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12:05 AM
@MichaelT yeah, Mr. Wednesday
Tracking "Ivan" as a baby name is interesting
@WorldEngineer and the storm at the beginning comment.
@MichaelT been a while since I read the thing
3 hours later…
2:41 AM
Random thought, when prog (yes, I know, new name) goes to college... he's going to have all these industry ideas in his head which will completely run counter to what he's going to be taught. ("that may be a good way to do it, but thats not the thing we're trying to teach here.") Not that there's anything we can do about it.
5:10 AM
My current computer is a 2005 vintage Pentium IV that runs at 3ghz, with 2GB of dual-channel DDR 400 RAM, two Western Digital 7200 RPM SATA drives and a run of the mill ATI video card, running Windows 8. It has just enough horsepower to play 1080P video files.
I'm considering getting an Intel Core I7 4770 3.5 ghz Ivy Bridge and 16gb of DDR3 2133 (PC3 17000) RAM, a decent motherboard, and a mid-range video card (in the $170 range), with a 256GB SSD for bootup and applications, and a 1TB 7200 RPM hard drive for data storage.
What kind of performance improvement should I expect?
7 hours later…
12:14 PM
@RobertHarvey have you ever driven a ferrari?
Also, as far as video cards go, I would stick with nVidia if you have the choice. on paper it looks like you're getting more bang for your buck wit ATI, but you pay for it with poor drivers. I've found it's just one less headache to deal with, and the nVidia cards are competitive even with lower stats.
12:45 PM
@Ampt drivers can make or break the GPU performance
1:17 PM
@RobertHarvey if you've never used an SSD you are going to cry a little when you realize how nice it is. That's definitely DEFINITELY a value-add cost when having a new computer..
2:13 PM
Or any computer really. an SSD can breathe life into all but the most antiquated of systems.
Hi Yuri, it looks like this is the same question as the one I linked. If the answers there don't address what you are trying to get at feel free to edit and the question can be reopened. Welcome to the Workplace! — enderland ♦ 7 secs ago
you guys get crap like this? ha, ha?
On my HTPC, I run a dual setup. SSD for the boot / system drive and a 7200 rpm drive for the media. Has worked very well. Win 8.1 has a reasonable startup time with an SSD in placce.
That's a bit odd; I thought they designated a prototype of yours for production.
And this is after the conversations with the VP(s) about your career?
Might be a good opportunity to contact them and ask for guidance
2:24 PM
That's a bit eye opening. And frustrating.
#include "HRAbuse.h"?
eh, a lot can change in 5 months.
although that can go both ways, I guess
Those are fine, I just am unsure how much I want to leave "public" :P
2:29 PM
rm salary_cap -rf
That's kind of a screwy setup, but I can see where it's handy to the company
Especially if they want personnel rotating through different positions and learning a broader aspect of the company.
Yeah exactly, it's really a solid program, but in situations like this it's... not really a fun place to be in
You need some sort of VP protective talisman - a "get out of cutbacks - free" card
2:44 PM
Can be a hard balancing act between grabbing something while battening down the hatches and riding out the storm vs setting yourself up for continuing to enjoy the work you've been doing and the role you've had.
@GlenH7 I've got some red construction paper! We can make this a thing!
It can be a really good thing when a VP owes you a favor or two. Things can be processed very quickly with the appropriate leverage.
:17830785 I've gone through cycles on that one. Sometimes you grab something not completely attractive because it takes care of other needs in your life.
That's the real trick, identifying which is the case
Can't say I've ever "known" ahead of time what the right choice was. Just gotta go with what your gut tells you. Hindsight will let you know if it was a good decision or not.
2:47 PM
I don't really want to get in a position I'm doing non-technical work exclusively, since I do enjoy development work a lot and find myself quite interested in it
definitely keep your hands dirty from that point of view. I've turned down "opportunities" that would have moved me away from being technical
Eventually I wouldn't mind it but honestly I want to be an even better developer, I like it and as much as I'm handicaped doing stupid VBA work I really, really enjoy it
That's a tooling issue, not a people issue. :-D
A longer term life goal of mine is to work remotely too, so staying technical there is helpful
@GlenH7 lol yeah, this is true
XD I "get" programming and development, this I know - I just don't have the hardcore comp sci background to know tons of details/etc (course you also learn lots of this while working)
My impression with the companies I have worked for is that upward career mobility levels out (and possibly goes down) as the amount of working remote increases.
2:51 PM
@enderland I don't have the comp sci background either, but the engineering perspective has served me just as well.
I'm honestly pretty ok with that, my lifestyle is very simple and will stay that way - money isn't really a huge factor in terms of longer term career goals
Being comfortable is a good thing.
