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2:52 AM
Q: Tips for golfing in MarioLANG

atiritI recently saw this language in a challenge and it's awesome. Does anyone have some tips for golfing in it?

3:45 AM
@KrzysztofSzewczyk Do you have a space after the input? PyFunge can't have a number at the very end of the input
4:25 AM
@MilkyWay90 There is my Alexa quine if you want to start "learning" Alexa
2 hours later…
6:36 AM
I like that there's been one of every side length quine for Hexagony, from Martin Ender's original 17 16, then my 15 14 13 12, user202729's 11 and my most recent side length 10. Here's hoping for a singe digit one in the future!
6 hours later…
12:56 PM
Q: Find the x which is among the top 75% of an Array

DMorganSuppose you are given an array A of n distinct positive integers. Write an algorithm that will output one element x of A such that x is among the top 75% elements of A. Note that the top 75% elements of A are the last 75% elements when A is sorted. Your algorithm should not take more than 0:25n c...

1:16 PM
Q: Super Mario in Colors :)

Kamil KiełczewskiHere is continuation of this question, this time lets compress/generate Mario in colors! Image size is 64x64 (above one is zoomed). The required output is valid <img ...> tag with exact same image in dataURI form, working on chrome, firefox and safari (and IE4 - joke ;). In snippet below you ...

A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

qdreadGolf Golf! This is my first challenge, so please be gentle! The challenge is to write a program that will output the correct score for a layout in the card game "Golf." The card game Golf has many variations. The house rules I use follow the standard rules for Six-Card Golf given by Pagat, with...

1:37 PM
Q: The Celestial Bureacracy KoTH

AlienAtSystemThe Celestial Bureaucracy In Imperial China, ranks in society were not decided by birth or wealth, but by a person's ability to excel in the Imperial Examinations. The Jade Emperor, divine ruler of the Heavens, has called for all his subjects to be examined to determine their worth, and whom to ...

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2:41 PM
I forgot what the internet looked like without adblockers.
It's absolutely absurd
Yeah, it happens to me on occasion that I see websites without Firefox's auto-block. Nasty.
Hits me every time I go to a website that isn't SE or Wikipedia on my phone. Which is not often.
3:19 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

negative sevenInjection from two strings to one string code-golf string Challenge Write a program that applies an injective function which takes two strings as input and one string as output. In other words, each input must map to a unique output. Specifics The input may be any two strings of arbitrary le...

4:17 PM
Q: Optimal Algorithm to win Drench Without looking at the Board

Yehuda SchwartzI came across this little web game Drench Its a fairly mindless game , I wrote a small JS snippet to play this game for me in the background of my browser, it cycles through and clicks on the 6 possible moves let ind =0; let games =0; let wins =0; let lastMoves = ""; setInterval(function(){ if...

1 hour later…
5:29 PM
@NewMainPosts I disagree that this isn't something we do here
You're solving a puzzle
The scoring mechanism is clearly defined
Especially if he had some concrete test cases, there is objective winning criteria
Very true, which is why I directed the user to the Sandbox. It's not quite a good fit for the site, but there is definite potential.
Well I hope s/he goes to the sandbox
@Poke That's still one of my favorite answers I've ever posted
A really fun challenge
:D One of mine!
I think this is my favorite part of the challenge text:
> The bunny cannot hop into the void. Meaning that an attempt to hop off the board does nothing. (This was apparently a surprise for some people and a disappointment for others.)
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Yehuda SchwartzI came across this little web game Drench Its a fairly mindless game , I wrote a small JS snippet to play this game for me in the background of my browser, it cycles through and clicks on the 6 possible moves let ind =0; let games =0; let wins =0; let lastMoves = ""; setInterval(function(){ if...

5:58 PM
Q: Given a sequence of numbers, print out all possible sets such that the sum is less than a number

K Split XThe problem has 3 inputs. L: a list of all numbers size: the size each set can be max: the max sum amongst each set The challenge is as follows: Given L, size and max, construct as many sets from L such that the number of elements is size and the sum of each of the elements does not exceed m...

6:19 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

HAEMNo, you don't need deep learning: AlpaGo edition To counter the industry fad of tackling the most trivial problems with deep learning, I propose that a proof of concept be created to demonstrate that simple database queries are in fact often sufficient. To wit, I propose to demonstrate that a da...

