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10:08 AM
@BillDubuque Totally agree, what with its wrongness and all; it's now up for deletion. Though it's worth pointing out that VLQ reviews do not care for correctness, which may explain why it survived.
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11:35 AM

SAMBHAV MISHRAI have been working very hard on this problem but can't find the general term , Please help me in this problem Find the sum of the series (1.2)+(1.2+2.3)+(1.2+2.3+3.4)+.......upto 12 terms

12:18 PM
Is post like this not welcomed in MSE?
I wanted to make it a big-list question to refer for some undergrad-level users, but I got unsatisfied response, so I think maybe my post didn't obey the spirit of MSE.
12:54 PM
@Andrews I wouldn't downvote or close your kind of self-Q&A, but see this Meta post:
A: Can I post a question and an answer just because I think it helps others?

quidThe answer to the question if it is allowed is readily found in the help center: Can I answer my own question? The short version of the answer given there is: "Yes!" On top of that the software explicitly supports self-answering. The more relevant question should be how this will be receiv...

I basically agree with quid. More specifically, I think that self-Q&A is good when the poster has genuine mathematical competency and believes the content is important and yet difficult to find elsewhere.
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2:38 PM
@BillDubuque It's been deleted by the owner.
3:28 PM
@user21820 Yes, I noticed, thanks. There are more like that - even worse, e.g. here and here where another author rambles on about things he believes are related to the topic but is very far from answering the question. Alas, the VLQ fails miserably on things like this.
@BillDubuque Please post all such stuff you find here, and we will help with it. Indeed the VLQ review was not designed for this, which is of course bad for mathematics since there is 100% consensus on what is proper mathematics (given any reasonable foundational system).
And you can vote to delete them too, so why not?
@user21820 Done - only one more delete vote is needed on both.
3:46 PM
@BillDubuque What is VLQ in this context?
@user21820 I notice that you pick up many of the dupes I vote to delete. Can I assume that you will get them all or do I need to explicitly list them here?
@JoséCarlosSantos I suppose they mean the Low Quality Posts review queue.
@JoséCarlosSantos Imho an answer is Very Low Quality if it is far from answering the question. The link is to the review.
@BillDubuque Thank you.
@JoséCarlosSantos I though VLQ was in wider use than it actually is. I just did a google search and realized that it is not so common after all.
4:10 PM
I'd guess that the shortcut VLQ is more common within the SE network than among general public.
@BillDubuque I'm not a robot, so I may not get them all. =)
@JoséCarlosSantos Long time ago there was a flag called "Very Low Quality". I suppose the name has changed, but the acronym has stuck.
4:31 PM
@user21820 Thanks for your and quid's opinion. Actually, I classified groups of order $leq$ 50 as TA for homework about abstract algebra. Dozens of relevant questions already exist but are separated in this website so I made a conclusion. I thought it would avoid potential deplicated questions and benefit others. I also asked mod quid for advice in his room, but did't get response yet.
2 hours later…
7:15 PM
Delete: DA, DB, DC, DD, DE, DF, DG, DH
Delete: DI, DJ, DK, DL, DM, DN, DO, DP
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8:25 PM
@user21820 "very low quality" still exists as a flag for answers
8:47 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Mostly non-latin title (87): α(β + γ) = αβ + αγ ???? by SREEJITA DAS on math.SE

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