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1:51 AM
It's December, and yesterday it was 80°F (27°C) outside...and today it's 45°F (7°C)...Texas is weird.
Not quite that extreme but we've had high 40s here in upstate New York. Nice and balmy... :P
1 hour later…
3:04 AM
Do y'all have steamed hams @El'endiaStarman?
@El'endiaStarman Yesterday it was higher than 40 where I am, only in Celsius...
@JoKing Australia?
@JoKing where's that at?
@El'endiaStarman Wait, but Australia doesn't exist
@Quintec Oh yeah you're totally right. (What's he talking about?)
3:11 AM
@El'endiaStarman Yeah, NSW. Everything's on fire
Oh, okay, California then, I gotcha.
eh, it has eucalyptus, close enough
@JoKing what part of NSW?
Ask for their address while you're at it.
3:14 AM
I'm from the Newcastle area in NSW
Oh! Let me tell you the one address that every non-Australian knows! 42 Wallaby Way, Sidney! :P
I mean, nothing here is on fire, but we have to keep the doors closed otherwise the smoke alarm goes off again
Oh wow that's insane.
And i wanted to see if I'm in the same locality as another CGCCer
@Jono2906 Eastern Suburbs
@Jono2906 Was the smoke as bad for you yesterday?
3:25 AM
In random news, my new (and only) language Laser is nearing completion! (Read: I've gotten tired of working on my language and don't feel like adding new features)
@JoKing not too bad
But it was horrendous last week
5 hours later…
8:00 AM
@JoKing In Australia, everything wants to kill you — even the air!
3 hours later…
10:33 AM
Does Mathematica have a built-in for consuming 1% of a laptop battery?
10:45 AM
Which is why I don't like birthdays. Burning candles set the fire alarm off
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

A̲̲Battery Waster code-golf Make the battery level of the laptop running your program go down by 1%. Your program will only be ran on a laptop charged to 100%. Rules No standard loopholes. Shortest code in bytes wins.

@A̲̲ You mean busy loop until 1% has been consumed?
@Adám Yes, and you need to consume 1% as quickly as possible. Should it be ?
@A̲̲ A multi-threaded busy loop would accomplish that, no?
@Adám Although I can't see the relation between the resource level and the battery level... A fork bomb consumes ~0% of the battery.
@JoKing I'm a little sleep-deprived, so all I need out of that conversation was that I can burn something under the fire alarm to get me awake.
11:04 AM
ugh, SO is just a tease... I got 3 comments on my latest answer, but they've all been deleted, so clicking on the "show 3 comments" link just makes it disappear...
11:48 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

ScootsRate your brevity This challenge is to produce some code that will generate a score for itself based on the number of unique characters used, and the repetitions of those unique characters within the code itself. The first scoring system Each additional unique character has an escalating penal...

12:22 PM
:52871930 It's completely upon your discretion.
@Quintec Inferring from the name my first impression is that the language is based on this challenge.
1:04 PM
@A̲̲ Hm, it's actually not, had not seen that challenge before... it's based on a puzzle game I created a while back with the same concept.
There's actually a laser command L in the language, its just that what it does is not very well defined so it's not in the documentation until I fix it
Wow, the second language I see that have built-ins named after the language: Go (has the go keyword) and Laser.
1:38 PM
I have an idea: An online advertising company thing that charges advertisers less, and pays less to the sites hosting the ads. In exchange, the ads are:
1. Drawn in the same cartoon-like manner
2. Verified to be appropriate for general audiences
3. Smaller in size, lowering ad lag
It sounds a but dumb at first, but it would help sites (_cough cough StackExchange_) ensure that their ads are high quality. It would also make ads easier to look at, since they're all animated/drawn in the same style.
Is that a good idea? Or just a dumb one?
1:52 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

connectyourchargerExpand a road network code-golf string ascii-art You've been employed as a city planner (obligatory seinfeld clip) and you have been tasked with expanding the road system of Codegolfville. Here's a diagram of what Codegolfville could look like: | | | | --------+ +------- ----...

