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12:34 AM
Welcome to Stackoverflow! SO's stated mission is Q&A — specific questions that have specific answers, so it is probably not the best forum to get hints or clues. Programmers stackexchange may be a better place to ask but, even though I'm on there, I don't have a feeling for how this question would fare. — Stephen P 24 secs ago
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1:38 AM
2:12 AM
@CandiedOrange I swear sometimes we put more effort into shutting down questions than it would take to cure them. "But they won't learn!" I'm sure they'll learn, and I would hope they'd make more of an effort for people who made an effort for them.
2:51 AM
@AaronHall Many questions cannot be rehabilitated by anyone but the OP. Of those questions, a sizable percentage of OPs are incapable of rehabilitating them (otherwise, they would have asked a good question in the first place).
Because of the sheer volume of poor questions, the onus is mostly on the OP to improve theirs.
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4:43 AM
The reason I asked this question here is because I want to know what kind of projects programmers find impressive and to get suggestions. Is there a better place to ask this or a better way to word it so it fits? — Eric 13 secs ago
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7:56 AM
I think your question is more suitable for (the Programmer platform)[programmers.stackexchange.com], as it is more about metrics and practices than actual code. — Yassine Badache 56 secs ago
5 hours later…
12:33 PM
I think this might fit Programmers or CS better than SO, but do check their help section first. — Sami Kuhmonen 10 secs ago
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3:05 PM
@gnat I would argue that this falls into the first example of an on-topic question for Programmers, "software development methods and practices", and none of the off-topic categories. — Brian 12 secs ago
3:29 PM
Use Kanban is in the wrong column. As is Try Kanban Tool. Both should be in Doing.
Unless you qualify with "Try Electronic Kanban Tool".
To Do, realize kanban is a fancy name for Mom's chore board from my childhood.
Your designers are going to destroy the English Language as we know it. Don't folks get enough help mangling English with their cell phones without our assistance? For the record, "weird" is not a design esthetic, unless you're channeling Tim Burton. — Robert Harvey ♦ 3 mins ago
@ThomasOwens You should submit an edit on wikipedia then. :P :D
What would go into the To Do column then?
I don't really get the "qualify with."
3:37 PM
@RobertHarvey In this example? Nothing.
@RobertHarvey You need to qualify the type of Kanban tool. A whiteboard or wall with post it notes is a Kanban tool.
Oh, I see. It's not really a quantifiable task.
It is a task in progress. You try before you commit.
So you are trying a process or tool to see if it works. In this case, you are trying a physical Kanban board, which is a tool.
Eh. Updating Wikipedia, in this case, is hard. I would need to set up a physical Kanban board, take a photo, upload it.
If it was just updating text, I would.
That's not really a good example anyway.
They probably intend the first sticky to be Use Kanban For Real.
where for-real means non-didactic purposes.
3:45 PM
This is basically Trello.
Twenty-first century state-of-the-art planning: whiteboard and sticky notes.
But will Trello your boss can get after you without poking his head in your cubical. What this is really simulating is: whiteboard, sticky notes, and a web cam.
who was recently posting something about no-estimates?
Oct 6 at 16:46, by Thomas Owens
I'm really starting to get on the NoEstimates train.
JIRA has a Kanban board view, too.
It's kinda nice.
3:52 PM
ugh JIRA
MFW someone writes an interface in Python and doesn't use the abc module => :/
totally read that as "male for woman"
What's wrong with JIRA?
Load time
down time
slow AF
3:54 PM
Down time isn't a problem if you self host.
what, do they write it in Python?
Yeah, using self-hosted JIRA instances, never had a problem with speed or performance.
A python interpreter written in python.
Surprisingly performant.
3:56 PM
Ha, we are self hosted. I go to meetings involving jira armed with screen shots of moments when I caught jira working. Literally using paint to do jira's job at the meeting. I update Jira after the meeting.
Just Incessantly Really Awful.
@ThomasOwens do you mean like on a localhost?
@AaronHall Well, a server.
Anywhere. Like one you own. In your infrastructure. That's the only time I've used JIRA. I've never used the cloud platform that Atlassian hosts.
I used to think power point was the best way to turn a meeting in to a waste of time. I'm now leaning towards giving jira that title.
jira can be used effectively but it requires a lot of buyin
4:04 PM
As does any tool.
Don't know how much more we could have bought in. The problem wasn't the idea. It was death by pin wheel.
hm should I tell my opponent in fantasy football that he has an injured player playing tonight at 8 or not
Tough Ethical Decisions™
his score has been doubled up the last two weeks, too
so it makes me even more likely to not say anything hah
Not seeing the dilemma here.
4:20 PM
@ThomasOwens My only experience is in infrastructure we own.
4:52 PM
Refresh the homepage.
No new domain yet.
Probably within the hour, based on Shog's post
Looks like they caved took our suggestion on the comment symbols.
Yes. The designer said he would. I'm blanking on his name now.
Anyway, sprint planning meeting.
@AdamLear Do you come bearing news of a new domain?
So, comment symbols bad, unopened quotes good. Got it.
4:57 PM
@ThomasOwens Almost. :) This was actually pushed by accident, so I'm reverting it until I have time to do the whole thing. This afternoon.
NO. :(
It's fine.
Leave it please. We can deal with it for a few hours.
Trust us.
We love it.
Eh, look at the Tour page.
Maybe we should wait for the rest.
I fixed the tour page.
Build's already rolling. But trust me, it won't be long.
6-8 months?
4:58 PM
6-8 hours.
Anyway, sprint planning. Be back around 2.
Heh. More like 1-2 hours.
@AdamLear Everything is 6-8 here. 6-8 minutes is OK. 6-8 hours is OK. 6-8 days is OK, too. Anything that's not 6-8 is not OK.
@ThomasOwens Hmm. 6x10 - 8x10 minutes?
Even got a new favicon
Hmm. Pushing by accident. Has never happened to me.
(and by "never happened," I mean "almost never happened.")
5:05 PM
Well, pushing to the repo was on purpose. Doing so in the middle of building out was a bit less so.
Well we're still here so whatever you broke it wasn't much. Build still building?
aww, it rolled back :(
Well it was a fun sneak peek
5:50 PM
@RobertHarvey It seems I lack the necessary privileges. Do as you want, for I trust your judgment. — npst 13 mins ago
Why in the hell can't people delete their own questions?
6:02 PM
@RobertHarvey They can, I believe.
I migrated it, though.
So it's all good now.
@AdamLear Works for me.
6:39 PM
Alrighty, getting the rename show on the road now.
I'll update here when it's all finished.
Buckle up, folks.
Should be a smooth ride, just gonna take a bit. :)
Safety first. Thanks, @AdamLear. And when this is done, if you can let anyone else on the SE side involved in this process along the way - if they are ever in Boston, I would be more than happy to buy them a beer (or other beverage of their choice) for getting this done.
I'll pass it along, thanks!
1 hour later…
7:44 PM
Q: Awww yeah. WOoooooooOOOOoooOOOOOoooT!

