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12:45 AM
Just because something wasn't _designed_ to be reliable doesn't mean that it _isn't reliable_. They're two related but separate aspects. What that article examined was the reliability at that point in time of the network between those points. And based upon the numbers, it looks pretty darn good.
As engineers and designers, we tend to overbuild systems; insisting on "reliability" as a holy grail when the application doesn't necessarily demand it.
UDP has a lot of advantages when it comes to being lightweight and easy to throw out there. If we can let go of our insistence on unspecified
</rant> Ooops, forgot my closing tag... :-)
1:10 AM
@RobertHarvey The article hints at the problems that multi-processor pipeline optimization can create. We "obviously" want to optimize the processor pipelines as that makes sure our computations run more quickly. But when we assume things about the ordering of events, we can get bit pretty badly.
1:29 AM
@Shog9 Wa!? leaves
chases down @Braiam and makes him stay
2:17 AM
From the other day:
@Ampt ... and let me see what I can get from today's trip.
(You know you're at the right spot when there are three tripods with overlapping legs)
2:26 AM
Nice waterfall shots. Looks like a fairly low shutter speed.
@RobertHarvey Very... sun was setting... I could watch the shutter speed creep to slower and slower speeds.
That last one, not one of the better ones... that tree in the upper left I didn't realize was out of focus at the time... I was shooting wide open, no filters... 13 second exposure.
Wait, it was f/11 - so not wide open.
2:31 AM
Still a 13 second exposure... wish the tree was in focus.
The ones I'm happy with were about a 1 second exposure.
Not my photo, but you can get an idea of the area I was shooting in:
You can see the upper falls there that my first shots were of, and the lower falls which was the last one...
Narrow canyon. You've gotta find the right spot on the canyon walls to get to.
2:38 AM
@MichaelT I really like this one
@MichaelT Holy crap this is gorgeous
Its a nice little waterfall that only has one 'story' to tell. So its about framing that one story. You don't have to worry about the rest of the area.
Would have gotten better photos... but I got there latish... there was a 45 minute delay on the interstate (road construction).
(and then there was a branch that I kept getting frustrated with...)
I think the ones you got are gorgeous
2:44 AM
Highlighted the annoying branch in red there.
is that a crack?
ah its a branch
Here's one with a crack... wish I stopped down another few stops.
Then I could have gotten the tree better in focus.
Earlier wide angle photo to see the area I was working with there...
2:47 AM
2:58 AM
Small pano from the other day... I say small because I exported this with a 640px box.
photoexchange.com ?
@meda Tonight it is!
@MichaelT Oh, I love all the colours in this!
Or just anytime that @MichaelT decides to share his wondrous work with us.
3:01 AM
why are we all here
Because we are awesome?
oh :)
Street view of the location where that pano was shot: big ugly link normally
Nature is beautiful
(its the extended driveway of the farm on the other side of the road... if you're headed north bound, you can't exactly make a left turn from the left lane on a busy divided highway.. so three's this pig-ear so you can make a right turn into this, and then go straight across... if you were living there.
3:03 AM
@MichaelT I looked and my immediate thought was "Someone should put a geocache there if they've not already"
The pano just fits inside the power lines, and the fence posts...
3:26 AM
Every time I drink a Lindemans Framboise lambic its like a delightful fruit punch to the face
3:40 AM
A: Help the helpless with how-to-ask tag tips

Shog9Shucks, this is a pretty popular feature-request... Let's give it a try & see if it's more helpful than annoying: This'll pop up every time someone tries to ask a question with sql. It's not context-sensitive - if they've already included everything in that list, they'll still get the popup. B...

@Shog9 any chance we could get that for some tags over here? The career ones in particular... it becomes either a question of "kill all the tags of old" or "how do we help people not ask these questions in ways that will be closed within minutes?"
Its really tempting for people to use the 'job' tags... , , , , , along with and
If we could put a warning in there we might have better luck at getting people to not ask them... The other option is to attempt to go through and kill all those tags.
3:46 AM
btw, @Ampt would you care to toss this back into the close queue... my close vote on it expired back in January.
Q: What percentage of software developers work solo?

