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12:42 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

BDMI'm sorry, Code Golf This challenge is inspired by a series of Garfield-inspired artwork in which Garfield is depicted as a horror creature, stalking his owner, Jon. Commonly referred to as "Creepy Garfield", the line "I'm sorry, Jon" can be found in one of the earliest Creepy Garfield images fl...

2 hours later…
2:44 AM
11 bytes of pure magic, plus a bit of history of it:
3:15 AM
that was fun to write. i've got ⊣⌊⍛+⊢∊0,×⍤⊣ which is different on 10/11 chars but still no saves
2 hours later…
5:11 AM
@dzaima Whoa, amazing!
3 hours later…
7:59 AM
@Mego thanks
5 hours later…
@dzaima Hey, that's almost the same length in regular Dyalog.
@dzaima Sorcery, says I.
@dzaima Adding ⊢∘⌊+0>*⍨×⊣ to APLcart…
@Adám :|
1:01 PM
@Adám What are you even calling this
In other news, FinnAPL idiom prep is now 75% done!
Rounding method sounds reasonable hahahahah
@Adám I really wouldn't suggest actually using that, it doesn't work on non-non-integers
@dzaima why would you need to round a non-non-integer though?
@dzaima non-non-integers?
1:03 PM
Aren't non-non-integers just integers
@J.Sallé yes, they are. but you don't want to have to explicitly check that a thing isn't an integer before you round it, do you?
@dzaima Oh dear. I didn't realise that. OK, I'll have to remove it :-(
@dzaima ah, you mean it actually errors?
That's bad indeed hahahaha
@J.Sallé it only errors on rounding 0, but gives ±1 on other integers
(actually only +1, it can't do -1)
I see
1:39 PM
Q: Alphanumeric Line and Curve Counting

bigyihsuanGiven an input string, write a program that outputs the number of lines and curves it has. The Challenge Take input from STDIN, or any other input method. Output to STDOUT, or any other output method, the number of lines and curves contained in the string, in that order, based on the below tab...

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3:00 PM
@Riker a great one on worldbuilding
3:15 PM
@flawr I like that after all the long-winded explanation, the final answer is very simply "No"
"None", rather than "No"
2 hours later…
4:52 PM
@ngn Is it okay if I credit you on the fake cicada wiki?
1 hour later…
6:04 PM
@MilkyWay90 don't feel obliged to but sure i wouldn't mind
6:17 PM
@MilkyWay90 glad to see some breakthroughs after the animals!
@MilkyWay90 swapping some adjacent letters, it looks like the last message says: "you are trotting up the wrong path. try knocking instead."
@ngn yeah, I came to that same conclusion in the cicada chatroom. Now we just gotta figure out what it means
@J.Sallé right... i should have checked there first :)
6:59 PM
Q: Another version of "The Bridge and Torch Problem"

Felix HaThe idea for this code golf puzzle is from link: The Bridge and Torch Problem The inspiration for this code golf puzzle is the Bridge and Torch problem, in which d people at the start of a bridge must all cross it in the least amount of time. The catch is that at most two people can ...

