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9:46 AM
ugh, I forgot my Windows Update pause had run out
@EriktheOutgolfer I don't bother opening it if there's nothing unread... in fact I generally wait until 50 rep before checking up on it
@Neil yeah, I think one gets used to it... just like when we got our design
2 hours later…
12:05 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

A__Tips on golfing in Klaus Should "Tips on golfing in" questions have to be about languages with an implementation? Klaus is a programming language that supports writing very dense programs without sacrificing readability. (It was not implemented yet, but I think it will be.) What tips do you ha...

12:58 PM
Announcement: There's only TWO weeks left to enter the 2019 APL Problem Solving Competition – compete for $6,500 USD in cash prizes and an all-expenses-paid trip to the annual Dyalog user meeting in Denmark. For more information, see dyalogaplcompetition.com
1:49 PM
Q: 404 Not Found image is itself 404

gparyaniIt looks like the image that is supposed to show up in the 404 error page has...itself gone 404, and shows a broken image. It looks like it's trying to load the image from https://cdn.sstatic.net/Sites/codegolf/img/404.png, but that link is 404 (as of right now). Can this please be fixed? (Also...

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2:56 PM
This doesn't print the first term of the sequence A000290 which is 0... — Expired Data 5 hours ago
@SriotchilismO'Zaic So there's a little problem, I could use some advice. It seems perfectly fine for a program to print squares to start with 1, but technically this is against the rules of the challenge so far (which would also invalidate several existing answers including your first brain-flak answer).
Would a rule like "p must print either the first or second term of the sequence" be weird? And would that seem biased since it helps my answer?
I think it would be fine
I could edit my answer to make it start at 0 without changing the length of s
Is a rule like that normal for a challenge?
You may use either 1 or 0 based indexing is common, but I can't remember seeing a you may skip the first term
Oftrn they will not require the first term
if it is something of an edge case
4:01 PM
If you edit a comment and add a mention, does it notify that person?
I don't know. Do you want to test it?
Sure, let me whip one up
@DJMcMayhem You should be getting something
Nothin so far
Threw a second comment with it initially @ing you
Hmm, does someone have to leave a comment before they can be @ed in the comments?
I think so
4:08 PM
I don't think so. At least, IMO, it'd be very weird since you don't actually have to @ anyone who commented on your post/answer, according to SE
Random aside: I wonder if the TIO name for PowerShell should be switched to PowerShell for Windows due to TIO loading Windows aliases now that it's on linux
@Veskah you should probably ping Dennis
@Veskah I haven't gotten any pings at all yet. You wanna test it out here?
This is a pinging test. — DJMcMayhem 22 secs ago
4:17 PM
4:31 PM
@DJMcMayhem Thanks
4:57 PM
I'm going to make a quine in Turing Machine But Way Worse
or try to
@AdmBorkBork The ultimate KC? Well, not really, because the eventual result is surely just garble.
@Adám betcha it's \0\0\0\0\0\0\0...... :D
@EriktheOutgolfer Oh, well, I guess that would compress well, so if I just have compression turn on for my disk, I'll be fine…
@EriktheOutgolfer What was the nick-name for that type? Smiley bomb?
zip bomb, as the article's title says
5:45 PM
I know that, but didn't the recursive flavor have its own name?
you mean fork bomb? that doesn't have to do with .zip files at all
I'm sure CG could come up with something better, but I can't ask the question because it's dealing with (potentially) malicious code.
Yeah, that's what I was thinking of. Because of :(){ :|:& };:
Well, there are answers that are PBs long, so there's that.
and yet we often cram them into ~66K-char posts without external links... heh, we're the best compressors in the world!
5:49 PM
Petition to change the site's name to Code Challenges Dot Zip
Nah, CC.rar
@Veskah you gotta pay for WinRAR though
But then everyone would have to have WinRAR shareware on their computer.
Pay ... for ... WinRAR? What is this madness?
@J.Sallé Look at Mr. Rockefeller, buying a WinRAR license
I didn't say I would, I just said you have to
They do ask rather politely
5:54 PM
Jul 8 at 8:45, by Adám
@NewMainPosts Does it matter that my solution requires about a petabyte of RAM? Nah…
@Adám my point precisely
@J.Sallé Oh, .zip is actually a thing.
@Skidsdev I was going to say PowerShell based on part of the first bullet point, but I wouldn't classify it as "obscure"
Once there is enough suitable answers, will we get to find out what X is? I'm hoping its one of those weird code golf languages. — Scribblemacher 6 hours ago
I hope it's brain-flak
@Skidsdev I don't know why, but when I first read that I immediately thought of Julia. Which isn't exactly super new
What exactly counts as new for a language anyway?
6:02 PM
@Adám Petition for Dyalog APL 19.0 to support zip files
Q: How long's left?