JMatherI'm trying to put together some ideas for a talk, and one of the things that occurred to me, is if there's any documentation or research into how many programmers work as the lone developer within their team. I think this is an important distinction because individual developers (and perhaps sma...

4:18 AM
@MichaelT come up with a specific wording (ideally, with a link to a meta post) and post a [feature-request]
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9:41 AM
Hrm. The library I'm using seems to work using variable/property naming conventions. If I declare a
`public int x {get; set;}`
and a
`public static LibClass xMagicSuffix { get; set; }`
then, during construction, the `LibClass` static property automatically wires itself up to the regular property.

This is a refactoring nightmare!
3 hours later…
12:48 PM
Has anyone here ever tried the Pomodoro technique while working in software? I used to use it in school and loved it. Tried it at work, and it totally didn't mesh with how work actually happens.
1:06 PM
The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. The technique uses a timer to break down work into intervals traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks. These intervals are known as "pomodori", the plural of the Italian word pomodoro for "tomato". The method is based on the idea that frequent breaks can improve mental agility. Closely related to concepts such as timeboxing and iterative and incremental development used in software design, the method has been adopted in pair programming contexts. == Etymology == The "Pomodoro...
1:32 PM
@ThomasOwens I have tried similar things, but meh, it hasn't worked well enough for me that I've wanted to stick with it.
problem for me is that as soon as any close deadline approaches I get too nervous to actually produce anything
Who knew that running a search through regedit would crank the CPU up to nearly full utilization?
1:48 PM
@GlenH7 #blameM$
@ratchetfreak likely also because they don't / can't / shouldn't index the registry
but still it should be IO bound
unless they load the entire registry in memory?
Not sure, but I want to say that it is loaded completely into memory
2:51 PM
you know, you could always use linux ;)
@Ampt Oh yeah? Well I'm gonna check a binary into source control. Deal with that!
Totally not kidding. Just about to check it in now.
Have fun with your stupid large repo
Well there's your problem right there
And this particular binary is the executable from a fortran program. But we need it in order to make one of our worker applications run. Not a perfect situation, but I treat it like a 3rd party lib that's required to make something work. Into source control it goes!
3:00 PM
And yes, I just bumped our repository size by ~1.9MB. <sigh>
@Metaphor: You need some more answers? Why? I thought you just said the answers posted here were exactly what you needed. Also, this happened over two years ago. This particular question is atrocious; you couldn't find a better example of moderator despotism than this? — Robert Harvey ♦ 3 mins ago
@RobertHarvey Oh how I want to pile on to that thread. But all of my comments would rightfully be deleted as "not constructive."
And really, that was the most egregious issue they could find? Clearly you're getting much better at burying the bodies making evidence disappear.
Can we get one more downvote please so we can start to delete the question? programmers.stackexchange.com/q/260254/53019
3:18 PM
Ugh, don't you see @RobertHarvey?! Now that it's closed no further value can ever be gained from it. I mean who would admit to using an answer from a CLOSED SO question?! It's absolutely disheartening to see all of these fantastic answers and know that you could never benefit from them, all because the question was closed by an overbearing moderator. — Ampt 6 secs ago
You can delete that if you want. My fingers kind of got away from me
At least it got an up vote before being deleted.
And the VTD'ing can begin. :-)
Not sure if I made my sarcasm apparent enough...
OTOH I would argue that with just shy of 200k views it may warrant a historical lock, but I don't know how SO works with that kinda stuff so my suggestion may be wrong
@Ampt It would take a mod to delete that question. Look at the number of up votes on the top answer
No need to lock if there's no real risk of it getting deleted off.
3:23 PM
Ah, then I guess no point
how many VTD would that take?
56 or 55, I think.
yeah, don't see that one happening haha
add together Qscore + topAnswerScore, divide by 10
but I can't remember if there's an offset for the first 10 points
do you keep the original 5 in that formula?
3:24 PM
3 to delete
ah ok
and I think it's a MIN(3, other) type function
so it's an Either monad?
<flags as offensive>
I... uh... what happened? I just woke up on the floor and my head hurts something fierce
3:26 PM
That said, I could just kick-mute you myself...
Two jobs and still has time to chat .... ;-)
I'm an idiot
^^^ yw
Right now I am con-prepping! No work til Mooooonday
(For some reason I hear that in like an MMA announcer reverb voice)
3:31 PM
@GlenH7 Convention, man
Throwing my last bits together for a nerd con this weekend that I am selling craft things at!
Also, I can see who pins my messages now ya jerk
So kinda work but more awesome
Sounds like fun then
I think it will be. :)
3:32 PM
@AshleyNunn you going as a character, or just to sell stuff?
Just as me, though I have an awesome Rainbow Dash hat/scarf combo thing that I am going to wear because why not
(and yes it does make my head look like a pony)
only been to 1 con
This is my second con. It's not a huge one but it will be good I think
what are you selling?
you should sell beer
that would probably go over well.
@Ampt nah, con themed shots would be better
3:39 PM
Is it "The Big Con?"
@RobertHarvey Ocean's 14: The Big Con
Dating myself, I guess.
Haha my uncle used to work at a restraunt named and themed after this exact movie
Until it burned down
the police ruled it as insurance fraud
That's ironic.
That's what we thought haha
4:05 PM
@GlenH7 I did that once - I've been ranting ever since.
"Object Oriented Programming is an expensive disaster which must end"
4:18 PM
@psr Because that's not an intentionally inflammatory title there...
And does that rant have a point beyond "OOP is bad, FP is good?"
@GlenH7 It's total click-bait, yes. But in making the argument he tries to go through and demonstrate, feature by feature, why anything object oriented programming can do, functional can do better. It's the detail that makes it almost a "how to" guide and makes it worth reading.
(Full disclosure - I haven't finished reading it yet because it's really long. But I'll finish today).
I looked at the overall length and kinda shrugged my shoulders. I don't think he realizes that while his argument may be correct, it won't change anything.
@GlenH7 In religious debates you almost never convince anybody who has already made up their mind, you just convince the new people and wait for the old people to die off.
But I didn't read it for the debate, I read it because it contains a point by point comparison of how you do things in OOP vs functional (according to him, of course). I'm reading it to help me think about design in a functional language.
I can see the value in reading it for that. It is a different mindset, and it does present some advantages in some cases.
5:40 PM
Man. If I'm going to keep reading SO I really gotta work harder to get my gold badge super powers in
A: can we catch two exceptions at once in java?

