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9:19 AM
Q: Optimizing cost and time

John Brookfields In the above problem, the sample input and output is given by: Sample Input: \begin{equation} \text{3 3} \\ \text{1 1 1} \\ \text{2 2 1} \\ \text{3 1 5} \\ \end{equation} Sample Output: 3 Explanation: First we can hire worker 1 and let him paint 1 unit. Then we can hire worker 2 who is now av...

A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

petStormSquare-Sum Reduction code-golf decision-problem Given a single positive integer (which can also be taken as a list of digits or a string), output whether the number terminates in a 37 cycle in the square sum reduction. Truthy/falsy follows the language's convention, or you can choose exactly one...

Any more feedback for this?
10:15 AM
Q: Generating generating expressions for sequences

RGS(yes, "generating generating" in the title is correct :) ) Context In middle (?) school we are taught about sequences and, in particular, we are taught about linear sequences where the nth term is generated with an expression of the form an + b, where a and b are some coefficients. In this chal...

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3:13 PM
hello. is there some python code golfer here now?
8 hours later…
10:52 PM
Anyone know of a good text compression library? I know some golf languages use a particular one, but I forget the name
I actually need this for something entirely unrelated to codegolf, but this is, hilariously, one of the better places to ask about making things small
11:49 PM
@moonheart08 brotli?

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