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Q: Is a transliteration tool enough to grant count as SBCS?

AdámPrompted by this. I'll speak about Dyalog APL here, but this could really apply to any language. Background Dyalog APL has its own SBCS called ⎕AV. For backwards compatibility reasons Dyalog Ltd. is reluctant to change the character set. Lately, six new built-ins have been added to Dyalog APL a...

1:32 AM
@NewMetaPosts Why not? / IMO general packing algorithm is not as efficient as special purpose packing algorithm. I'm sure that C++ packed code is still larger than Jelly code. / To avoid (or at least make the problem less severe) abusive of languages I suggest only allow languages with explicit interpreter, in this case you need to write a script to compile in 1 step. (probably not really necessary, because I don't know how to define step) Relevant
Allegedly runs in 40 hours
1:56 AM
@Pavel I....what? How'd you determine this works?
@El'endiaStarman I didn't, reddit did.
@Pavel Have you no honor?! You can't say that and not provide a link!
@El'endiaStarman reddit.com/r/ProgrammerHumor/comments/7hrikj/… but reading the comments it A) doesn't work and B) can be fixed by making the first loop 10.
Context really doesn't makes it less intresting.
> it's actually just 12n+10, for some positive integer n
For the inner loop. There's more detail that you didn't provide which I was looking for.
sometimes google options scare me:
2:06 AM
There's probably an obscure branch of mathematics where that's a reasonabloe question.
@Pavel obscure enough to merit the first result on google suggestions?
I have my doubts
Just because it's a "tri angle" doesn't obviously mean it's a "tri lateral".
(Tongue very in cheek.)
@El'endiaStarman very, very true
would'nt want any poor amateur mathematicians to be confused
and not be able to understand the proofs needed that 3=3
@El'endiaStarman That's it. I'm calling that shape a trilateral from now on.
I heard you like escape rooms.
2:38 AM
@Riker hehe
2:48 AM
codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/149942/… seems to gather a lot of false answers...
You think ^ is really a good question for our site? "attract a lot of bad answers from new users"...
deserves to be protected
that's all, it's a fine question
if somebody could pitch in and cast delete votes?
@user202729 I'm not going to be here in 10 hours, but anybody with enough rep can protect it then
needs 24h until non-mods can
3:06 AM
If enough new user answers get deleted, the question will get auto-protected
oh, forgot about that
what's the threshold? 3?
So we just need to be liberal with our delete votes :)
I have no idea what the threshold is
Might be dynamic
@Mego Great (I didn't know about that)
3:13 AM
And there it goes
Community auto-protected it
3 already.
Q: The Missing Digit Revised

Joshua CrottsBackground: I originally posted this question last night, and received backlash on its vagueness. I have since consulted many personnel concerning not only the wording of the problem, but also its complexity (which is not O(1)). This programming problem is an evil spin on an Amazon interview que...

