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12:00 AM
Or if it is in UTF-16 or higher
UTF-8 will be +50% loss
12:15 AM
I'm having a lot of "fun" programming in Malbolge
I haven't even programmed in Malbolge yet and it's still a mess
6 hours later…
6:07 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

tshOutput Monitor Resolution Write a program, take no input, output current monitor resolution. Detail Input nothing Output two decimal numbers (width, height) in any order Anything like 1024x768, 1024, 768, [1024, 768] is acceptable If multiple monitors are connected, you may output any one ...

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9:23 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

roblogicBreaking the Wordbuilder WordBuilder is a puzzle in the local daily paper (New Zealand Herald). Given 5 unique letters, the challenge is to find valid English words formed by permutation of those letters, based on your own knowledge of random small words. Example in the image below. Your challe...

9:42 AM
Q: Start from ones

Erik the OutgolferGiven a strictly positive integer n, follow these steps: Create an array A with n 1s. If A only has one element, terminate. Otherwise, starting from the first element, replace each pair of A with its sum, leaving the last element as is if A's length is odd, and repeat this step. The output sh...

10:03 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

maxbThe fastest Sudoku solver The goal of a game of Sudoku is to fill the board with the numbers 1-9, one in each cell, in such a way that each row, column and box only contains each number once. A very important aspect of a Sudoku puzzle is that there should only be one valid solution. The goal...

10:57 AM
@V.Courtois hm, have you requested access over JHT?
(unrelated to message)
11:20 AM
Q: Who was president?

KateChallenge Write a program that takes as input a day from April 30, 1789 to August 21, 2019 and returns as output who was president of the USA that day. Notes Dates in the format "Month Day, Year" For the list of US presidents, the format of their names, and the period of their presidency, see...

@EriktheOutgolfer yes I did. I don't know if the channel is still alive, but if it is I'm interested.
@V.Courtois it's not very active (mainly because most students get the boost pretty quickly), but it's not dead :P
unfortunately I'm not notified of room access requests so I have to check now and then
@EriktheOutgolfer Why does the room require requests for access?
@Adám that comes from a couple years ago :P basically it's intended to be a kinda closed room, and also avoids newcomers who might go on and spoil a challenge in there without knowing it's used as a training medium (and also lets newcomers click the link in the room's description to know more about the room)
@V.Courtois aight, I've put you in
11:33 AM
btw when did you request access? I might add something
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12:39 PM
Q: Irish Snap: Variant Rules

EdgyNerdIntroduction Recently, me and a couple of my friends decided to play some cards, and one of them suggested the game 'Irish Snap', which was the inspiration for this challenge. However, I later learnt that the game has a lot of different rules that you can play with, some of which are listed her...

1:00 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Jo KingBreak it up and put it back together again code-golf [tag:restricted source] (note to self; add warning about the restricted source to reduce premature solutions) Write a program/function that takes a list of integers greater than 1 and returns a list of positive integers where each number from...

1:38 PM
Q: Numbers Decrease while Letters Increase

AdmBorkBorkRandomly inspired by Numbers Increase While Letters Decrease Given a list of mixed letters and integers (e.g., ['a', 2, 3, 'b']) increase the letters by one position in the alphabet (wrapping at z to a) and decrease the numbers by 1. For the above example, the output should be ['b', 1, 2, 'c']. ...

@NewMainPosts This gave me deja vu. Thought you posted it yesterday (but that was only the sandbox)
1 hour later…
3:08 PM
Does anyone have some objection against posting this?
@flawr for the record, ROs also have the power you were looking for
3:28 PM
I wish there was a flag option that only notifies ROs and local mods.
yea, that'd be rather useful :)
time to implement a bot to summon ROs when we need them :)
free bacon in TNB
let's see if this works
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Ryan SchaeferI need help rewording the prompt. I learned from last time about having convoluted scoring and having too broad of a focus from my last question. I hope this one is more clear. Church Subtraction Lambda calculus has always been a fascination of mine and the emergent behaviors of passing funct...

