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4:01 PM
Damn, still doesn't work. I think I forgot to increase the maximum breath weapon index
It says I need to include it in zap.c too but I think that's only if there's a wand counterpart?
I dunno.
@quartata no I didn't... ;_;
But I'm still planning on doing it eventually
Why plan when you can do it now
ssh nethack@nethack.alt.org
@quartata does that work for Windows peasants?
Yeah, sure. Just use PuTTY or whatever
Make sure your terminal is white on black
Would create a turing tarpit as a a challenge be considered a good quetion?
4:03 PM
And you might want to tweak your .nethackrc before you start
Like a cops and robbers challenge?
@DJMcMayhem looks ugly
:31946083 It makes certain monsters very hard to see
Since you're a vimmer you'll probably feel right at home with the controls
hjkl is movement and you can repeat actions like in vim
4:04 PM
And there's a .nethackrc? That's awesome
I'm thinking of making a cops and robbers where a cop creates a turing tarpit (with a private proof of translating any other turing complete language down to it), and other robbers crack the tarpit by creating a proof that the tarpit is turing complete
Make sure your nethackrc has numpad off
nethack is basically vimRL
...I think we've had a similar challenge
4:05 PM
Q: Create a programming language that only appears to be unusable

feersumRobbers' challenge thread is here. Cops' challenge: Design a programming language that appears to be unusable for programming, but admits computation (or at least completion of the task) through some non-obvious mechanism. You should design a simple programming language that reads code from an ...

Lynn has a really good RC if you want to steal it.
Speaking of hjkl I'm really happy cause my second favorite SE site just got a ton of traffic.
Q: Why does vim use hjkl for cursor keys?

PandaCoolWhy use the keys hjkl on the same line instead of keys in a triangle like wasd for moving on video games? Why not something equivalent with right hand, like ijkl or pl;'?

@NathanMerrill yeah, I was concerned it is too similar.
@DJMcMayhem Huh, I actually didn't know that
4:06 PM
I don't think that requiring turing completeness is a significant modification to the challenge
This explains a lot about vi actually
Yeah, pretty interesting.
That's what my answer said
LOL I didn't notice that was you
I didn't get the top answer though. Nobe4 beat me by like 2 minutes
I'm trying to pass doorknob on that site. Getting really close!
> The cave fisher breathes a sticky fluid! zapdir_to_glyph: illegal beam type Program in disorder - perhaps you'd better #quit.
Well, closer...
Looks like I am missing something in zap.c after all
Ah, found it.
Who made this shit anyways though
I guess they never thought anyone would add a new breath weapon
And why is the routine for firing a beam called buzz() anyways
While doing a grep I found a comment that says /* Are we having fun yet? */
@quartata alright, I'm gonna try net hack today. But I can't right now.
Is there a nethack room?
If not, we should make one
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ Portal sometime today?
All right. Well if you're not going to rush into it it wouldn't hurt you to read this: nethackwiki.com/wiki/Standard_strategy
@DJMcMayhem sure
4:17 PM
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ yes but I didn't want to have personal details on username so I changed to downgoat
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ sweet. I can't right now, but maybe in an hour?
@Downgoat no, google dreamed of me
@TùxCräftîñg ;_; googl nevr dreams about gaots
user image
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

TùxCräftîñgFind the right path Given a list of paths, output the correct path. Example of path: /\ ----+/ | - and | are horizontal and vertical paths. / and \ are 90° turns. + is treated as a - or a | depending of the current direction. Input will be like this: /--\ A------+--+--# B-...

