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2:35 AM
BTW, my comments were gone again, and I can't figure out the reason.
I think I'm not going to spend much time answering additional questions in other people's answers again.
'Cause someone's gonna delete all of them!
@snailboat Pretty neat, BTW! :D
By the way, I tried to write a "canonical" answer for the "What's the form of the possessive suffix?" questions we get.
One that we can close others as a duplicate of.
A: How do I pronounce the possessive form of 'case'?

snailboatThe possessive suffix has three pronunciations. Which one you use depends mainly on what the last sound is: /ɪz/, following sibilants (the six sounds /s/, /z/, /ʃ/, /tʃ/, /dʒ/, and /ʒ/) /z/, following voiced sounds other than sibilants (including vowels) /s/, following voiceless sounds other ...

Or, if nothing else, use as a reference.
Let's see...
Hmm... the text doesn't come up.
But the mods still can see it, I think?
@MaulikV Were you the one who deleted that comment and the comments related to it?
If it's so, may I ask why?
Moderators can see deleted comments at any time.
2:50 AM
(If it's not, I guess it has to be either J.R. or Wendi.)
They can also see who deleted them.
@snailboat Ah, neat!
Once in a while, someone on Japanese.SE asks me who deleted their comments, but the site doesn't show any comments having ever been posted. In those cases, I assume the comments never actually went through due to some kind of network problem.
BTW, I see that comment as an addition question or a follow-up from the OP.
But that doesn't happen very often.
That particular user has a pattern of doing that, unfortunately.
2:52 AM
I think no less than 6 comments (both under the OP's question and under Rathony's answer) were deleted in that question.
I see. You could start a meta post if you're really curious.
I was thinking about that, but perhaps it's not that big of a deal, and hey, we all know each other. :D
Really, I learn more from ELL in the comments rather than in the answers (except for in my own questions :-). :-)
Well, I shouldn't speculate too much, but I think there might be a legitimate reason the moderators might have wanted to delete that comment thread. I'm not privy to that information, of course.
So I'd just keep that in mind and try not to stress over it too much.
nods -- I didn't want to speculate on this one either. That's why I think I should ask.
But it's kind of strange to delete them, though, imho.
> Comments are temporary "Post-It" notes left on a question or answer. You should not expect them to be around forever: once a clarification has been made, an edit added to the post to include new information, or the issue in the comment is otherwise resolved, it is subject to deletion. In reality, many obsolete or chatty comments remain untouched due to the high volume of comments posted, but this does not mean that they can't or shouldn't be deleted in the future.
ELL uses comments in a way the site wasn't really designed for – to ask and answer additional questions, to discuss various things, to argue, or just to chat
2:59 AM
(I remember that after the OP'd gotten my comment and the two answers. He(?) posted a follow-up question as comments to all of the three of us. One still remains under Stephie's answer. What's strange to me is that the one under Rathony's was gone. That one ran a longer thread, and more informative, imo. The one under my comment was gone, which is fine, I chose to add under Rathony's because Rathony's answered it and then the OP asked another follow-up.)
We've kind of gotten used to expecting a lot of our comments to hang around forever . . .
@snailboat nods -- It's true that comments aren't supposed to work this way on SO or even programming SE stacks; on the other hand, it's one of the best resources for learning a second language--reading how people really interact.
So, if it's still related to the main question, and not rude or offensive, I think we should keep the comments, but it's not up to me. That part I understand.
(Sorry for the typo!)
I didn't notice the typo
The thing (that matters to me at the moment) is, I (and everyone who writes any comment) took time to write it. In my case, I think it's useful not only for the OP, so I spent time writing it. If I knew that it were going to be deleted, I guess I wouldn't write it in the first place.
I can understand that
3:09 AM
The three points (or cases) from CGEL in your comment are interesting. StoneyB's point is also good. I think we can say, rather confidently, that the offended in You are so offended is an adjective because there is so modifying offended.
Yes, I think so :-)
Yay! My idea of using feel was not far off, then, I think. :-)
Maybe we could turn all those comments into some sort of answer . . .
One thing no one has mentioned is the prescriptive grammar rule against using so without a correlative that-clause.
Sounds like a good idea!
Oh, there is one!?
Although so has been an intensifier for a thousand years, some people would say that using so this way is restricted to informal style due to that prescriptive rule.
3:12 AM
Ah, I can see now why you mentioned that.
And so the sentence might not necessarily be acceptable in all situations.
The so X that pattern didn't cross my mind until you brought it up. I think it's mentioned in one answer.
They did mention it. Although it's not really an intensifier in the correlative so . . . that construction.
Intensifiers don't license the that-clause.
So it should actually be distinguished from that construction rather than considered an example of it.
It looks like we vote less often after the graduation!
(And yet I think I can feel that my answers receive more votes than before. Strange.)
Ah, the same chart for JLSE looks somewhat similar! data.stackexchange.com/japanese/query/385019/…
(Look at that number of votes in the first month!)
3:27 AM
Yeah, private beta goes crazy :-)
You can see our low point on the Japanese.SE graph around July 2013.
That's when we got the fewest questions per day.
Ah, what happened back then? Site renovation?
The site sort of hit a lull after about a year
It's actually very common for activity to taper off at first on SE betas, 'cause not everyone who commits to the beta sticks around forever.
Or probably, the right question should've been, what happened in the next month? (snailboat was appointed a mod, perhaps. :-)
But then there's usually a slow build upward.
I became a moderator in 2013.
It's almost 2016, so soon I'll have been a moderator for three years! :-)
I think I just passed my two years on ELL just a few days ago.
3:31 AM
Happy join-day!
LOL -- Thanks!
I joined ELL just after the public beta started, so I missed out on the initial private beta rush.
At the time, flooding was destroying my floor, so I went to stay with my brother for about a week, and posting a bunch on ELL gave me something to do :-)
(By "flooding" I mean a pipe broke!)
Oh! I was thinking that maybe you got a big flood like I had!
Nah, nothing crazy like the floods in Thailand!
You know how sometimes people say things like "my basement's flooded"?
That sort of thing.
Except it was actually the kitchen.
How much damage did the floor get? (Over here, some had to spend several weeks or months to fix their houses.)
3:35 AM
Oh, a bit.
They replaced the whole floor.
Kitchens are important.
I was renting, so it wasn't my floor.
Too much water is as bad as too little water!
Too little
@snailboat I would call it my floor anyway!
(I'm typing half blindly at the moment. My browser is working so slowly again.)
3:37 AM
Yeah. It was my floor. Just not my my :-)
(So these are my first choices of words, unfiltered.)
@snailboat Renting can have some benefits.
If only we could own what we've rented for some decades, it would be so awesome! :-)
Right now I have my own house, so every repair is on me.
Back then in my small apartment room, it was so convenient. When my sink was broken, I just made a call, and it'd be done. :-)
3 hours later…
6:18 AM
Q: Synonymize [opposite-word] to point to [antonyms]