7:57 PM
What does the phrase "sharding is the regex of networking" mean to you?
It takes a lot of parsing but I read it as sharding being used as a silver bullet in situatons where it shouldn't. And that presupposes a particular view on regexes that I don't really share.
For, uh, science, I need your input on what's the funniest anagram out of this set: new.wordsmith.org/anagram/…
Ah, crowdsourcing the unstructured search problem. How quaint.
Ashen wreck is pretty awesome
or shaken crew, if you want to be a touch nicer
@ngn Okay, thanks
8:04 PM
Her new sack? Car she knew? He knew cars. Ah, screw Ken!
Saw her neck! (a little grim)
Where snack?
past tense verb, or present tense verb?
"Ask Rec When"
@JohnDvorak Shaken Crew sound like a band name :D
@Poke Neck wars, eh?
8:07 PM
neck washer?
This one's a little bit grim: "Raw Necks, Eh?"
"Hawk Screen"
@mınxomaτ ^
Wash 'er neck!
"Hacks Renew"
Her new sack
"Answer 'Heck!'"
8:09 PM
@MilkyWay90 That is one of my favs. More cool than funny though.
Whack Sneer, Ranch Weeks, Cranks Whee!
He knew cars.
@Poke At this point you're reposting @Adám's story one by one :P
oh crap you're right
My favorite one is "Answer 'Heck!'" so far
"Arc, She Knew!"
8:12 PM
I like "where snack"
where snak? has hungry
This list is pretty good too
I wot snack
Be Thee Intent En Thy
8:13 PM
It is well-known that "Dyalog APL"≈"All pay God", but I wasn't aware of "Old gay pal".
Be Teeth Nee Nth Tiny
Wait a minute
> The word stifle is an anagram of itself.
This rearranging thing could be useful in Fake Cicada
> The word nineteenth is an anagram of itself
Definitely not. Nineteenth is much longer than "itself"
@DJMcMayhem ohhhhhhhhh
I see now
8:16 PM
@DJMcMayhem Lost Zen wisdom
you meant the word itself
any ppcg brains have any idea how to solve math.stackexchange.com/questions/3295119/… ?
8:33 PM
@Riker v
challenge idea: given an array of strings or int arrs, reorder the items to maximize the amount of times vertical character pairs are equal. problem is it's pretty easy to just try all permutations, which is boring
and i don't know if that's even optimizable
We should make a law that forbids discrete optimization problems to be so hard.
@flawr giraffes also have horns... and long purple tongues
@Poke but two of them
and as you said, purple tongues.
@flawr And they chew their cud… can you imagine bringing up food from the stomach to the mouth‽
8:44 PM
@dzaima You can use a lot of elements and ask that the solutions be testable. But then you probably won't be able to request optimal solutions.
@flawr Single central "horns" are not unheard of in nature: rhinos, narwhals, swordfish…
@JohnDvorak scoring by how good a submission is would be interesting, but before posting that i'd want an assertion that it can't be 100% solved in O(n) :p
8:57 PM
@flawr 1: saw that, I respect the effort but those humans aint gonna make it. 2: theory: unicorns used to exist but evolved into becoming aquatic
1 hour later…
10:02 PM
Oh neat Google updated their free GPU for colab notebooks to T4s (from K80).
10:17 PM
@mınxomaτ What does this have to do with Adam?
How do you know Adam's life story
2 hours ago, by Adám
Her new sack? Car she knew? He knew cars. Ah, screw Ken!
@mınxomaτ Oh
I could imagine a plot behind those sentences.
It was there. Her new sack of food. She had the knowledge of the Old World. She knew cars. She knew old technology. He-- Ken-- knew the old technology too. Ah, screw Ken!
Adam sacrificed one of the unicorns, preventing its procreation, and thus causing its extinction.
10:22 PM
I need to have a shortcut that prints the a with the diacritic
I couldn't use the plain a
That a was always 2nd place
For the more common folk
The a with a diacritic stood out from the rest
It was not in ASCII. They had to make an extension to ASCII for that special a!
Using a normal a instead of the diacritic will disgrace everyone within 6-8 weeks of you
@MilkyWay90 OS?
@Adám Operating System?
@MilkyWay90 Yes.
I now have access to the luxurious a
The rare a
The.. the.. ááááá
It's an emphatic a.
10:30 PM
@Adám Windows
@MilkyWay90 But you do have the ability to write á, it seems.
@MilkyWay90 Oh. Do you have a numpad?
@MilkyWay90 Alt-160. Extended ASCII, remember?
10:32 PM
Oh I thought it was Alt-0160
@MilkyWay90 No, then it is Alt+0225..
@Adám oh ok
I guess I'm lucky to have a keyboard with built-in ´, ^, ~ and `.
@J.Sallé 2 of those you need for programming, but the ticks are useless
Or do you mean combining `
Not if you have to regularly type stuff in Portuguese ⍨
10:45 PM
I don't have the front tick
Oh oof
á é í ó ú â ê ô ã õ à are all used in Portuguese, so yeah, combining them is very necessary.
Also ç but that has a dedicated key
oh cool
I would like to read more GoL comics
@J.Sallé Do you have combining ¨ too?
I would love to play that
I'm playing it right now
@Adám Not anymore. Since the latest Ortographic Agreement, the ¨ has been dropped in every word except foreign names such as Müller and Günther
It wasn't really useful anyways, it was just a differential sign to indicate the u was voiced (u was the only letter that could receive a ¨)
10:54 PM
I'm using the juicy new GPU for some GPT2 learning and i'm training it on Medium blog post titles to generate some bogus ones. So far, I like "How to find and use Facebook friends on Facebook" and "How to get started? Why? Why have I not given up yet?"
bah, I missed the greatest partiality of the lunar eclipse because it was too low in the sky and other buildings were in my line of sight.
@mınxomaτ The latter would be a great self-help book title
> Google launches Internet of Things
I knew it!
@mınxomaτ What?
@mınxomaτ I needz the codez
It's still training. These are from the intermediate batch outputs.
10:58 PM
oh ok
Do you have the code
It's just GPT2, finetuning with my dataset on the 345M base.
@MilkyWay90 in chat i usually do @a<tab> and remove the @ if necessary, but otherwise, I'd suggest WinCompose
Alright, one last one:
> Google acquires LinkedIn (Yahoo's data engine for business)
@dzaima Oh, thanks
@mınxomaτ The laaaast one? The very last one?
I demand more titles
or the code
Wait, train it off of Buzzfeed titles
I'll publish an interactive generator soon.
11:03 PM
It will be just like that 12 Days of Christmas Buzzfeed xkcd
I'm getting addicted to Strategic Game of Life
11:31 PM
CMC: Given a regex, generate a random string s that the regex matches the entire string s. Your program must be guaranteed to terminate; all valid strings must be possible but not necessarily with uniform probability.
> Language Isn’t That Bad: An Introduction to Neutral
We need a language called Neutral
11:54 PM
> Rich* Adobe and
What even is this?
> Not now
That doesn't seem like a title

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