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D1, D2, D3, D4,
D5, D6, D7, D8
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9:22 AM
Q: Expressing the zeta labyrinth in terms of its automorphic representations and canonical geometric evolution dynamics

John ZimmermanThe gist of this approach is to encode the zeta function into a space, similar to how number theorists like to encode sequences into generating functions to leverage analytic properties. I will refer to this construction in general as the $\zeta$-labyrinth, and the main idea here is to link the a...

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12:55 PM
Q: Collatz conjecture idea

lucas parsons of warrnamboolI think I have an answer for the collate conjecture but given I’m in 6th grade I haven’t learned and haven’t gone out of my way to learn to the more sophisticated operations to write this is in a equation. Side note:I’m not at the mental level of a year 6. I think the collatz conjecture is true b...

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