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3:22 AM
Q: Rotated analog clock

dkudriavtsevGiven: a 12 hour time t in hours and minutes, a rotation r in degrees, return the time shown when an analog clock that is displaying the time t is rotated r degrees clockwise. After rotation, the hour hand will not line up with the new position of the minute hand. To correct for this, the n...

3:37 AM
I'm trying to use a Chrome extension which breaks if the site sets a CSP.
So I guess I need to make a proxy that removes the CSP.
Any ideas on what the easiest way to build one would be?
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9:26 AM
Q: Inquiry answerer

A _ Original: https://james-iry.blogspot.co.at/2009/05/brief-incomplete-and-mostly-wrong.html Alain Colmerauer designed the logic programming language Prolog. His goal was to create a programming language that is as intelligent as a two-year-old child. In order to prove that he had succeeded in ...

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11:24 AM
anyone good at python able to help with stackoverflow.com/questions/57948033/… please?
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12:40 PM
Lastpass had a high-complexity password-leaking bug recently: blog.lastpass.com/2019/09/lastpass-bug-reported-resolved.html
They fixed it quickly, but for the ultra-worried, you may want to change your passwords
@NathanMerrill argh.. thanks
1 hour later…
1:49 PM
@feersum you're just asking about how to remove response headers from an extension?
@Poke "From an extension"? No, from sites.
oh I misread
the extension you're using breaks with csp
you're not trying to make an extension that breaks
Honestly you could do something as simple as running Fiddler and just slightly tweaking the fiddler script
What does that mean?
Fiddler is a little debugging proxy server
FiddlerScript is a Rules file in Fiddler
You can modify FiddlerScript's onBeforeResponse callback
and drop a response header
I suppose you /could/ also write a chrome extension to do that (since that's what I thought you meant anyway)
There probably exists some extension that already drops whatever header you want
Thanks, sounds like a good plan
If you can remove that in the extension, why wouldn't the devs have done it? Are they just retarded?
2:00 PM
I have used ModHeader for adding request/response headers in the past. I think it supports removing them as well
They already know how and why it doesn't work on many sites.
maybe something with permissions?
2:32 PM
@Anush It seems all keyword arguments that do not have a key in f1,f2,f3,... are moved to x0
@flawr it's very confusing... There are three parameters so you might think the initial guess is a 3-tuple
but they have to be set to something and when I call it with weibull_min.fit(samples) I don't suggest any initial guesses
so somewhere in the code they must either hard code initial guesses or infer them somehow from samples
2:53 PM
@Anush I don't know this library - Is the code you posted your MCVE?
(there is a strange symbol at the start of the code section, and I think Samples should be samples)
3:16 PM
Thanks. It's my MCVE
@Anush I digged a little bit through the code and wrote an answer of what I think what seems to be happening.
Basically they use mean and standard deviation.
3:35 PM
@Anush Added a comment.
I recommend using PyCharm, it is really easy to use the debugger, whenever you have a function call it let's you jump to the corresponding definition.
If they use the mean and std dev how do you get a negative number?
All the values in samples are positive
4:30 PM
@flawr ^^
2 hours later…
6:54 PM
@Anush Well it is not exactly the mean and the std: check out fit_loc_scale
first it is computing probably the first and second moment and then transmogrifying them somehow together with std and mean
7:25 PM
Ha ha, conference call mutefail. Was screen-sharing, navigated away from the tab I was working in without saving. Finished showing, muted mic (or so I thought), noticed what I done and loudly exclaim "Aw maaaaan, faaaaaaaahk"
A+, would conference again
Hear "What's wrong?" and sheepishly respond with "Oh... thought I was muted" and explain the above
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Sriotchilism O'ZaicBattleship KotH This is a pretty rough idea to start but I figured I would drop it in the sandbox so that people can start to think about it and I will remember to do it. The idea here is a king-of-the-hill that combines the game, battleship with radiation-hardening. The rough idea is that t...

7:41 PM
@Veskah my former boss once said the Portuguese equivalent to this a dozen or so times in the span of a single meeting.
3 hours later…
10:30 PM
Right now I'm having fun reinstalling linux on my dual-booted system.
Essentially my boot partition got 100% full, and I think I ended up with some sort of half-installed broken linux kernel, or something. So I'm trying to use bootable media to move/resize my boot partition and then install a fresh functioning linux.
By some miracle, grub still works and windows still boots.
11:07 PM
@JohnDvorak Mallebolge?
@A_ He's clearly talking about Malebolge, not Malbolge!
A _
How do you make a text editor using a circle of hell?
@A_ Get a computer
A _
It is only the computer that is implementing this text editor, not this object in general.
Also I don't think you can get a computer there.
@A_ He said in Malebolge. Just do some 4th dimension weird quantum stuff so you glitch reality and overlap the computer and Malebolge so the computer is inside Malebolge
A _
... Malebolge ... or PHP. so that might be a typo because he put PHP(a language) besides Malebolge.
11:22 PM
@A_ Who ays that PHP has to be a programming language?
php is an acronym that does not necessarily stand for the programming language.
A _
@MilkyWay90 You. PHP has to be a programming language
@A_ P.H.P. stands for other stuff like it could stand for "Programming; Heavenly Programming"
A _
PHP: Heavenly Programming
A _
PHP: H-bar Programming
PHP: Hairlike Programming
11:30 PM
oh no
what have i caused
A _
PHP: Hagfish Programming
PHP: Half-wit Programming
PHP: Half-pay Programming
11:56 PM
@A_ That's quite enough

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