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1:34 PM
I like the sum the powers question because it's teaching me all sorts of things about itertools :P
1:49 PM
@Unihedro someone couldn't let go of winter bash ;)
2:16 PM
Mathematica online is pretty nice. Pure HTML and so powerful
2:32 PM
@Optimizer You're just taking the piss at this point.... your argument implies that any non-winning code golf submission is not in the spirit of the question because it's not the shortest possible.
my argument is that your answer encourages people to simply post the most number of golfiest solutions possible in order to win.
Its also the fault of the question that there are so many loose ends
@Optimizer well at least, now there is no point to post a golfed submission below 15 characters. if someone did the same in Java, I'm sure we could raise that bar to 100. and nothing is stopping people from improving on that. still, as long as no single uncracked submission exists, I don't see anything wrong posting an uncrackable submission, even if it's not particularly good.
it's not like we had long submissions to the golf-based CnRs before
your's is not the only open submission. there is Ti BASIC too (for now)
2:49 PM
oh, I must have overlooked that
still don't see a problem though
especially since you used the exact same kind of answer to prove me wrong (by providing a slightly less well golfed solution that is levenshtein distance > 10 from the marginally shorter alternative)
I was mostly certain it can be golfed and after a few cycles, we would reach at a 14+ uncrackable solution :)
I don't consider by 18 byte solution as a real entry as its just ur answer. Thus, I have deleted it.
3:11 PM
Trying to make my Python idea better but I think I'll have to give up on 9500 :/
Damn backslashes
(If the question didn't ask for a function this would have been easier in ><> or Befunge)
"Try to crack this 6000 byte Prelude submission"
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

matsjoyceRegex vs HTML As we all know, parsing html with regexes is an enjoyable occupation, because they are perfectly suited to the job. But, as this is too easy for this site, you must write a regex that is not only comprehensive but also short. Challenge Write a regex which takes a html tag, and ...

3:48 PM
9302, eh close enough
Awkward moment when you post a cop and within half an hour you realise something's wrong
... oh well
4:42 PM
Q: What tag should we use for challenges about manipulating files and directories?

Martin BüttnerI noticed that we don't have a tag for challenges which are about dealing with the file system (checking for files, creating directories, moving files, etc.). I believe we should create one, but I thought there was no obvious choice for a name. So I thought, let's do a good ol' meta poll. I'll a...

5:39 PM
what's the most accurate way to measure how much memory a process needs in linux?
I would like to set a challenge where memory usage is part of the score
less is better :)
that's so debatable , based on system architecture, OS, compiler, even for the same language
sure.. I will specify my machine and any compiler you specify which is easily installable on ubuntu
I expect the memory usage to be high so a few bytes out probably won't matter
but I think reducing memory usage is an important programming task!
and underused on codegolf.se :)
valgrind --tool=massif --pages-as-heap=yes --massif-out-file=massif.out ./test.sh; cat massif.out | grep mem_heap_B | sed -e 's/mem_heap_B=(.*)/\1/' | sort -g | tail -n 1
that's one option
not exactly trivial
to measure peak memory usage
stackoverflow.com/questions/774556/… claims time does it but it really doesn't seem to on ubuntu
maybe it's a good programming challenge to write a tool that measures peak memory usage of a process!
code-golf ?
6:39 PM
/usr/bin/time -v actually seems to work
I didn't realise there were two time commands
7:01 PM
nothing quite like the joy when you forgot you ordered something online and then receive the "your order has been dispatched and will be delivered tomorrow" email :)
(except maybe, forgetting you ordered something and then just receiving it)
(and oven-baked macaroni and cheese)
(or forgetting to even order something and then just receiving it)
although my chromecast was not delivered because I was out today :(
@MartinBüttner I got a mail recently that the boardgame i ordered and paid for was no longer available
@overactor that's not so nice
They'll see if they can get it from another supplier
7:05 PM
I don't understand amazon.. they keep on hinting I can tell them what to do if I am out
I'm not getting my money back for now
but I can't see any way to actually do it
@Lembik Those deliverers have a knack for getting delivereing when noone's home
especially as I now they deliver between 8am and 9pm!!
how can you possibly wait in for that?
I love when they can't tell you anything more specific
7:09 PM
That's why you have watchman who receives it for you :D
ah yes :)
or the butler?
@Optimizer I'd love to have Rorschach collect packages for me.
what is Rorschach ?
Rorschach (born Walter Joseph Kovacs) is a fictional character and an antihero of the acclaimed 1986 graphic novel miniseries Watchmen, published by DC Comics. Rorschach was created by writer Alan Moore with artist Dave Gibbons, but as with most of the main characters in the series, he was an analogue for a Charlton Comics character, in this case Steve Ditko's the Question and Mr. A. While the series has an ensemble cast, some consider Rorschach to be the protagonist as he drives most of the plot forward. In the beginning of the story, he is introduced as the only remaining active masked vigilante...
@MartinBüttner oh, not trying to elongate the discussion, but generally when we have submissions where the user has not even tried golfing, we vote to delete them as not an answer, no ?
When the user is not capable of golfing further due to his knowledge/experience, that is a different case.
7:14 PM
@MartinBüttner Thanks
@Optimizer I haven't seen the start of this conversion but sometimes non-golfed answers are good
@Optimizer This isn't code bowling. This is cops and robbers (with a bowling objective). The task isn't "make it as long as you can" but "make it as long as you believe is impossible to crack".
5 hours ago, by Optimizer
my argument is that your answer encourages people to simply post the most number of golfiest solutions possible in order to win.
if you thought that's a problem you wouldn't have followed suit
but I had to prove myself right :P
7:18 PM
I can't remember disagreeing
@MartinBüttner You're getting old
I can't remember breakfast
Might be because I didn't have breakfast
I can't remember h..
On a completely different topic, would anyone be interested in hearing about a rather ambitious coding project I've been playing with in my head which I by no means have the skill, time or resources to pull off?
@overactor I read it as "playing with my head"
@Optimizer which one?
7:30 PM
@overactor yes
Sorry bout the suspense there, computer switch
Basically, it's like youtube
content is hosted on a server belonging to each individual broadcaster
and no money flows through the hands of the people running the central site
@Optimizer Talking of things which aren't answers, you have a great opportunity to get the Disciplined badge.
Whatever you would be talking of now.
@PeterTaylor he already has it anyway ;)
The benefit this would have over platforms like youtube is that it can guarantee that it won't censor any of the content provided by the broadcasters
and it can offer more flexibility to them as well
7:38 PM
@overactor The bigger issue than this being an ambitious coding project is that you need an insane amount of traffic to get it off the ground.
@MartinBüttner Point absolutely taken
yeah sure , non-answer
One benefit it ahs I think though is this:
@PeterTaylor you should properly read the whatwg and w3c spec and then start a discussion of that level.
7:40 PM
People who run their own sites where they host content can follow some protocols and have their content available on the site I'm thinking of as well
I've already linked to relevant parts of the W3C spec.
While still having it on their own site as well
@PeterTaylor So have I.
Since this should be a free service, there's not much of a reason why they shouldn't do this
If it's all well made that is

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