@user202729 Whew, not the same challenge as the one I have in the Sandbox.
Yes, that's quite different.
But, the 10 rep threshold seems to be quite low... in comparison with some other locked questions. Let's see how well it goes...
(probably extend your El'endiaStarman 's challenge to support multiple boards at once?)
3:26 AM
@user202729 How so?
As in the question above, it require one algorithm to solve 6 different problems.
(similar to a polyglot?)
are the updates supposed to be ordered chronologically or something like that?
@user202729 Nah. I much prefer the idea of finding the/a shortest solution for a given board.
With how much I post on meta, I should be called Opinionated Penguin :P
@HyperNeutrino Hm... Not sure.
I see it ordered chronologically for me.
4:14 AM
Does anyone here happen to know how to make a Windows screensaver from a video or gif?
Pro tip: do not stick hoof inside GPU while on
@Downgoat Burn, electric shock, or laceration?
no electric shocks but I tihnk I broke something important >_<
Why would you fiddle with the internals while the computer is on and running anyway?
Damn. Well, if you broke something it's probably the cooler 'cause that's the only bit with moving parts, and the cooler is replaceable.
Also ^^
4:18 AM
@El'endiaStarman no display coming so I tried to push in GPU to see if it wasn't fully in PCI port
the fan is not running anymore :|
@Pavel CPU cooler I think came faulty I have aleady ordered a new one anyway
This is the GPU cooler you're talking about?
GPU has integrated fans for me
So do they all
Why on earth would you stick your hand inside of a running computer?
With some effort and a screwdriver it'll come off
4:20 AM
That's a fantastic way to end up dead
:| GPU is 8GB VRAM GPU but system profile says only 7MB
@Mego ok at least this time I didn't drop water
Why are you even allowed near computers?
@Mego My MoBo has a button on it to instantly kill whatever the computer is doing and go to the BIOS. Questionable design decision.
@Pavel So does mine. It's called the power button.
4:22 AM
@Mego No, it's a bit different. It also dumps all settings so if you bricked your computer while trying to overclock it'll save you. But to get at it you have to open the case.
@Pavel Back in my day, we'd just short the CMOS battery with a flathead screwdriver :P
GPU fan just turned on
I think it just happened to be off
Well at least the starboard tells an intresting story now
ok well new hackintosh is work :D
time to install vimrc and new ssh keys I guess...
@Downgoat Also some sort of performance benchmark, because you must know how powerful your computer now is, right?
4:33 AM
@Pavel will do once I figure out why GPU isn't GPUing
I don't that that qualifies as "is work"
Well it loads mac and all it's just that the GPU is using iGPU for some reason
makes 0 sense
There's probably a setting for it
My computer didn't use GPU by default either
Also it might be because your monitor is plugged in to your MoBo and not your GPU.
It's hackintosh though and Nvidia driver + mac = trouble
Well, my reccommendation was an AMD so
4:50 AM
@Downgoat Which GPU is it?
@Pavel GTX 1070 OC
Huh. Thought you were going for a 1080.
I had to fiddle with the BIOS a bit in order to get the GPU working; would only work with integrated graphics before then. (GTX 1060, I think.)
@Pavel I got parts on black friday and IIRC 1080 was sold out
That said I'm not like a major gamer anyway
maybe like TF2 and JC3
@Downgoat Neither was I until I had a decent computer
Anyway, you went and put Mac on it. Unless you do video editing on it I can't imagine a Mac needing a beefy GPU.
4:59 AM
@Pavel I have dual boot
I reccommend taking a look at Rainbow Six Siege, best game evar
I used to say that for lots of things but I haven't really played anything else for like a year
Pssh, Factorio's where it's at!
> $39.99
> $14.99
I think you're doing it wrong m8
oh god i7-7K's iGPU is doing striping
5:05 AM
IMO the 39.99 edition is totally worth the money but the base game costs fifteen bucks
who is tom clancy
@Downgoat Author of many spy novels, including Rainbow Six.
There are a lot of game series with his name that were at one point loosely based on the books but no longer are
May answers link to other sites?
(for example this answer)
5:08 AM
@Pavel so his name is like 'Retina' a word once used to mean something, but now just a thing stapled onto anything
@Downgoat Well, it means "First person shooter made by Ubisoft"
But yeah
The games with his name on it are really different from each other
@Pavel The steam site is not loading for me. Is it Single-Player FPS?
@Downgoat Actually, the first Rainbow Six game not to have a single player campaign. There are single player "situations" which are basically bot matches.
r6s is unique in the way that it's based around intelligence gathering, with cameras and drones and such. Most walls are destructible so knowing where someone is lets you blow them up with a shotgun blast through the floor without them ever knowing you were there, if you get lucky.
3 hours later…
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@El'endiaStarman Factorio is the best!
@Downgoat additional LPT: don't throw your bottle against your monitor... Happened to me once and somehow it fried my GPU...
2 hours later…
9:59 AM
@Pavel "Even a kid understands that sending the bunny on a 40 hours journey just to save themself 1 symbol is a bad plan."
@DJMcMayhem I use the right Shift key a lot, but sadly it seems to be intermittently failing - or maybe it's just dirty, it could easily be 20 years old
@Pavel Good luck with calling four-sided polygons quadrangles
10:50 AM
it's been many moons but I have added a new question!
Hello all and anyone who was here last time I was
Q: Enumerate all possible grids of integers with constraints

LembikProblem Consider a square 3 by 3 grid of non-negative integers. For each row i the sum of the integers is set to be r_i. Similarly for each column j the sum of integers in that column is set to be c_j. The task is to write code to enumerate all possible different assignments of integers to...