Geza KerecsenyiHow long's left? Recently, I was making pizza using a 5-minute timer on my phone. When someone walked in and asked me how long was left, I was confused for a moment at first as to how to answer the question. You see, if the timer at the current moment was at 3:47, by the time I had read out 'Thr...

@DJMcMayhem So did I. I'm assuming a "new" language would be about 10 years old though.
Julia is 7 years old, so it's entirely possible
@J.Sallé Others have asked for ⎕ZIP as well, but the more that ask for it, the better the chance. Please email support@ or post on the forums.
@DJMcMayhem Exactly. All the arguments given about the language seem to suggest Julia
6:05 PM
A few people I asked guessed Rust
@DJMcMayhem Wait, Julia is only 7,… and you are?
@Adám Hah, I was joking, but it's good to know it's a possibility
@Adám Hmm?
Are you asking how old I am?
@J.Sallé Maybe it should be an option for ⎕MKDIR or something.
Seems like it
6:06 PM
@DJMcMayhem Well, maybe you shouldn't fool around with Julia then!
the trouble is, X isn't just new it's also relatively obscure
relative to what? Java?
I... what?
@Skidsdev common production languages I assume?
@J.Sallé but if we consider Common production languages to be, for example, C#, PHP, Java, C/C++, JS, Python, then languages such as Go and Rust are relatively obscure
6:10 PM
The only thing is that it's evolving fast - apparently on going to document some older code, some base functionality had been removed, wouldn't compile in newer versions, so took a couple of days to re-implement it. suggests it's much newer. Like < 2-3 years
Agreed, although I'd never call Go an obscure language, being from google and all
it's obscure in the general employment world.
I don't think I've ever seen a job posting hiring go devs
Really? I literally just applied for 3 different companies this week hiring Go devs.
V maybe? (The new one, not the crappy one)
That would definitely hit the checkmarks for new and quickly evolving.
What code are we guessing about?
6:21 PM
27 mins ago, by Skidsdev
Oh, Rust is a good guess
@DJMcMayhem it'd be hilarious if Language X was actually Language V.
7:00 PM
yeah I'm thinking it might be V
7:12 PM
@J.Sallé I mean it's purely anecdotal of course, but I've seen a lot of PHP, Java, C#, ReactJS, Python and Ruby
and like 1 or 2 C/C++
7:36 PM
@Skidsdev Yeah, there are indeed a bunch of openings for these languages. Maybe the companies looking for Go devs are more common here in Brazil
CMC: Draw the Bluetooth logo in ASCII-art.
(wow, spacing between the lines, much?)
@AdmBorkBork Wrap that in quotes for PS, ??? bytes
7:52 PM
@J.Sallé maybe, my anecdotal experience is located only in Sheffield, UK and London, Ontario
8:22 PM
@AdmBorkBork Dyalog APL (naïve), 18 bytes 4 3⍴' |\\|//|\ |/'
1 hour later…
9:38 PM
@Q4T guys:
user image
Very nice ! I posted that on Twitter :-)
@flawr tfw you think a bug is crawling on your screen...
@EriktheOutgolfer Yeah, I thought the same when I took a quick look (the laptop resolution doesn't help)
2 hours later…
11:24 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Henry HenrinsonToo many spies You are fighting an extensive network of enemy spies. You know that each spy has at least one (sometimes multiple) fake identities they like to use. You'd really like to know how many spies you're actually dealing with. Luckily, your counter-intelligence agents are doing their jo...

11:36 PM
@flawr An eater comes and eats the glider
11:56 PM

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