3:38 PM
@flawr Hmm? Where?
tfw there's no RO or site mod flag...
@DJMcMayhem in the van, follow me
Had candied bacon for the first time today. Hated it.
Whoever thought was a good idea to fry some bacon and add sugar: nope.
Most bacon already contains sugar.
3:51 PM
@J.Sallé I tried a maple-iced donut with candied bacon the other day. Also hated it. Just a disgusting flavor combo.
Also why does Chrome spellcheck not recognize "donut" as a legit word?
4:04 PM
@AdmBorkBork "Ugh, can't believe you forgot how to spell it" - Spellcheck
Everything contains silly amounts of sugar: wolframalpha.com/input/?i=ketchup+sugar+content
@Pavel Depends on country. US ketchup is very sugary because we all secretly crave the Beetus
@Pavel Just google homemade bacon recipes and see what turns up.
I don't mind the actual sugar content, what I really disliked was the candying of the bacon itself
Bacon is a meme. Thick cut is a gift from god but like Sriracha doesn't belong on literally everything ever
4:14 PM
it just doesn't go well together for me
4:55 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Ed MartyBlack And White Shirts 3 This is the third in a series. The first can be found here, and the second here. The premise is similar to the first two, but with some changes and a new goal. Assume I have some number of black shirts and some number of white shirts, both at least 1. Both colors of shi...

5:43 PM
I was trying to modify the Malbolge interpreter for debugging Malbolge
But the converter to normalized Malbolge isn't working
(also note that I picked up C an hour or two ago so I don't know a lot about C)
I do static char normalized_malbolge[59049] = ""
and then:
(in a loop)
normalized_malbolge[i] = xlat1[( x - 33 + i ) % 94];
normalized_malbolge[i+1] = '\0';
printf("%d\n", xlat1[( x - 33 + i ) % 94]);
printf("%d\n", normalized_malbolge);
Yet when it prints it outputs a number (4227104)
Oh nevermind I got it
I needed to use %s
6:16 PM
Not sure anyone cares but me, but I figured out how to do GZIP compression of very long strings in T-SQL
Yes, t-mother-forking-SQL!
Planning to write it up for the "tips for golfing in T-SQL" thread, but for now, here's where I used it:
A: Who was president?

BradCT-SQL, 1169 981 bytes Holy cow, I figured out string compression in SQL (available in SQL 2016 and above): SELECT TOP 1 SUBSTRING(value,9,99) FROM d,STRING_SPLIT( CONVERT(VARCHAR(MAX),DECOMPRESS(CONVERT(XML,'H4sIAAAAAAAEAHVT23LaMBD9FX1AxiMZg+1HIAWGhDaltMz0bYMXrEaWOmsc6r/vrpw27kOHB8ZnL+fs2VW...

There is unfortunately a fair amount of overhead, so it'd only be useful for very long strings (like the 1000+ chars here)
(Also only usable in SQL 2016 and above, which is when the COMPRESS and DECOMPRESS functions were introduced)
6:48 PM
Reference post in the "tips for golfing in T-SQL" thread:
A: Tips for Golfing in T-SQL?

BradCUse GZIP compression for very long strings! So I knew that SQL 2016 added a COMPRESS function (and a DECOMPRESS function), which (finally) brings the ability to GZIP a string or binary. The problem is that it isn't immediately clear how to take advantage of this for golfing; COMPRESS can take ...

7:01 PM
For cooking it is better start with not composed element,as farina, patate, legumi, pomodori frutta, verdura
Do you know "peperoni"? "melenzane"?
Ah, the marvel of linguistics. I don't speak a word of Italian and still I know what every one of those ingredients mean.
Possible it is "melanzane"...
Yes but I think that fruit (apples, bananas ecc) could be too much pollution
2 hours later…
8:45 PM
@AdmBorkBork right language setting? Try mis-setting it to non-English English.
I assume the spellchecker wants you to write doughnut
Merriam-Webster defines donut as a "less common spelling of doughnut"
3 hours later…
11:36 PM
@BradC Really? Cool!
@Neil "non-English English"
@MilkyWay90 As opposed to English English, which doesn't include such misspellings as "donut", yes.
Q: Round towards zero

connectyourchargerThis is a simple task. Given a positive or negative real number, round it to the next whole integer closer to zero. The challenge Take input through any reasonable form (stdin, function, etc.) of one positive or negative real number. Round this number "towards zero" - this means if it is posit...

11:57 PM
@Neil Oh I see

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