@Downgoat and yet you still have pii on github and website...
^ he cant change on GH
@DJMcMayhem I have no PII on GitHub or website
@TùxCräftîñg ;_; Y HE TAEK DOWNGAOT
4:23 PM
he is a goat cat
@quartata Put me in under "needs to try nethack" as well
And possibly dwarf fortress
I've officially reached the I have no idea what I'm doing level
@Downgoat isn't your site vihan.something...com?
I found NUM_ZAP but I have a feeling I shouldn't change it
@DJMcMayhem Vihan.org
4:24 PM
And of all the functions I've found buzz() is easily the most incomprehensible
So that's just great
16 hours ago, by ColdGolf
user image
^ this is the best
@quartata How does one get started on nethack?
@Sherlock9 When will you post your challenge?
@Sherlock9 Read the wiki and the official guidebook
That'll give you enough to not die on the first level hopefully
4:26 PM
@Downgoat so what's the point of changing se username when people can still find your name through your site?
ssh nethack@nethack.alt.org to play online
any feedback on my sandbox post?
@Downgoat The difference is that if I do something wrong here I have a feeling it'll explode rather horribly
    dx = (dx == dy) ? 2 : (dx && dy) ? 3 : dx ? 1 : 0;

    return ((int) ((beam_type << 2) | dx)) + GLYPH_ZAP_OFF;
I vaguely understand that the beam appearance is encoded in the lower bits of the beam type but what happens when it's out of range....
Oh boy I can't wait to see a line of bell characters blitzing across my terminal
Oh well I'll just compile
@LeakyNun Well, trichoplax had another good edit and I'll possibly post it tomorrow morning
When do you start your sabbatical?
@Sherlock9 alright
@Sherlock9 Sep 1
4:29 PM
@DJMcMayhem because lots of people see my SE (says 400k reach) but only a few see my website (like 18 views in last month)
The cave fisher breathes a sticky fluid! The hits you! The bounces!
OK, that wasn't as bad as I thought
I'm just missing a description in some array buried in the bowels of zap.c
The cave fisher strikes at your displaced image and misses you!
The sticking part doesn't even work so that's great
I get the feeling if I had made this a gaze attack it would have just worked
Oh shit, I totally forgot about AT_SPIT. That's exactly what I wanted in the first place
I'm dumb
I wish you luck ._.
@quartata Is it better to play online or download NetHack, in your opinion?
Play online
4:41 PM
Say I have no access to the Internet? Considering the connection quality at my lodgings, this is unfortunately likely
Could I move my game offline somehow?
Oh I think I misunderstand the game
Hang on. Rereading the thing
The main reason to play online is so that a. people can watch b. if you do ascend it can be verified that you didn't cheat
I don't think you can really transfer save files
plz any feedback on my sandbox post? meta.codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/9936/53745
@TùxCräftîñg +1 cool idea but what if there is multiple possible pats?
> there will always be only one :
yeah but I mean like:
A--+/   \+-:
B--/     \-:
4:51 PM
1 min ago, by TùxCräftîñg
> there will always be only one :
and btw your example is invalid
+ is a - if the input is horizontal and | if the input is vertical
hey, I'm playing nethack for the first time ever
should I let it pick my race/alignment?
@TùxCräftîñg, I think that the rules of your challenge happen to enforce four distinct paths, but it's probably worth clarifying that.
@NathanMerrill No.
Also are you on NAO?
OK one second
4:54 PM
> there will always be only one : and 4 paths
Is a path like that possible:
---/ |
not sure how you watch, but my username is thenameipicked
@DJMcMayhem idk, maybe not. i have to write still
@ReleasingHeliumNuclei yes, look valid
@quartata Do we have a NetHack room? I don't really want to flood TNB with my questions. I have a bunch of them
4:55 PM
i've been sorta-working all week
@TùxCräftîñg That doesn't strictly exclude the possibility that two of the paths share a segment.
If this is your first time go with a Valkyrie @NathanMerrill
:O Mego changed his avatar too. Penguin == Penguin Zombies confirmed
@Sherlock9 I'll make you one one second.
4:55 PM
@TùxCräftîñg O__O
@TùxCräftîñg so it can go backwards too. Keep in mind guys.
@Sherlock9 we do have one
@quartata we have one?
@ReleasingHeliumNuclei no testcase actually cover it, brb adding
4:57 PM
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ We already have one? Link?
@quartata I've been somewhat busy, but trying to follow your monster creation endeavors. How's it going now?
Put it aside to teach the new little ones Nethack
But to answer your question horribly
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ oh, that's right I forgot. Well, I'm free all day, so ping me if your schedule opens up
@Sherlock9 let me find it
... icloud keychain has like 3FA auth. password -> secret code -> SMS code
4:59 PM
CMC: given two coordinates, (any range) determine if it's a valid knight move
Wat iz knight
chess knight?
[0 0], [1 2] --> true [5 6], [6 6] --> false
Yes, chess knight
5:01 PM
another truthy test case, please?
[4 7], [5 5]
@DJMcMayhem ạṢ⁼1,2
[-9, 4], [-10, 6]
[3, 4], [2, 2]
@LeakyNun I'm sorry I had to post a commit to gitHub (all it did was remove some debug messages I had printed for testing of the gui feature)
5:02 PM
@RohanJhunjhunwala ok
@DJMcMayhem ಠ_ಠ
SILOS now supports a gui with keyboard listener support. It's slow and flickery, but it does work. I got to control a circle with the arrow keys :)
Whoops, we all gave answers where the y-value changes more than the x-value. Let's fix that: [56, 1324], [58, 1323].
@ReleasingHeliumNuclei why?
@DJMcMayhem negative :p
5:04 PM
@RohanJhunjhunwala :O rly
@TùxCräftîñg yeah, if you thought the code was spaghetti before take a look at the gitHub and the new gui.txt example file to see the new gui support.
Oh, good luck with exams, @LeakyNun!!
@RohanJhunjhunwala y u no swing ಠ_ಠ y u awt
@Lynn Thank you!
@TùxCräftîñg :)
5:05 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Conor O'BrienSwitching lines Let's say you have a string of text: Hello, World! Today is a most glorious day. In fact, it's another day. Woohoo! This string has three lines. We can call them lines 1, 2, and 3. (Or, if you prefer zero-indexing, lines 0, 1, and 2. I'll be using one-indexing to describe this...