Robert HarveyStack them, like this: catch(UserNotFoundException e){ System.out.println(e.getMessage()); tries ++; // or whatever } catch(WrongAnswerException e){ System.out.println(e.getMessage()); tries ++; // or whatever }

One more proof that Java is really just a completely different language than C#.
@RobertHarvey What? I agree with you
A Geodetic system or geodetic datum is a coordinate system, and a set of reference points, used to locate places on the Earth (or similar objects). The modern definition of sea level is actually defined precisely by the datum WGS 84 from 1984 onward. Other datums are defined for other areas or at other times; ED50 was defined in 1950 over Europe and differs from WGS 84 by a few hundred meters depending on where in Europe you look. Mars has no oceans and so no sea level, but at least two martian datums have been used to locate places there. Datums are used in geodesy, navigation, and surveying by...
I understand this Wikipedia article.
@RobertHarvey I think the problem is that the OP was stating the problem wrong. You absolutely can do what you suggested, but that isn't the problem that the OP is facing.
Everyone else is saying it's a bad practice.
So they're complaining that I'm not using the new syntax?
@RobertHarvey It's only a bad practice if the body of the catch block is identical. And the reason is the same reason as any other duplicated code.
Or you may need a final catch block that catches everything else & rethrow that
IIRC, checked catches effectively work like a switch statement and you have to provide a default catch
@GlenH7 You only have to provide a default catch if you aren't catching all the checked exceptions and you don't have a throws clause in the method body.
5:48 PM
Look at the examples under "Rethrowing Exceptions with More Inclusive Type Checking"
Yeah, checked exceptions. The second most evil thing in the world.
@durron597 That's it, thanks
@RobertHarvey What's the most evil thing in the world?
I expected Hitler.
5:50 PM
He's dead.
Good point/
Well, unless you're one of those conspiracy theory types. If you are, he's living with Elvis in some bungalow in the Azores.
Is Tupac there, too?
:\ I don't remember my C++. I have a template function in a CPP file. How the hell do I call it in a static function in a different file?
Amelia Earheart does their grocery runs
Even though the .h is included, I have no idea what I'm missing.
5:53 PM
extern maybe?
I would I really have to do that?
I don't know, I'm not a C++ guy
I used to do a lot of C and C++. I've been working on the JVM recently, so Java and reading about Scala, wishing I could use it more.
"eclarations of friends of class".
I need to be a friend of the class? WTF.
Is the function defined as a method off of a class? And is the class public? Is the function public?
namespaced correctly?
5:58 PM
It's apparently a friend function.
It's forward declared in the .h file and defined in the .cpp file. The class is public.
haven't played with those, so dunno, sorry
I'm going to go find a C++ person.
What happened to The Lounge? I can't seem to find it.