as if by magic
alarmingly quiet here...
11:30 AM
2 days ago, by Mego
> Sometimes, there isn't anybody talking in chat. That's perfectly fine. Don't send messages just because the room is quiet.
Having just finished codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/150017/18730 this solution tonight, I can't wait for the myriad of issues I inevitably missed to show up the instant I go to sleep.
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Well, that's correct and good, but does it affect anything?
1:25 PM
@Pavel You need to overwrite the Prompt function with your own and place it in your profile script. Like so
2:07 PM
Re codegolf.meta.stackexchange.com/a/14330/69850 : What about preprocessor macros? | I find the double negation confused. | Why is Dennis avatar get to the near-bottom of active user stack already?
2:30 PM
^ *confusing .
CMP: How bad is the vote bias towards the currently highest-voted answer do you think on PPCG?
@user202729 very
especially on challenges with a lot of answers
@user202729 Very. But there is also a strong a bias towards the first answer. These two biases cause the first answer to get many more upvotes.
In principle, [source] "if you post a clever answer and explanation, you'll be upvoted" but... is the situation too bad for ^ and FGITW?
In C++, is --list.end() valid for std::list<int> list?
Is posting --------- here for the purpose of separating message groups acceptable?
2:51 PM
Q: Pour me a drink, will you?

J. SalléThe Challenge I am thirsty and need a drink, but I don't know what to order. Your task is to provide me with either a drink or options for one. I/O Input will be either a base or a drink name. If given a base, your program should output one random drink from a list of drinks with that base. I...

Q: Advent Challenge 6: Transport Dock Relabeling!

HyperNeutrino<< Prev Thanks to the PPCG community, Santa managed to sort his presents into the correct order for moving into the transportation dock. Unfortunately, the transportation dock signs are broken so he doesn't know where to put all the presents! The presents are all grouped together and not by thei...

3:01 PM
Adám is hosting another informal APL learning session tonight at 18:30 UTC in https://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/52405/apl , continuing the previous week's "APL primitive functions' marathon". See https://chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/41299896#41299896 … if you don't have 20 Stack Exchange rep points.
3:12 PM
I sit down at my computer after school, open PPCG and get faced with 2 review tasks and a new user who doesn't understand what code golf is :P I'm not sure if all that is good or bad :P
I thinkk I'm within striking distance of getting julia macros to work for me
How do I get julia macros to bind to variables local to the scope the macro is called in?
i found a bug with google hangouts i think
@HyperNeutrino What's the bug?
when using the / shrug command, :P will be converted to an emoji even if automatic-text-to-emoji is off
eval() can evaluate an arbitrary expression, but it's always global scope
How do I do an eval within local scope
3:21 PM
what is the problem exactly? this works
Q: Happiness is Mandatory

Stephen LeppikIf you're sad, that's wrong. We need to scrub out ALL sadness. This is a sad face, for reference: ...... .S..S. ........ ...SS... ..SS..SS.. .S......S. ........ Where S is a consistent pixel, . is any pixel other than S, and is any pixel. Input An image, in any acceptable format. I ...

3:38 PM
@AdmBorkBork That didn't quite work. I played around for a while and realized that putting Write-Host in the prompt function causes it to kinda die. So here's the entire $PROFILE:
function Prompt
    Write-Host "$>" -NoNewline -ForegroundColor Red
    return " "
And this makes the prompt appear double, as $> $>.
And if I start typing the prompt dissappears entirely.
FGITW apparently caused me more stress than I thought.
My current Jelly answer for Advent #6 is invalid, anyone can adapt that. Just filter by challenge 5 for which Erik has a 4 byte.
Otherwise I will write an answer in 48 hours.
^ (The reason why I said the above is only I won't be too hurry to write the answer myself, even though no-one may do that)
No wonder why ais523 hate reputation.
@user202729 That is a big problem with the site.
If you have any thoughts on how to fix it, let us know.
@user202729 Well, he got 20k rep, where you get close votes, delete votes and mod tools and all that. It also creates a sense of "they have high rep, they know what they're doing"
@Pavel Move to PPCG v2 :P
Of course 20k > 3k, I know. > rep implies >= power.
3:48 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing We haven't come up with a way to fix that quite yet ourselves. That's why I asked.
Well, PPCG2 site design users should be aware about that.
@Pavel The ideal way would be to conceal answers for a short period of time (e.g. 24 hours)
Consider how I myself upvote answers... I only often upvotes languages I know, therefore I may not upvote some answers in Malbolge or Haskell even though those takes a lot of efforts to write.
On the other hands, if I upvote equally, it is still unfair; or if I upvote mainly answers that takes effort to write, it leads to more problems - I can't know how much effort it takes for the user write that answer.
I upvote based on any of these conditions: it's done in one of my languages, it's done in Jelly/Python and is very well done (e.g. its better than something I could have done) or it's done in an insanely unsuitable language fore that task.
It's a lot of work to: Go to Github page for the language, read the page, learn the language, and then judge whether it is easy; and then decide whether you should upvote. That's impossible for most users.
3:54 PM
@Pavel That's ... really odd behavior. I just tried this on my machine, doing a copy-paste of your Prompt function as you have it, and it worked as expected. Are you putting it into the correct $Profile?
Current User / Current Host
Current User / All Hosts
All Users / Current Host
All Users / All Hosts
Where "current host" could be either default or ISE
$PROFILE is ~/.config/powershell/Microsoft.PowerShell_profile.ps1
I don't see how I could get it wrong, I literally typed vim $PROFILE to edit it
I wonder if there's a conflict with a built-in prompt function in Bash or something.
Possibly. What's your PS version?
PS C:\Tools\Scripts> $psversiontable

