single winner based on the criterion.

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