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A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

BubblerGenerate input for this hardware code-golf I have a hardware that has a 32-bit input register. The register has the following characteristics: The 32-bit register consists of eight 4-bit fields. Each 4-bit field holds a value in signed-magnitude; it can hold an integer between -7 and +7 inclus...

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I'm not a mod or anything so I won't be making a meta post but I thought I would at least say something here. I've decided to start on an indefinite hiatus from SE and consequentially CG&CC. With [the new CoC changes](https://meta.stackexchange.com/q/334900) it is pretty clear to me that large portions of the SE community are not willing to afford queer people basic dignity. Its not so much about the pronouns for me, I don't have preferred pronouns, so I can't suffer any misgendering that way. However I don't want to be a part of a site where the culture is fine with "Be nice" until "Be nic
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^ had to check the main account to see who was actually posting this
(spoilers: Wheat Wizard)
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A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

feersumTotally Blind Chess king-of-the-hill In this challenge, you play chess without seeing any of your opponent's pieces or moves. Or your own pieces. Or whether your own moves succeeded. You send only a stream of moves, with no feedback. If your move is legal (when it is your turn) it will be playe...

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@SriotchilismO'Zaic this is the kind of reaction i was afraid of. I really hope most of the downvoters of the pronoun FAQ (& related posts) are downvoting not because it involves queer people but because of what it implies/unnecessarily forces on everyone. e.g. top answer has 75% of the upvotes of the main posts downvotes, and is definitely not against queer people
@dzaima I downvoted it because it’s an addition to the long combo of awful communication by SE and overall disdain of the community
regardless of the topic
I don’t care about this CoC nor about the demotion of Monica
I think the positive reception to the community-suggested CoC FAQ, unlike the official one, suggests that most of the community is on board with the broad idea of the CoC update, but the issue is specifics. Or, they are mad at SE about Monica and other issues and so vote less generously on SE's recent official posts.
@xnor What is the community-suggested FAQ?
The latest official update linked it saying "We are currently working on updating the FAQ we posted to accompany the recent CoC changes, taking in mind and heavily basing it on the community suggested one."
Clearly, Stack Exchange's biggest mistake was having paid employees. They should just get people to do everything for free.
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@SriotchilismO'Zaic They're going to release a new FAQ tomorrow, which should hopefully be better received by the community...?
At least the moderators will have given feedback on it this time
This question is pretty much a summary of my position on the matter, where the CoC update is great, but I can't trust SO to enforce it fairly
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12:09 PM
Q: KotH: Write a bot to play Grid Game

AJFaradayThis is the Grid Game: It's a game based on cellular automata, where the aim is to remove all of the pieces belonging to your opponent. How it works: There are two kinds of piece in the game, cities and walkers. Each player starts with one city (marked with C and a number, which is it's hea...

12:31 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

A _CMC: Cross-Multiplication Calculator code-golf math arithmetic In this task you should create a Cross-Multiplication Calculator. Cross-multiplication is a way of factoring an algebraic expression. This is the expression form that this way can solve: x2 + ax + b a and b are constants here, a...

A _
12:41 PM
(I guess it) sounds fun: an HTML implementation targetting the computer console/terminal but not the browser.
(Evidently it can't be compatible with the standard, due to the limiting features of a console/terminal.)
1:15 PM
Q: Is playing reverse code golf possible? Will it ever be?

PlutianEver since I discovered code golf exists, I've been fairly obsessed with it. It goes beyond the standard code practices of making your code as short and efficient as possible, and gives a whole new dynamic to coding. Sadly with me being new to coding and my very limited skills, I'd need to learn...

A _
@NewMetaPosts Reverse code golf is impractical. You can't post a file that sizes infinity.
Or I will correct myself once it has loaded.
Probably the best you'll get is that one C&R of code bowling
1:53 PM
@dzaima To be absolutely clear the downvote numbers on the main post are not really my concern. My concern is with the specific comments and answers left by people. I do not want to say that anyone who dislikes the CoC changes or has downvoted that post is bigotted or anything like that. But it is clear from the state of the response what a large portion of the community values.
A _
@NewSandboxedPosts Duplicate of this. The internet is slow.
Still waiting patiently...
2:10 PM
Q: Path with minimum cost

Aashish PawarProblem statement: A country contains n cities and m train lines. The ith train line works as follows: A ticket of trains that run on this train line costs ci dollars. A train on this train line starts its journey from fi city and ends at ei city. The total running duration of the train is ti h...

Q: or iinterpreter

A _or is a dubious esoteric programming language. The author is unknown but it is known that fungot (a chatbot) is currently learning or but it remains unknown how it does it and where it receives the required material to learn or. Check out this IRC log to see fungot revealing part of the language....

A _
@NewMainPosts I knew that the page can't load! I am expecting downvotes.
@A_ You have two i's in the title
A _
@Veskah I did it in order to make the title 15 characters.
o i c
2:39 PM
@NewMainPosts That is a lot of variables without much defining.
A _
@NewMainPosts The question can be golfed by shortening the variable names.
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6:38 PM
Q: How can we improve the quality of questions/challenges?

ElPedroI just checked out the site and from the last 10 challenges 4 are downvoted. That doesn't fill me with a great deal of desire to check out the site regularly to see if there is anything worth answering. I know this has been asked before but from todays search nothing has changed. I think it must...

man it's difficult to follow a conversation on mse when all the comments keep getting removed
i suppose that has been my argument for all of SE, though, including chat
but we gotta keep that scrollback clean, ya know
i'll concede that many of the mods here at least move the posts to the trash instead of straight up deleting them
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7:54 PM
Q: Reverse All Characters in a Word

saftblandarnHere's a quickie, just flip the position of all letter like this: "Hello World!" ==> "!dlroW elloH"

@NewMainPosts CMC: given a string, reverse each word individually
"Hello, World!" --> ",olleH !dlroW"
"Word" as in \w or \b or \s?
8:09 PM
Yes, space separated
I also have 3 bytes in Jelly, which I'm sure can be golfed by someone much more versed in Jelly than I am -- Try it online!
Now, the question is, can I do it in Brain-Flak in the next 5 minutes. (Spoilers: No.)
8:27 PM
I couldn't do it in brain-flak in 30 minutes
Not with that attitude you can't! :D
@AdmBorkBork If you want a challenge you can do in brain-flak in 5 minutes, I could do an easier CMC
Well, it would be less than one minute, now, so ...
(gotta catch my bus)
CMC: Given a string, determine if it's a "ddoouubblleedd ssttrriinngg"
something something
python 26 bytes
x=lambda x:x[::2]==x[1::2]
probably should disambiguate the characters
that's probably not even that short
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11:06 PM
@WheatWizard The downvotes to the CoC don't mean people don't want to be nice with queer people. The problem is how SE is forcing people to, for example, use whatever pronouns the other person chooses, or else get suspended
9 hours ago, by Wheat Wizard
@dzaima To be absolutely clear the downvote numbers on the main post are not really my concern. My concern is with the specific comments and answers left by people. I do not want to say that anyone who dislikes the CoC changes or has downvoted that post is bigotted or anything like that. But it is clear from the state of the response what a large portion of the community values.
A _
CMC: Given a string, determine if it's a "doubled stringdoubled string"
^^ Ah, I see
A _
Probably also a duplicate.
@A_ Will the input never contain newlines?
If so, V 11 bytes: ãá<cr>Ø^¨.*©î±
11:39 PM
@WheatWizard Anyway, it’s sad that you’re leaving. Please consider coming back. We’re nice people here at CGCC :-)

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