Jelly question: Why are Try it online! and Try it online! different?
Shouldn't S⁵<$ count as a single monad?
$ captures two links but you're trying to give it three
This works fine
How am I giving it 3? I thought <dyad><nilad> is effectively a monad. :/
Yeah, I thought that too
Also, œcS<¥Ðḟ should get rid of that ugly , but instead it screws up the œc somehow. Try it online!
6:33 PM
The parser probably parses $/Ɗ before figuring that out
anyhow about it's probably not possible to avoid because everything is either a nilad, monad, or dyad including the entire main link
May 14 '18 at 15:41, by DJMcMayhem
@AdmBorkBork Did you dyadic the atom? Maybe if you code page the helper link you can right argument the nilad.
gets 2 stars one second after being posted
@UnrelatedString Oh, I didn't realize. The main link can't take a third argument?
@EriktheOutgolfer All 'bout that comedic timing. :D
6:38 PM
As far as I'm aware it's just a link that happens to take the first two inputs as its left and right arguments, without any sort of privileged syntax
uh... Jelly doesn't have triads
It would be neat if we could have proper triads without having to resort to funky list stuff Brachylog-style, but that could make a lot of things weird
what would the syntax be though?
I'm not familiar with if or how APL/J do it, and I'm not really sure I can think of a good idea for it myself
APL doesn't do it either
6:44 PM
@AdmBorkBork "dyadic the atom" - i've seen nouns being verbed, but a verbing an adjective is something new :)
@EriktheOutgolfer I know it doesn't have triads, I just assumed that if you used a dyad, it takes the current value for the left argument, and the next unused input as the right argument
oh no it doesn't
Triad builtins could sort of be implemented as quicks that turn into dyads but that wouldn't be useful for what we're thinking of
What does it do then? Cycle back and forth between the left and right arguments?
it's just called as a dyad with the 1st CLA as its left argument and the 2nd CLA as its right argument
6:54 PM
That's if you have one dyad. What if you have several?
the 3rd, 4th and 5th CLAs are only accessible by , and respectively
It's explained in the tutorial
That weird little table with a bunch of vs and omegas
there are two such tables
@UnrelatedString I can't understand that table for the life of me
The one relevant for dyadic chains is the second one
6:56 PM
you need to read the whole §4 to even have a chance to understand anything
Anyhow what the tables represent is a process that pattern matches the first few elements of a chain, then applies the rest of the chain to the new value obtained
Or just do what I do and spaghetti code it together.
With simple things you can just kind of throw builtins together and it'll usually work because the chain parsing rules are designed well
Yep. I haven't been able to get my brain around the whole paradigm, so I just scroll through the Atoms list and go "That sounds like what I'm looking for."
I think it's due to two reasons - 1) I code in PowerShell, which is all about a pipeline, and 2) I'm pretty much self-taught except for some MIPS and Java in college.
For me the main struggle is with the more complicated quicks
Like ¦ and ¡
7:35 PM
CMC: math.stackexchange.com/q/3362902/547353 -- write code to find digits of pi when concatenated together form primes.
Thought I had 7 bytes in Husk but either filtering infinite lists doesn't quite work right or I did something horribly wrong with the prime testing logic
7:55 PM
This works fine for just finding every prefix of the digits of pi and converting them to single integers but trying to filter it by identity seems to make it parse some way I didn't expect it to parse so that's probably the issue
but then fṗ(mdḣİπ) still doesn't work where fI(mdḣİπ) does
8:18 PM
Q: Reorder a matrix, twice

SanchisesYou are given a square \$n \times n\$ matrix \$A\$, and a list (or vector) \$u\$ of length \$n\$ containing the numbers \$1\$ through \$n\$ (or \$0\$ through \$n-1\$). Your task is to reorder the columns and rows of the matrix \$A\$ according to the order specified in \$u\$. That is, you will c...

8:30 PM
@AdmBorkBork I've a horrible 33-byter in Dyalog APL that only finds the first 3 because the primality checking function stops working for arguments over 105097564.
8:46 PM
@UnrelatedString I think it's fine. It just won't print if it times-out. Perhaps you would have better luck running it locally?
Hmm... Maybe not
Well ¶foṗdḣİπ does print stuff in my terminal
I don't understand how "lazy printing" works in Haskell
It probably doesn't help that I'm trying to use Husk without having ever used actual Haskell
Anyhow there's probably some issue with the IO monad not quite behaving like we'd expect a normal impure print to
I'm mildly surprised that my "adding without using a + or - sign" challenge is still getting new activity after over 7 years. It's honestly not a particularly good challenge.
9:02 PM
Yeah, it's a do-x-without-y that's just sorta... been there long enough to be fine
I guess it's the sort of thing that new answerers can lock on to
9:17 PM
any chess player here?
I play some
I know what chess is.

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