@RohanJhunjhunwala halp def r readIO doesn't work
@ReleasingHeliumNuclei second line
macro always goes on the second line
The first line is reserved for an optional explicit heap declaration
@ReleasingHeliumNuclei silos.tryitonline.net/…
@ReleasingHeliumNuclei always glad to help a fellow SILOS golfer
anyone understand how Retina is turing complete?
It can run rule 110, but aren't most regex flavors (even with lookbehind) not Turing Complete?
Retina is more than a regex flavor though.
5:17 PM
@RohanJhunjhunwala i gave up :/ input is too short on mobile :/ gonna continue when im not mobile
@RohanJhunjhunwala Regex dont have loops :/
@ReleasingHeliumNuclei what problem were you trying to do?
@TùxCräftîñg I know, but how does retina work then?
is Retina just a regex applied in a loop?
Retina have a 'operator' repeating the current regex while the output dont change
@RohanJhunjhunwala knight
@ReleasingHeliumNuclei link me?
5:19 PM
@RohanJhunjhunwala what happens if the first argument of draw is not square?
@LeakyNun it draws a circle
@LeakyNun well an elipse
@RohanJhunjhunwala link you what
@ReleasingHeliumNuclei the challenge? Or is it a CMC?
@RohanJhunjhunwala which line is responsible for that?
20 mins ago, by DJMcMayhem
CMC: given two coordinates, (any range) determine if it's a valid knight move
5:20 PM
if (square || ((xC * xC) / a) + ((yC * yC) / b) < 1)
@Doorknob ạP=2
The mathemagic on the right determines whether or not it is in the oval's boundary
@RohanJhunjhunwala which code is responsible for producing the actual square?
@LeakyNun meaning?
Which code draws the square?
5:22 PM
@LeakyNun to the screen?
@DJMcMayhem Minkolang, 14 bytes: nnrn-rn-*2;4=.
@LeakyNun the refresh command
@LeakyNun which triggers a paint component
I see
if (tokens[0].equals("refresh")) {
					if (Canvas.createdCanvas) {
that formatting rip
5:23 PM
Brb walking my dog
@RohanJhunjhunwala ಠ_ಠಠ_ಠಠ_ಠ
@TùxCräftîñg on gitHub it doesn't actually look like that
@TùxCräftîñg its just because I was just pasting a section of it
@RohanJhunjhunwala 40% now, sorry for the slow progress
@LeakyNun it's ok
@TùxCräftîñg what did you think of the graphics syntax? It doesn't seem too unreasonable?
5:28 PM
@RohanJhunjhunwala What is the binding for?
@LeakyNun in interactive mode you can bind certain keypresses to memory addresses
@RohanJhunjhunwala For example?
look painful cool
@LeakyNun here, take the gui.txt sample...
//This is an informal spec for the new graphical user interface features
def : lbl
//We are using a macro to replace all occurences of : with lbl
canvas 640 640 S.I.L.O.S
//Create a 640 by 640 canvas and name it S.I.L.O.S
bind 65 512 97 512 68 513 100 513 87 514 119 514 83 515 115 515
//bind the wasd keys to the 512 - 515th spots of the heap.
//If there is a canvas open. THere will be a keyListener to bind each of the keys pressed to the respective spot
So whenever the key with character 65 (i.e 'A' gets pressed) the heap at spot 512 gets modified
