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12:00 AM
@Adám Correct
Fun game
the fact that it doesnt get steeper at the ends makes it pretty clear lol
One last tricky one:
y = x or y = x + sin x?
Oh come off it
12:01 AM
I believe our brain likes to see things that aren't there
but according to small angle approximation sinx = x
Again, at arbitrary zoom, impossible to tell.
y = x + sin x
(But really zoomed out)
yeah, with the zoom it makes it no longer interesting
Fun fact: this is the graph of y = 2019x^3 + sin(x)*ln(x) + sqrt(x^3-5)
Oh wow.
12:07 AM
pssh I coulda told you that
Q: How many ways can given subsequence occur in given sequence?

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12:18 AM
^ i've posted this before but seems on topic again :)
1:06 AM
@ngn brings back memories of one math class many moons ago where we danced to functions, twas fun
1:51 AM
Q: Solve this cellular automaton, find the right combination

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3:34 AM
Q: Biggest Irreducible Hello World

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4:50 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Don ThousandLongest Prime Sums There are special sets S of primes such that \$\sum\limits_{p\in S}\frac1{p-1}=1\$. Input: None Output: A set of primes which satisfies the conditions above. This challenge is a code-challenge, where your score is the size of the set you output. Examples of Valid Outputs ...

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8:40 AM
@mbomb007 I'm glad you're seeing reason.
in case you reddit
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9:41 AM
@ngn Log one seems flipped vertically (or a must be less than 1)
9:59 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

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10:40 AM
I am trying to search math.se for an answer but I have forgotten exactly who wrote it. Is it possible to search for all answers with the tag and where the answerer's name includes the string kevin?
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12:53 PM
Q: Interpreting the Wolfram Code

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1:09 PM
@Anush I think you'd have to use the SE data explorer
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2:57 PM
@flawr What happened with your answer? :-)
3:15 PM
@LuisMendo it became a Haskell answer, I forgot that MATLs indices were 1-based
Q: Play Big 2 by yourself, as fast as you can

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4:18 PM
Are there any requirements for a language to be added to TIO?
@RedwolfPrograms be automatically installable on linux, that's about it.
(a hello world program is nice but not strictly 100% required)
Ah, okay. I'm working on a rust interpreter for mine, and I've started answering some questions in it. My hello world program is ~1600 bytes...
@flawr Ah, I see
@Bubbler their sin x is flipped too
5:06 PM
@RedwolfPrograms what's the behavior here?
(an even more uncertain case would be this)
5:42 PM
Q: hexadecimal-encoded string and XOR

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6:34 PM
@dzaima I'm currently on an internet connection where TIO is blocked, can you put it in a code block in chat?
@RedwolfPrograms why would anyone block TIO?
@flawr "Non-managed"...the same nonsense excuse they use for everything.
Probably a whitelist as opposed to a blacklist (and TIO isn't on the whitelist).
Maybe, but whenever I buy a domain, it works for a while
6:37 PM
What do you do if you just made some dough for making christmas cookies and realize that you have no cookie cutters and the stores are already closed?
[] .. []
]. .. ].
.. .. ].
][ [[ ][
.. ][ [=
@RedwolfPrograms ^
@flawr Use a printer to make paper cutouts shaped like whatever and cut around them maybe
@flawr Use a jar lid, make circles
@DJMcMayhem Thanks!
Has anyone here ever dabbled in sound design, specifically creating Earcons?
6:39 PM
@RedwolfPrograms I have no printer. So maybe just freehand cutting? Any shapes you can recommend?
@dzaima Outputs two. All (I think) units that drop values are duplexable
I'm trying to make some sounds for a GUI, and exploring what other people have done makes me realize how much effort really goes into things like phone sounds
@RedwolfPrograms is github.io blocked? paste would be an alternative to storage-over-link
Things like this are super impressive
@flawr Maybe put the screen at full brightness and trace
@dzaima Yes, github.io, pastebin, and TIO are all blocked.
6:40 PM
@RedwolfPrograms ok that might work, but I still need some ideas for shapes that are not too difficult to cut:)
Trees, maybe
A little tedious, but just straight lines
^ would be ideal, but too tedious to cut :D
@DJMcMayhem isn't that an AUI? :)
And you can buy cookie cutters for those?
Yeah, kinda
@RedwolfPrograms I have no idea, but would be fun:)
6:43 PM
@RedwolfPrograms so the precedence to choose for [[/]] is open bracket side, top side, closing bracket side?
@DJMcMayhem I have no experience with that, but I was recently admiring something similar: The "sound design" of (good) podcasts/radio shows.
@dzaima I think for [[/]], it's the same as a dropper when both sides are pushed. When duplexed packets drop onto them, it's the [/] side that's pushed to the side
is radio show a word?
@flawr It's two words :P
is radioshow a word? :P
6:47 PM
I hear radio show used
Hm it is indeed. But it sounds so strange, if it is really show aren't you supposed to be shown something?
Doesn't sound strange to me.
It might have evolved out of TV show?
Google shows a definition of show to be a spectacle or display, typically an impressive one, which doesn't necessarily imply sight or vision (probably evolved from TV show, yeah)
Used way before TV, though
@RedwolfPrograms "pushed to the side"? from my testing, one side is just ignored and the other is processed as a dropper usually would
6:51 PM
[]    []
=] [[ [=
Would drop each value separately I believe
@DJMcMayhem Doesn't appear to have evolved from TV show. books.google.com/ngrams/… shows radio show appeared before television show and even dropped in popularity soon after
seems to output nothing in your js interpreter?
That's because no input was provided, and/or you had a newline at the beginning
=]][[=`, [5, 6])
[6, 5, 6]
7:07 PM
oh i forgot how pullers work :|
7:17 PM
so 2→ [[ ←1 results in 2&1 going down side-by-side and 1 alone going right
[] .. ..
[[ [] ..
[. [. ..
[. .. ..
][ [[ [=
=] ][ [=
what am i doing wrong now though, this too is outputting nothing :|
oh, [. is decrement not increment ಠ_ಠ
so that outputs 3 2s, completely ignoring the 1?
8:09 PM
i'm beginning to think your interpreter has some strange timing things (or that mine doesn't) - my hello world outputs the same characters in your interpreter, but in a completely different order..
otherwise i'd have a nice 839 byte answer..
@RedwolfPrograms I found the perfect solution: Tetris pieces!
@flawr Nothing says christmas like Tetris!
And you can minimize the amount of cut offs:)
Should use Hatris pieces
@dzaima The timings are really complicated, since mine uses a state-based approach
What's your hello world approach?
8:18 PM
First step is to create the universe
what are you, baking an apple pie?
"Hello, pie" is something I can get behind
@RedwolfPrograms ]. on the left, with ]]=]=]…[] or just ]][= inserted in places where we reach wanted numbers and output when appropriate
I thought about that too, but it seemed like the timings would be hard to get ordered correctly
8:21 PM
@RedwolfPrograms but i have a nice graphical display & sane timings >:D
@RedwolfPrograms carl sagan, "if you wish to bake an apple pie from scratch you must first invent the universe"
The nice graphical display is really cool, a feature I wish mine had. But the timings make sense to me
One unit per cycle, always (except for storage, obviously)
@RedwolfPrograms my model is all units per cycle concurrently, calculated completely separately
Oops, unclear, each packet moves one unit per cycle. It uses a six for loops per cycle
1. Move all packets up/down
2. Process up/down triggers and store to "to be pushed" or drop immediately
3. Process push triggers from previous cycle and store to "to be pushed" or drop immediately
4. Push all packets in "to be pushed"
5. Pull and store to next cycle's "to be pushed"
There's an extra one to clear out unused packets
gif of the result of my processing style (here's hoping imgur isn't blocked too)
(now that i think of it, i should say that my model is actually 2 steps - one to collect individual actions from each units, and the second to actually apply them)
@dzaima um, i counted a bunch of trailing ..\n..\n…s, it's actually 638 bytes.. (and there's still some golfing potential, but i'm gonna stay within my interpreter)
8:46 PM
Is it possible that packets are hitting pullers and breaking things?
Q: I shift the source code, you shift the input!