JasperShould the opposite-word tag be made a synonym of the antonyms tag?opposite-word has 9 questions, and antonyms has 35 questions.

13 hours later…
7:11 PM
I guess you are talking about me! Well, I don't blame you. But if you look at my edits and my answers, they are neatly answered and well formatted and more importantly, not misleading (I cannot say if you start trolling now). I will take suggestions from anyone, possibly @Ϻ.Λ.Ʀ., but not from you. Whenever someone comments on my answer, or edits my post, or makes any suggestion, I happily accept it. I remember correcting two of your silly mistakes in your comment (the one that you deleted), and you went berserk. — Usernew 12 hours ago
@User that's very kind of you. Who am I to suggest editing tips?
7:35 PM
@sky-light \o
In this sentence:
when the number of end users is more than one
should I use "is" or "are" and why ?
Thank you
@sky-light That's not a full sentence.
But to answer your question, the SV agreement requires that the main verb follow the head of the noun phrase that plays the role of subject.
The head of "the number of end users", whatever that means, is "number".
It is obvious that network remains unstable when the number of end users is more than one
Hence the verb should be "is".
@sky-light the network.
7:39 PM
I mean you should put the article there.
There is a need for a determiner.
Yes, you are right
Unless that that is a det.
Which is unlikely, considering the context.
@Ϻ.Λ.Ʀ. Thank you, one thing confuse me, which is "users"
users is a plural noun
@sky-light Yes. Finding the head of the noun phrase is sometimes confusing and annoying.
I had a post on this.
Somehow relevant:
A: "How much do" or "How much does"?

Ϻ.Λ.Ʀ.The answer is How much do Pacquiao-Mayweather tickets cost? (Better off without capitalization when you're asking a question from your friend) The misunderstanding, I believe, is caused by these two guys: Pacquaio and Mayweather. If you run into this kind of problem, I suggest 1. Finding...

7:47 PM
So, always I should use "is" when I have "number" as a subject
I applied the rules I learned regarding Persian.
It is indeed very crucial and delicate to identify the heads of the phrases in all languages.
Thank you again.
Don't mention it. :)
8:29 PM
Too hard to resist a star.
BTW I'm gonna move these to LO, if you don't mind.
2 hours later…
10:49 PM
J.R. love that analogy. :) Sorry people, I was rash in my choice of words. @Nathan note that I was comparing ELL to SEs almost its size. It's not useful to compare between SO and ELL. — Ϻ.Λ.Ʀ. 11 hours ago
Admitting mistakes feels better than I thought.
11:33 PM
> The trick is, rather than cultivating the desire to be right, to cultivate the desire to become right and remain so. That way, when you find out that you were wrong, instead of being crushed, you are elated because you were wrong but have now become right.
> And because you're elated, you then rush off to tell your nearest and dearest that whereas previously you were wrong, you are now right, and isn't that amazing? And of course that totally overrides any recollection of how obstinately and vehemently you were sticking to your incorrect opinion before.
Isn't that neat? :-)
And hi!
11:48 PM
It is 16 C here. I think it is pretty awesome.

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