then later in the code I check if the heap at spot 512 is 1... and if it is I adjust the x Coordinate respectively
@LeakyNun documentation coming soon
the gui dont start
5:30 PM
@RohanJhunjhunwala got it
@TùxCräftîñg don't run it from command line
@RohanJhunjhunwala ???
@TùxCräftîñg it has to be run by providing a filename through stdin for the gui to start
@TùxCräftîñg yeah..
@TùxCräftîñg do java Silos.java
and type in gui.txt
and hit enter
5:31 PM
the gui flicker
@TùxCräftîñg yes, It's due to how slow it is I think
@TùxCräftîñg I'm using buffered graphics so it shouldn't be borked to bad...
plz fix the cmdline problem
@RohanJhunjhunwala sometimes white lines appear on the red circle
@TùxCräftîñg it's not a bug... It's so TIO has gui output disabled.
@TùxCräftîñg yeah, I need to figure that out... I have an idea...
5:33 PM
you can add a switch like java Silos --safe lolwut.silos
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ You still here?
he's busy iirc
cmc: mario in SILOS
And quartata?
@quartata how's it going?
5:35 PM
@TùxCräftîñg yeah, I can add that in, do you do most of your work through command line like that
Puzzling.SE now also has a sandbox
@TùxCräftîñg CHat - Massive - Challenge
you can reply to messages
oh whoops
5:37 PM
@RohanJhunjhunwala Is your "player" a circle?
@LeakyNun yes
@TùxCräftîñg can you do me a feature and that on the repo. I have to halt changes, because they will likely be lost when I accept Leaky Nun's pull request and download his code. If you feature request it on gitHub I won't forget to get to it when I can start up again.
@RohanJhunjhunwala Sorry for the inconvenience caused
@LeakyNun no problem! Your helping me, no inconvenience at all!
5:43 PM
When java copy array of arrays, do the subarrays get deepcopied?
peace y'all
@LeakyNun idk, but i dont think
@ReleasingHeliumNuclei you're welcome
@LeakyNun wow
5:49 PM
@LeakyNun I think
@LeakyNun test it though, I think subarrays should get deepcopied, but I am not entirely sure
@RohanJhunjhunwala I thought the big array would just be list of pointers
@LeakyNun are you talking about when I pass it into the bindings?
@LeakyNun oh
@LeakyNun yeah, ur right
@RohanJhunjhunwala confirmed
No, I'm not talking about when you pass it to the bindings
Ok. Is there a deepCopy in the Arrays class
@LeakyNun I wold just homegrow a deepCopy solution. I can't find something in the standart libraries
5:55 PM
No, I don't want them to be deepcopied
I feel like I'm writing a compiler for assembly languages...
It feels so wonderful
oh my bad
@RohanJhunjhunwala Can I change the label accessed by GOTO from the last occurrence to the first occurrence?
yeah sure @LeakyNun that was an undocumented feature
@LeakyNun no one should have multiple copies of the same label anyway
(I guess except codegolf)
5:58 PM
@RohanJhunjhunwala I added a line to print that to STDERR also
@LeakyNun ok, does TIO have stderr, or will it only work from the command line

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