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7:49 AM
How is this question related to Tzafun?
Q: Why is there Pesach Sheini - The Second Passover?

YirmeyahuWhat is the primary/basic reason why one has a second chance to bring the Korban Pesach (Passover Sacrifice) on Pesach Sheni (a month after Passover)? Other mitzvos, such as hearing the shofar or other special korbanos (sacrifices) do not have a similar way of making up for the missed opportunity.

It's a good question with good answers, and i have nothing against publishing it; i just don't see the connection.
Also, "shabbos" should be capitalized in Menachem's comment there.
8:13 AM
For Hallel, i think we should move the parenthetical statement explaining which parts are recited responsively in shul to the question instead of the answer. Maybe also in the original question as well.
Q: Are you supposed to do the responsive parts of Hallel at the Seder?

Isaac MosesAt a Pesach Seder, when you get to the parts of Hallel that are done responsively in a congregation, are you supposed to do them responsively? Does the answer depend on how many people are at the Seder?

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2:10 PM
Q: Kol Difchin, Why So Uninviting?

Mefaresh"Kol Dichfin Yasei V'yachal, Kol Ditzrich Yasei V'yifsach" כל דכפין ייתי ויכול, כל דצריך ייתי ויפסך "All who are hungry come and eat". Why don't we ask this in a nicer way? Instead of saying "I invite all who want to come" we say something to the effect of "if you need and are so desperate the...


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