Name                           Value
----                           -----
PSVersion                      5.1.14409.1012
PSEdition                      Desktop
PSCompatibleVersions           {1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0...}
BuildVersion                   10.0.14409.1012
CLRVersion                     4.0.30319.42000
WSManStackVersion              3.0
PSRemotingProtocolVersion      2.3
@AdmBorkBork Ah. I think this might be a regression in 6.0
I checked and there's not a Prompt built-in for bash
4:04 PM
Oh, that's a possibility.
@user202729 i'm in a similar boat but i pretty much upvote all malbolge answers ;]
I upvote all answers to my posts that are valid.
(which is the same as upvote no answer...)
About FGITW... A possible solution is to sandbox every questions, although it doesn't work in every case. For example in this AdventofCode there would be 7 sandboxing question at any time, on average...
iirc it doesn't work properly on tio
4:07 PM
Or you didn't hit that cell.
@AdmBorkBork Oh, yes it is. I found a GH issue for it and It's a bug with PSReadLine.
Cubically should be renamed Hexahedronically
It's too Turing-incomplete for that name.
Well, "cube" == "hexahedron" in some sense.
@Pavel I still like tf2 better for FPSes
having tried both
4:08 PM
@user202729 I am definitely hitting that cell and -D should print stuff after every tick
(I don't play r6s much anymore tho)
@Pavel Nice find. Bummer, though.
Yep. Hopefully gets fixed soon.
[People also upvote invalid answers sometimes, because TIO isn't exhaustive, and even if the language is on TIO, they probably won't check all edge test cases]
or because they just don't check
4:12 PM
^ correct. Sometimes the example test cases are too large.
no, because they're too lazy to check
@Fatalize I'm having issues with a brachylog answer, I think it's a bug
although it still wins currently, it looks very ungolfed
Haha we haven;t had a post successfully migrated here for over two years :P
that's a good thing I suppose?
means we're prominent enough so people won't ask over other sites or something
Either that or we're the guy at the party rebuffing all advances of people trying to talk :P I'd go with the former
4:42 PM
@Riker I play TF2 went I just want to chill. If I'm not tryharding in R6S I feel like I'm letting the team down, in TF2 I can just mindlessly frag without caring about the overall game. They're really different games though.
@Pavel true, I just like tf2 better
@Pavel Or have a hoedown.
CMC: Return [3pi,3pi,3pi,3pi].
@Adám you know the answer :p
@AdmBorkBork until some idiot ruins everything
4:43 PM
@EriktheOutgolfer You too.
@AdmBorkBork Also that. I started moving away from TF2 around the time it became Conga Fortress 2.
@Pavel it's fine now, just leave the server if you don't want to conga
or ignore them
@Adám (1..4).map{3*Math::PI}
@Pavel What language is that?
@Adám is the box next to the duck code, in the top right of APL's twitter acct background, an actual unicode box?
4:47 PM
@Adám Ruby
@Riker Or slaughter them
please don't :p
@Adám this exact string or [3*3,1415...]?
@Adám Brachylog, 6 bytes: π×₃gj₄
@Riker It was their silly decision to do a conga in the middle of a war zone
that's when you're conveniently not careful with aim
4:50 PM
It used to be novel when everyone would just gather in a spot and dick about but now it's just too common.
@eaglgenes101 exec should be local eval
@Riker I don't think so, just APL chars (and it's kinda apparent because of the )
@Pavel haven't played in a couple wks, but last I checked maybe 1/30 games had congaers
generally CTF or banana bay too
