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12:09 PM
How can I delete/revert my edition of the OP before or during it is peer-reviewed? Or how can I further edit it while it waits for review? When I try to re-edit it by simply undoing by hand all the changes I proposed, I get the message "Nothing appears to have changed", but that is exactly what I'm looking for!
1:00 PM
@Rol What do you mean by "peer reviewed"?
Do you mean a suggested edit?
BTW this room is rather inactive.
You would probably have better change of getting some answer in the main chatroom:


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Is perhaps this what you need, @Rol?
Q: Revert editing a post

Christoph BrückmannHow can I revert a faulty edit to a post of someone else? There is no need to review my edit because I overlooked a fault; now I want to revert it.

1:32 PM

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