Big Botany is real
Found it via google; couldn't find it through the chat rooms page
6:13 PM
Go to chat.stackoverflow.com and type "lounge" into the search box.
^^^ that's the problem. I was on chat.stackexchange
Oh, cool. There is an "anti-Lounge" chat room.


Friendly conversation, including C++ talk — NOT the "Lounge"!
why do i waste my time
A: Array out of bounds exception? (Working on conway's game of life)

durron597If your class is in package gameOfLife; You need to have the class in a directory called gameOfLife Then, run it with: $ java gameOfLife/gameOfLife Make sure that, based on the code you provided, the gameBoardInput.txt is in the same directory. I got it to run with a different error on my com...

i know, it's because i want a gold badge and i'm 300 rep from 10k
Looks like a chameleon question.
question that's asking the wrong thing? yeah i figured that out pretty fast
6:15 PM
@RobertHarvey And I thought that The Whiteboard was quiet... :-)
Actually, the Whiteboard is one of the more active rooms.
@durron597 So are you just jonesing for upvotes, or ..?
Fine. Have an upvote.
@RobertHarvey it's all about the shiny bling bling bling
@RobertHarvey Do you think this person's email address is physicistsarah@gmail.com
if so do you think the question should be edited
Q: Threading Isues With Fixed Thread Pool and Large Number of Tasks

Sarah SzaboI'm using a program to run the Collatz Conjecture (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collatz_conjecture) from mathematics. I've implemented a class that runs the conjecture algorithm (and gives you back the output) and one that creates a fixed thread pool (with my number of processors: 8) and accepts ...

@RobertHarvey We are? Here I was thinking we were just a quiet little corner of SE...
@RobertHarvey They're very happy together. The German/English duet of "Love Me Tender" is adorable.
6:18 PM
@durron597 Wouldn't hurt to sanitize that, no. So feel free to do so since you have the repz
Oh, of course it is, i saw it in the package but actually it's in the comments too
It would still be in the edit history. I can't purge the edit history; a dev would have to do that.
Still better than having it right there in the question itself.
p.s. thanks for the reps. sniff sniff I DON'T DESERVE YOU GUYS
@durron597 You don't think it was the OP recognizing the brilliance of your answer?
6:29 PM
People seem to be having trouble identifying this question as Too Broad.
Q: An algorithm-based content ranking crawler

Ali MasudianPourI need to implement a web crawler to crawl websites and rank visited pages based on content. For example, a website can be ranked as 80% political content or 70% sport content. There is no problem by implementing crawler. The only point would be an algorithm to set an approximate rank to content...