(hightower is an outlier)
@EriktheOutgolfer well, I think the image would have taken the effort to render the character right
it does render it right, it just uses the APL385 font (also ⊖⌊⊖ wouldn't make much sense in real code)
@Riker The thing is, I used to like Hightower, it was like my favorite map.
I was really cheessed by all the group taunts.
4:52 PM
@Pavel that is a problem
please go pay atonement at the shrine to CTF
Does anyone play Hydro or is it still a ghost town?
ghost town :/
it's full of hackers right now actually, not sure why
like, every game you get (maybe every couple hours of queueing) has at least 1 hacker
@Pavel did you ever play mvm?
4:54 PM
@Riker Hell yeah. I played MvM long after I stopped consistently playing PvP.
I think I've told quartata before
Still do, sometimes
@EriktheOutgolfer Where do you see ⊖⌊⊖? Actually the Duck code is in APL333.
we should do a ppcg mvm game
me, you if you play, conor, quar, does @AdmBorkBork still play?
What if we tried populating a Hydro server long enough for other people to get on?
4:55 PM
I never really got into TF2.
My dream for the longest time was to play a match on Hydro with a mostly full server.
I've watched some Let's Plays, but that's about it. I played the shiznit out of Team Fortress Classic, though.
@Pavel I've done that, it's not that fun tbh
@AdmBorkBork you should, it's quite fun
@Pavel the problem with hydro is that it's too short IMO
Pry me away from Overwatch somehow ... ;-)
@AdmBorkBork I stopped playing when I had at least 2 orisas per game
4:57 PM
Overwatch was fun I guess. Didn't enjoy it all that much
Still, better than lots of other games I've played.
@Adám Try it online! I did both :p
@J.Sallé I thought you meant that as a joke. I meant 4-element list filled with thrice the value of pi.
@Adám well the tweet already had an APL answer and I didn't want to copy that, so I took it literally :p hahahahahah
@EriktheOutgolfer Well, clearly that isn't actual APL code, since you can't have two adjacent dyadic operators: ⍠⍠
@J.Sallé How about ⎕JSON○4⍴3?
5:09 PM
@Adám well, didn't see those :p
@Adám I had no idea that worked hahahah
5:45 PM
@AdmBorkBork Fix for PSReadLine has been published literally just now: powershellgallery.com/packages/PSReadline/2.0.0-beta1
._. how to run Install-Module as admin on Linux
@H.PWiz Yeah, the annoying thing is that I have to start PowerShell with sudo interactively. Install-Module is a PS builtin, so sudo doesn't work on it.
Ah, I know nothing about PowerShell
@AdmBorkBork I'm trying to install PowerShellGet but I'm getting WARNING: The version '' of module 'PackageManagement' is currently in use. Retry the operation after closing the applications. I literally just restarted so I can't think of what I should close.
Nevermind realized I need to use Update-Module
Nevermind that didn't fix it
6:04 PM
@Pavel kill the process?
@J.Sallé What process?
I'm not sure how, but typing a bunch of differenct commands did get me PowerShellGet updated
@Pavel I use htop to list currently running processes and kill the troublesome ones.
My Install-Module doesn't have an -AllowPrerelease option and I'm not sure why.
btw ps -A | less also shows you the processes, but you'll need to kill them by hand
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Wheat WizardSimultaneous Selection In the game Risk of Rain there is a game mode where you can select which items you want out of dropped boxes. The only problem is that when you open two boxes at the same time your movements in one box effect your movements in another. Now this can be a problem since you...