:52871930 I see what you did there...
2:24 PM
@Neil Is their answer true or false? The normal way of inquiring does not use negative words in it, and the inquiry is definitely primarily opinion-based. If the answer to the inquiry is true, the inquiry will be pointless, which will definitely lead to a comment-deletion like what they just did. Otherwise, if the answer is false, the inquiry will not be deleted, because I am replying to their previous message. Based on the state of their previous message and my similar wording, they must -
- expect the reply to have a similar feature. But now that the reply does not have this feature, that's why they asked this inquiry in the first place. (Imagining Jo King laughing at my comment)
However, at another level, if they were using negative words in the inquiry, then they shouldn't raise the inquiry, because I rarely see CGCC users saying that comments are funny explicitly.
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5:47 PM
Q: Generate an ASCII art representation of a ribbon plot

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6:29 PM
Q: Sleep for 1000 years

anatolygSome sleep commands implement a delay of an integer number of seconds. However, 232 seconds is only about 100 years. Bug! What if you need a larger delay? Make a program or a function which waits for 1000 years, with an error of less than ±10%. Because it's too time-consuming to test, please exp...

1 hour later…
7:46 PM
facepalm...I turned my server off last night, instead or restarting it. Now I'm super far away and I need to access it.
@RedwolfPrograms Break into your router, or some other device on your home network, and send a WoL magic packet.
8:21 PM
CMC: Find a rational number x such that 2^x and 3^x are both integers.
(where x is not zero)
(and not one)
Wouldn't any integer work?
8:23 PM
Do you mean a rational non-integer?
Yes I just noticed
I think this must have been another cerebral flatulence.
@flawr Indubitably
Ah I should have asked to find a number x where 2^x and 3^x are both integers, but x is not rational.
How would you even find a irrational number where 2^x alone is an integer?
Now I'm pretty sure that 1 does is not an answer to this.
8:27 PM
@flawr 1 but irrational
@DJMcMayhem take x = log(3)/log(2)
1 is a rational number lol
@frank so I was right!
@DJMcMayhem (basically take any n and solve 2^x=n for x)
I actually just wanted to come up with a nice little challenge involving some number theory. It turns out my ideas are either trivial, impossibly hard or have already been asked.
Q: Polyglot Iterative Quine

sugarfiIntroduction A polyglot is a program that is valid in multiple languages at once. An iterative quine is a program that outputs another program that outputs another program that outputs the source of the original program. Note that the number of chained programs does not have to be 3; it could be...

well 2^x and 3^x don't have to be the same number
@NewMainPosts do those quite challenges ever go extinct?
8:48 PM
@DJMcMayhem The number is having a bad day and isn't thinking straight, then decides to send a drunk text at 1:32am to their significant other.
9:01 PM
@flawr Yeah, that's number theory in a nutshell.
@wizzwizz4 Unfortunately, the network I'm on is IP-restricting my home network. I make online games and put them on my server.
ok I think ive boiled it down to: for what n is n^(ln3/ln2) an integer
(if any)
ln3/ln2 is logarithm of 3 in base 2, right?
log_n(x) = ln3/ln2
(ln x)÷(ln n) = (ln 3) ÷ (ln 2)
Is this right?
ln3/ln2 is log base 2 of 3 yes
9:07 PM
n=2 makes n^(ln3 ÷ ln2)=3.
But any power of 2 should work the same, for a comparable power of 3.
@frank which is just log2(3)th roots of an integer
oh right, we need an n that isnt a power of 2
since 2^x = n
Would that exist?
Wait, yeah
maybe I can find this programmatically
I don't think there is such.
We need to find some k(ln x)÷(ln n) = log_2(3) such that x, (k ln n) € Z.
Logs just don't line up like that unless factors are involved somewhere.
9:12 PM
It's true for 2**(Math.log(2)/Math.log(3))
It equals 2
Does n have to be an integer?
Q: How Shuffled is this Sequence?

BeefsterGiven a sequence \$S\$ with length \$n\$ of exactly one each of whole numbers from \$1\$ to \$n\$, your task is to return a number \$\sigma\$ indicating how shuffled it is. The shuffledness algorithm Total (i.e. \$\sum_{i}^{n} \sigma_i\$) a 'shuffledness' value for each element \$\sigma_i\$ in ...