@RobertHarvey Would help if I had more close votes for the day
It astounds me that you guys regularly run out of close votes.
@RobertHarvey Don't you have that problem over on SO?
Oh, wait. SO has a higher number of close votes per day. nm.
Also, Robert has ∞ close votes on SO
6:34 PM
@Shog9 Quit spoiling the fun like that!
@GlenH7 No because they don't have 15 rep
You guys should just go find all my programmers posts and upvote them to get me 3k rep so i can close stuff for you
or do what @JimmyHoffa did for @Ampt and give me random bounties
Nothing random about being a sock puppet :)
I'm busy acquiring rep (not really) to pick up more delete votes... Progs has established a reputation of active community deletions and now we have to keep appearances up. :-D
@Ampt Ahh so thats it. I'll become a sock puppet this weekend. Remind me how to do that again?
@GlenH7 Just start paying gnat a salary to be online 24/7
@durron597 As if he's not already
6:40 PM
cow / buttermilk / free
[waiting for gold badges to be worth super-close votes]
It makes sense, really. People cry over questions being closed by people not familiar with the subject matter all the time.
@RobertHarvey And super-reopen votes.
Right. Just like the gold badge holders can now do with "close as duplicate" on SO.
@RobertHarvey Maybe we should have a platinum badge for other kinds of super close votes, if we're worried about abuse
How does this guy have 5 gold badges? I must be asking the wrong questions.
Q: Java, create runnable jar file including ONLY used dependencies.

SecretServiceThis question has been asked before, but have no satisfactory answer yet! I have a Java Main.java class in a project full of other unrelated classes. I would like to export that Main.java into an executable jar file, containing only the dependencies it ACTUALLY uses. Is this possible, if so how...

7:00 PM
@durron597 You just need to ask questions for problems that everyone will have
@GlenH7 I'm surprised this question is only "Popular"...
Q: Improve performance on BigDecimal to double conversion

durron597This is the Jdk7-b147 version of BigDecimal.doubleValue() public double doubleValue(){ if (scale == 0 && intCompact != INFLATED) return (double)intCompact; // Somewhat inefficient, but guaranteed to work. return Double.parseDouble(this.toString()); } They admit that this way is ineff...

@GlenH7 But honestly most of my questions are with technologies like Guice and Gson and Mockito, not with vanilla java
@durron597 You need to hang out with cooler kids apparently
@GlenH7 I thought all the cool kids hung out in The Whiteboard
Yeah, but most of us don't frequent SO that much. The churn is hard on our stomachs.
This isn't so much "white-boardy" as it is "blue-sky-y". There are entire careers built on trying to solve this problem - you're gonna have to narrow it down a bit. — Shog9 ♦ 33 mins ago
7:11 PM
Hmm... idea for a new meta post... "white board vs blue sky - what is too broad?"
(I want a faq-proposed tag badge on meta...)
Only have 16 non-wiki answers on meta... need 4 more.
Oh I just gave you some upvotes... but that actually doesn't matter
man even silver will take you forever
80 faq proposed?
@durron597 by that time, I would hope to be working on the FAQ tag.
@MichaelT How often does programmers have diamond elections?
7:22 PM
@durron597 infrequently / when needed.
While we are growing, we don't quite have the shear volume of SO. The more we 10k+ do about cleaning things up, the less we need a mod.
@MichaelT You didn't even run in @WorldEngineer's election
@durron597 I wasn't quite as active / known back then.
@MichaelT Mmm. March 2013 you probably had, what, 4k rep
7:26 PM
not a bad guess!
About 4700 - 5500.
2+2 = 5!
Apparently I really like to spend time on SO in May. Huh.
7:43 PM
@MichaelT I noticed that kerning issue too after I had placed that comment.
@GlenH7 I suspect its a safari glitch...
Now, I wonder if it shows up here too...
@ArmonSafai it is off topic here because it is an implementation issue. See our help center for where this is listed in the "not about" section. It is always best to thoroughly read that document before posting on a new exchange site (it exists on all - customized for each one) to make sure you are in the right place. — MichaelT 5 hours ago
7:45 PM
Thank you to everyone helping me hit 15k rep. Now only 5k away from yummy fast deletion privileges :)
Speaking of fast deletion...
Q: PHP html include