enderlandPARTY-TIME. Thanks Stack Exchange :-)

fuck yeah!!!!
Do we know what the first official "Software Engineering" question was?
> plz halp my code compile
:( sadness :(
You mean changing the name wasn't an instant fix for all our problems? I quit.
Haven't had one yet.
The newest question was asked (and answered by two people, one being me) before the name change.
room topic changed to The Whiteboard: General Discussion for softwareengineering.stackexchange.com Pants optional when telecommuting. [coffee-day] [horror-stories] [my-code-is-compiling] [scotch] [the-other-monitor]
room parent site changed to softwareengineering.stackexchange.com
7:52 PM
I'm tempted to post the first on-topic question, but there's free food in the next room, so....
what kind of programmer are you? considering turning down free food? wat
8:12 PM
And our first question gets closed as primarily opinion based...because it's not a question.
Where is @Rachel? — Jim G. 9 secs ago
8:31 PM
Rename's all done. Shout at me if there are any issues... and enjoy!
@AdamLear Do you want to make a meta question?
And then check back in a week or so?
Ana's on it.
OK, cool.
you mean my post isn't official enough? ha! :)
8:47 PM
@enderland actually, if it's all the same to you, I'll edit the title of your post so that it's a little clearer what's being celebrated, and drop an answer as official confirmation that yes, the name change is complete!
@Ana sure. hah
you don't think the title is clear? :'(
Hah. it's a hot meta post and it's got a stupid title
9:23 PM
A: It's official! This site is now Software Engineering Stack Exchange

AnaWe made it, y'all! We just pushed the changes and now, after 8 long months... The name for the site has changed to Software Engineering Stack Exchange. The logo for the site has been updated to the one shown in the top left of the page. The default domain for the site has changed to softwareeng...

@enderland Awesome :)
I like that pants are still optional when telecommuting ;)
9:40 PM
@Ash We're not monsters ;)
@AdamLear I'd sure hope not
Only the good, responsible kind. The kind that holds a job, moves into Unholy Heights, and repels villager invaders.
10:05 PM
@AdamLear That's acceptable, I think :)
10:35 PM
Q: It's official! This site is now Software Engineering Stack Exchange

enderlandAwww yeah. WOoooooooOOOOoooOOOOOoooT! PARTY TIME. Check out that domain name and logo! Thanks Stack Exchange :-) If you see any problems anywhere, please leave an answer to this question so we can track them.

11:10 PM
Interesting... the change from programmers to software engineering has left orphaned all but this chat room. Not nearly enough people involved it would seem.
11:21 PM
@Tom The parent site on those can be fixed, but I looked at activity and opted not to. (There's also a bunch of rooms frozen/deleted by now, probably.)
Shouldn't be a huge deal for folks who are still in those rooms, and if anyone else was going to join, I imagine they would have by now.
I wasn't worried, just was noticing how few regulars are around here anymore :( Now we just need to get the site a bit more popular again

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