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1:36 AM
I would like to nominate this question for closure:
Q: How can I do a two dimensional `Fold`?

djpI'd like to Fold over higher dimensional objects than lists. Semantically, the format would be something like FoldMulti[f, array, list]. As a precondition, Dimensions[array] == Length[list]. The motivating example is from the recent discussions about inverse of CoefficientList. Let poly be so...

The requirements seem vague and the OP did not provide an additional example though I asked for one. The lack of any answers suggest that others also found it enigmatic.
1:56 AM
This one is most likely a duplicate, in case someone would like to search for an original:
Q: Repeatedly apply a bivariate function with one argument running over a list

ZorawarI'd like to know how, given symbols f and g, and a list {a,b,c,...}, to produce the expression: f[f[f[g,a],b],c] I can get the result if I do: Apply[f,{{{g,a},b},c},{0,2}] but then how do I manipulate the list {a,b,c} into {{{g,a},b},c}? Is there a better way of doing it?

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8:44 AM
@Mr.Wizard I could not find a dupe unfortunately
8 hours later…
4:38 PM
Is there a very simple way to get the legend to be inside of the plot in the following example?
Histogram[RandomVariate[NormalDistribution[], 1000],
 ChartLegends -> Placed[{"Gaussian"}, {Right, Top}]]
BarChart works as expected, unlike Histogram. Why? Is it a bug? @rcollyer
BarChart[Range[4, 1, -1],
 ChartLegends -> Placed[{"bars"}, {Right, Top}]]
5:16 PM
@Szabolcs its either a bug or bad documentation
I suspect bug in Placed
its parsing something wrong
Here's a possible workaround: Histogram[RandomVariate[NormalDistribution[],1000],ChartLegends->Placed[{"Gauss‌​ian"},{Right,Top}]]/.Placed[leg_,pos_, f_]:> Placed[leg,{Top,Right},f]
or more simply: Histogram[RandomVariate[NormalDistribution[], 1000], ChartLegends -> Placed[{"Gaussian"}, {{Right, Top}}]]
It's surely a bug
2 hours later…
7:04 PM
MUST read:

if you want to see result, go to this video and drag it around like 3D object - done with WL:


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