Jono 2906Sandbox A spin-off of a rip-off of a rip-off of a rip-off of a rip-off. Go upvote those! Your task, if you accept it, is to write a program/function that outputs/returns its input/argument. The tricky part is that if I left shift your source code, the output must be left shifted too. Likewise,...

@RedwolfPrograms nope, my pusher length strictly decreases in length further down
I'm working on something similar, I'll see if any issues occur with mine
Son of a diddly, just split the shit out of my lip because it was too dry
@dzaima If you do ever run into issues with =] getting in the way of a falling packet, ]= works the same way for pushing
8:52 PM
@RedwolfPrograms oooh. that probably opens up a bunch of possibilities (including my original idea of dropping all the numbers already at their correct places and outputting all at the bottom)
@dzaima I've got 642 bytes
and i've got.. 470. turns out i was also counting the . in all ].s at the end of the line :|
@dzaima I've got 445 bytes by replacing droppers with increments. A lot better than the old 1606...
9:23 PM
410 now
it now outputs Hello,or lWd! in the proper interpreter, which at least has one correct word (compared to Helloro,Wl d! previously)
9:45 PM
here's my interpreter (+ hello world in data/prog) in all its unfinished glory
1 hour later…
10:51 PM
Q: Smallest Fibonacci Multiples

Don ThousandSandbox Background (not necessary for the challenge) A standard number theory result using the pigeonhole principle is the fact that given any natural number k, there is a Fibonacci number that is a multiple of k. We can see this by considering modular pairs (F(n-1) % k, F(n) % k), and noting ...

@dzaima Why the blank lines near the end?
11:05 PM
@RedwolfPrograms to time things properly. some might be removable, but iirc then i started getting multiple outputs in the same frame which i've yet to decide the behavor of
For my interpreter, they're just outputted left-to-right, top-to-bottom
My hello world approach is similar, but a little different
@RedwolfPrograms that's probably what happens in mine too, but it's asymetric which is ugly. I've thought of making multiple input requests in the same frame just give the same input multiple times for example.
That seems like a good idea. As for the output, it could be something like largest/smallest value, or height based
@RedwolfPrograms yeah, that was my original plan. surprised it's longer though
I tried a BF style multiplier to generate larger numbers, but mine are a couple hundred bytes each...
11:19 PM
@RedwolfPrograms i doubt you'd be able to get any benefit, 2 chars per increment is already very good, plus it gives vertical space
1 char per increment...lines are auto-padded with spaces, so ] becomes ]
(well, you can't see the space, so ].)
@RedwolfPrograms i'm also counting the newline in the increment (and later counting that away..)
Oh, okay. I'm sure there's a point where it's less bytes to generate the number than use increments, but it's probably way beyond the limits of ASCII codepoints...

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