since we want x where 2^x and 3^x are integers
and x is non-integer
Let's graph it.
9:14 PM
the original question was x was irrational but now im thinking just non-integer would be enough lol
53 mins ago, by flawr
CMC: Find a rational number x such that 2^x and 3^x are both integers.
that question was in error lol
obviously the solution is every integer x
Every non-negative integer.
Let's simplify the challenge to "find a non-integer x such that 2^x and 3^x are both rational".
That seems easier to reason about.
9:19 PM
I think there is a conjecture that basically says that if there is such a real x, the x must be rational
Hold on – can't we simplify ln3 ÷ ln2?
how so?
ln(a^b) = b * ln(a)
So ln(3) / ln(2) = ln(3 ^ 1/ln(2)) = ln(2 ^ 1/ln(3)).
@wizzwizz4 it is certainly irrational (it is the solution to 2^x = 3)
@El'endiaStarman Yes. But I can't figure out how to simplify 1 ÷ ln2.
9:23 PM
You, uh, can't?
Huh. In which case, no such solution exists.
Because we need to multiply a rational number by an irrational number to get a rational number.
Which you can't, as far as I know, unless you cheat and use zero.
9:46 PM
I'm lost, at what point do we need to do that?
(ln x)÷(ln ^k√n) = (ln 3)÷(ln 2)
x and k ln n have to be integer
So (ln x)÷(k ln n) = (ln 3)÷(k^2 ln 2).
^k√n = n^(1/k) ?
@flawr Yeah, I tend to do that because I'm an idiot.
I "simplify" where I shouldn't.
Bad habit, completely messes up probability calculations.
let a = k ln n
9:58 PM
I just have never seen this ascii-version of this notation:)
a has to be an integer
So k^2(ln x)÷a = log_2(3)
You'll notice that I randomly moved k^2 to the other side earlier. :-p
@wizzwizz4 what is a, k and n here?
So… hang on, I've lost track. a and x have to be integers?
And k is a random value.
and what about a and n?
n is the thing we're trying to find, and a is just some integer
10:02 PM
Aren't we trying to find x?
n will give us x
I've confused myself. I then moved the logs to one side and raised everything to the e and did something else? I probably made a mistake somewhere.
@frank I'm still confused, how is n defined?
n is an integer that is not a power of 2, where 2^x = n
assuming were still using the same notation lol
10:05 PM
and let's say 3^x = m?
we're looking for n where n^(ln3/ln2) = j, where j is an integer that is not a power of 3, as j = 3^x
or m works too lol
although I dont think there exists an n where n^(ln3/ln2) is a power of 3
@frank how did you get from 2^x = n and 3^x = j to n^(log(3)/log(2)) = j?
@flawr Make x=x.
ln n / ln2 = ln j / ln3
ln3 / ln2 = ln j / ln n
Ok I see.
theres probably a simpler proof somewhere that x does not exist
10:12 PM
@wizzwizz4 I think the (ln x) in this equation should be a 1
@frank as far as I know there is no such proof, it is conjectured that if 2^x and 3^x are both integers, then x must be rational
k^2÷a = log_2(3)
(a/(ln n))^2÷a = log_2(3)
k=j, right?
a = log_2(3) (ln n)^2
@flawr At this point, I am just manipulating symbols. I have forgotten what they mean.
Perhaps that means I should get sleep.
very useful :)
@wizzwizz4 good night!
@frank why not? that doesn't look very obvious.
@El'endiaStarman haha indeed
if j is a power of 3, then x is an integer, since j = 3^x
and if x is an integer, n is a power of 2
but we're only looking at n where n is not a power of 2
I guess a more clear version of what I meant was there doesnt exist an n that is not a power of 2 where n^(ln3/ln2) is a power of 3
10:25 PM
but j = n^(ln3/ln2) doesn't necessarily need to be a power of 3, it just needs to be an integer
yes, im saying we dont need to worry about restricting j as long as we restrict n to not be a power of 2
11:19 PM
Q: Longest Prime Sums

Don ThousandSandbox There are special sets S of primes such that \$\sum\limits_{p\in S}\frac1{p-1}=1\$. In this challenge, your goal is to find the largest possible set of primes that satisfies this condition. Input: None Output: A set of primes which satisfies the conditions above. This challenge is a c...

11:40 PM
@Beefster "You know what? I'm going to put this back into the oven for a bit." - seems fine to me (BTW [4, 3, 2, 1] is 3+3+3+3 so should be 12).
oh I was about to answer that question
was wondering what happened to it
damn mines a bit longer
Dunno how to port mine into Pyth - I (effectively) use three of the six permutations of [0,1,2] to subtract from a subtraction-table of each 3-slice of [s1,s2,...,sn,s1,s2]and add up all the positive numbers.
11:56 PM
I basically use two enumerated maps to get the 3-slices, split each 3-slice into 2 element combinations and reduce them by subtraction
Theres probably a better way to get each 3 slice but I havent found it yet

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