Conor Grocois there anyway to include a html file inside a html file into a PHP file. I know you can do include 'file.php'but is there anyway to do include'file.html'

@MichaelT If I had to guess, it has something to do with wrapping the text
It has @gnat 's favorite 'desperate accept' issue.
only needs 1 more
7:47 PM
@RobertHarvey I explained why I want this: how much of a "measurable" value is provided by these answers for users (other than asker and answerer, who apparently benefit from accept by getting +2 and +15 rep).gnat May 14 at 17:02
Q: Voting stats for "desperate accept" answers

gnatI am looking for voting statistics on the answers to questions that are: Quickly closed (within 1 hour after posting) Have single answer Aren't eligible for "roomba deletion" only because of having an accepted answer side note this excludes dupe-closed questions, as roomba ignores these I wou...

Hey, I got a bite on my Careers profile. Can I run it by you guys?
They want to have a phone conversation, and haven't asked for a résumé. I'm thinking maybe it's a startup?
Small company, though been around for a bit ('98) - so they've survived two tech recessions.
TheBrain Technologies is a software company located in Marina del Rey, California. Founded in 1998, they specialize in mind mapping software. == Products == Their flagship product, PersonalBrain, has been popular in mind mapping circles, and runs on multiple operating systems. Their other major product, BrainEKP, received an award from the James Burke institute in 2008. Their other two products include BrainSDK and BrainEKP Connectors. == References == == Website == TheBrain Technologies Company blog...
But why the phone conversation, without any background? I don't get it.
Mind mapping doesn't seem to be going away.
7:55 PM
@RobertHarvey Do they have your careers 2.0 resume? That has a significant amount of info in it if they are interested in it at all.
I don't recall uploading a résumé there.
Not so much 'upload a resume' but rather 'attach Stack Exchange info to it'
Even linking information such as:
can give someone a fairly reasonable idea of the communication and technical skills a person posses.
7:58 PM
The "this is what prospective employers see" view says
Top 10%  Stack Overflow for c# java javascript jquery c++ more
Top 20%  Stack Overflow for php python css linux scala more
Top 30%  Stack Overflow for android iphone objective-c regex oracle more
...And that's about it.
And, so you're in the top 10% for a number of languages that match their stack reasonably well.
Is it common for people to want to talk on the phone, right out of the gate?
Small company - the cultural fit is likely more important than the technology fit.
Ah, OK. That seems right up my alley.
Someone who has that range of technologies in SO is likely able to figure out another technology without too much difficulty.
8:01 PM
The Careers summary seems more complimentary than it probably actually is.
I mean, top 10% in C++, and I've never even written any C++.
I've almost got a C# tag badge on P.SE...
I'm probably a small business kind of guy anyway.
(wait, its 20... well, still a few answers away)
@MichaelT do you remember your ? :)
8:56 PM
Q: How can I mock this architecture?

kmoteThis is not a very general question, so it may not exactly be appropriate here, but I could sure use a suggestion if you have one: I have an object containing a dictionary keyed off of an enum, something like this: namespace Application { public enum Material { H20, CO2, Na } public cla...

On The Whiteboard!
FYI - if your system clock is ahead of the server clock then you can't delete your own chat messages due to client side validation (I assume)
9:37 PM
have a great weekend everyone
@RobertHarvey The only way to win is not to play.
10:04 PM
@MichaelT, @RobertHarvey - Can we get one more VTD on this question please? OP is requesting it to be deleted but there are up voted answers preventing that.
@RobertHarvey - I'd echo MichaelT's thoughts. Seems like a small company that's been around for a bit. All a resume provides is things to talk about during the interview. It's just a stage in the overall process. You've got a pretty public profile based upon your SO and Progs and ... activity so they can get an idea of how you think from that alone. Your activities are enough to replicate what a resume would traditionally provide. So it doesn't surprise me that they're skipping the resume.
11:50 PM
Seems they need a résumé after all.
Must have caught wind of this conversation
Or was the phone call mostly an HR screen type thing to make sure there was a measure of compatibility and interest?

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