6:22 PM
Announcement: APL learning lesson in the APL chat room in 7 minutes.
I AM AN IDIOT FORGOT TO Import-Module PowerShellGet
Nope not the issue.
anyone use github pages
i feel like i'm being dumb
but where do i put the markdown
Why is powershell package management so hard ;-;
is the root page just the ReadMe.md
6:40 PM
@Poke for what
@Poke no
it's index.html
index.html in any directory is the main thingy
i.e. poke.github.io is the same as poke.github.io/index.html
@Pavel because it's windows
@Riker ah okay maybe i was hitting a caching thing before i had an index.html
@Riker i thought github pages allowed you to write documentation with markdown instead of html
@Riker That's the de facto standard, but you can quite literally write the webserver config to have whatever you want as the default page.
@NieDzejkob It's not though
@Pavel I was going to say "because it's Windows" but Nie already beat me to that.
6:45 PM
It's probably because I'm trying to install prerelease software
@Pavel it was designed by the same morons windows was, so the same implications apply
@AdmBorkBork Is there a different way than Import-Module to load the most recent version of an installed Module?
@NieDzejkob But PowerShell is better is better than like, all other shells.
@Pavel example?
@NieDzejkob If/While/For/Case uses {} instead of fi/done/esac
3+5 will actually evaluate to 8 and not "3+5"
You can pipe objects, not just streams of text, between processes.
@Pavel objects? what's that?
6:49 PM
@NieDzejkob Like programming objects, that you might see in C# or Java or C++
@Pavel whaat? how's that useful in a shell?
@Pavel a shell is one of those places where you want expression evaluation to be explicit, that's why bash has $((...))
@NieDzejkob Yeah, I know it has $(()). $(()) is a PITA to use
PowerShell lets you write actual scripts in powershell rather than bodging together other programs using godawful syntax.
@Pavel Umm, not that I'm aware.
@Pavel what you call "bodging" was designed to be that way since the beginnings of UNIX
@AdmBorkBork I don't think you can in github pages
6:54 PM
No need to turn this into a holy war
I was specifically referring you to there
but maybe idk
Oh. No. It's something the webserver owner would need to specify.
@Poke you can with that not-github-pages-but-still-git-docs or whatever I think
@NieDzejkob You can do that in PS too, just with reasonable syntax.
I have no clue though?
6:54 PM
Unless they give you access to web.config or whatever.
I know there's some sort of documentation wiki thingy I've seen it before
@AdmBorkBork do'nt think so
see: github.com/JuliaLang/julia/tree/master/doc, not sure how that works
@NieDzejkob If I say echo 2+3 in PS, it will write the string "2+3. If I call the command 2+3, it will evaluate it rather than search for an executable script called "2+3".
@Pavel I am working right now with files named, e. g. 16-1
in a shell, you want expression evaluation to be explicit
if you are evaluating so many expressions that $((...)) annoys you, you are using the wrong tool for the job
@NieDzejkob Are you executing them? And if you are, . 16-1.
@Pavel no. python3 do-stuff.py <16-1 or vi 16-1
7:00 PM
@NieDzejkob That still works in PS. Expressions in arguments aren't evaluated without $(...)
so the only place where $(...) is not necessary is when you are creating command names on the fly?
that's really something I do a lot, you know ;)
@NieDzejkob It's not necessary when you're evalueating an expression by itself and not as an argument. For example, I might do 15 + $(wc -l foo) > bar
ohhh, so that's how it acts
@Poke you may be interested in this: github.com/blog/…
that actually might be useful, but IMO not enough to let me ignore all the other cruft
7:05 PM
@NieDzejkob Like what?
like 2 gazillion builtins that are normally done with programs as per the philosophy of UNIX?
@NieDzejkob Those programs are still usable. I use rm and not Remove-Item.
rm is a built-in alias for Remove-Item, unless you have something else going on.
@Pavel PowerShell is the Emacs of shells
@AdmBorkBork /bin/rm is in path and is used instead of the commandlet
Actually, something that Bash unquestionably does better than PS is <, which isn't implemented in PS yet. So, cat file | prog and not prog < file.
Unless @AdmBorkBork knows of a different operator that does that?
7:09 PM
Yeah, stdio in PowerShell is weird
It's not that weird. > still works.
That command is a remnant from the DOS days, but is actually more complicated under the hood than you'd think.
First off is that it calls the .ToString() method on whatever object comes out of the previous command, which can lead to unexpected behavior.
Secondly, it by default encodes in UTF-16 without BOM, which can also be unexpected.
Does SC do the same thing?
Kinda. > is closer to Out-File than Set-Content
7:13 PM
@AdmBorkBork UTF-8 on my system:
/home/pavel$> "⎕⍎⍺⌊_⍺⌈⌊_ Unicode!" > test
/home/pavel$> file test
test: UTF-8 Unicode text
A: Powershell set-content and out-file what is the difference?

Colonel PanicHere's a summary of what I've deduced, after a few months experience with Powershell, and some scientific experimentation. Never found any of this in the documentation :( [Update: Much of this is now appears to be better documented.] Read and write locking While Out-File is running, another a...

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Counting PPCG
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@Pavel Well, output encoding in PowerShell is gross anyway.
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