@GlenH7 yeah. the trick is getting into that position officially to start that process, I actually think engineering background + aptitude to code is a better combo than most comp sci people
We certainly can't find enough of that combination, that is true. And in chatting with others who recruit, they have the same problem.
@enderland those are the real golden handcuffs
2:55 PM
Have you reached out to your other connections for guidance on weathering the next half year?
@GlenH7 not really external to my company, I've had some conversations internally
supposedly there is a dev job going to be posted 2 weeks ago :P
advanced knowledge is always a good thing in this case
@Ampt Ah, sorry. The current one is an inexpensive nVidia. I specifically chose one that had CUDA, even though I'll probably never use it. I'm not a gamer, so I may use the built-in video initially.
@enderland Getting an existing req streamlined on the candidate selection requires a lot less levers than opening the req.
@GlenH7 no kidding, that's the problem I'm worried about :P
3:06 PM
@RobertHarvey For HTPC type things, I don't think you need a screaming video card
@enderland The req is still in the opening state, and it's not that much more leverage to say "hey, let's open this and we already know who to fill it with so we don't have to deal with the effort of advertising it."
@RobertHarvey 170 bucks buys you a lot of graphics power nowadays
that puts you into the 750ti range. I would see if the prices on something like a 760 or 770 drop due to the release of the 900 series cards, but a 750ti is going to power quite a lot. at least 3 monitors, maybe more. not 100% sure on that one.
@enderland mod abuse. :-) (RE: messages disappearing)
that said, if all you're doing is playing 1080p video on 2 or less screens, the built in solution is more than capable of doing so
if your doing any video rendering/editing/gaming, that's when you would want to step up to a dedicated solution
and if you just want to step up into more monitors, you can do that a lot cheaper than $170
Enderland, the invisible chat man.
3:16 PM
Some day we need to make Ampt a room owner so he can see the room history too
So how does one match up these memory modules to the motherboard/processor? Is there some chart somewhere, or something?
@RobertHarvey Combination of what the CPU can support and what the mobo can support
or just buy non-bleeding-edge DDR3 and it ought to be supported
Then check the cpu specs and mobo specs to see if they can support that speed or if its a waste of money
3:21 PM
So many motherboards...
@RobertHarvey what socket is your CPU?
@GlenH7 I like the air of mystery in the room!
@Ampt I had no idea you weren't a room owner XD
I'm guessing 1150, in which case you get an 1150 motherboard and some DDR3 ram
@enderland I am but a lowly peon among gods mods
@enderland when you aren't italic you aren't a owner
@ratchetfreak oh, that is not at all obvious :)
3:23 PM
yeah the Core I7 4770 is an 1150 processor. Alternatively, use a tool like PC Part Picker
never used it myself, but it claims that it'll eliminate compatibility issues
you choose a CPU and it limits which motherboards/ram it'll let you pick
I would just post your intended list here and someone will double check your math though :)
Oy. X99 be pricey.
@RobertHarvey I would stay away from the new 2011-v3 sockets
wait til you see the RAM prices for DDR4
makes the motherboard look cheap
that chipset is for 1150
I'd stay away from the ultra-budget options. your Voltage regulators are on the motherboard, and even a few millivolts off center will fry a CPU. Not worth the risk IMO
just make sure the form factor of the Mobo fits in the case
3:37 PM
Looks pretty solid. main complaints seem to be about chipset cooler design (Hint: The coolers are 75% cosmetic anyway)
if you don't plan on overclocking that looks like it'll fit the bill
Figures. Tom's Hardware managed to crash the board on several overclocking attempts.
I'm partial to Asus myself, but if you're not overclocking it doesn't really matter
Yeah your CPU alone supports 3 screens, so long as you aren't gaming you could have 3 1080p screens
I like being a bit over-engineered. Overclocking is going to require a liquid cooler, so I'm not going that route unless I want absolute silence from the case.
actually, you don't need liquid cooling. there are a ton of really good air coolers on the market
(If not better)
3:44 PM
oooh it's even got an m.2 slot
I like that one a lot
It's a little cheaper than the wifi one; I already have a wifi dongle.
What's an m.2 slot?
new standard for SSD connections. has PCI-E lanes in addition to the SATA connection
it's essentially a dedicated slot for a PCI SSD, which are faster
not every M.2 SSD supports the PCI-E interface though, so you have to be careful. Plus they're expensive at the moment
but they could theoretically double the throughput on SSDs
at this point, the SATA interface is actually the one holding back SSD speeds, so the M.2 is it's replacement
The software/firmware for that board seems impressive.
Asus makes awesome firmware
you know what case you're going to stick it in?
Something small, but still large enough to work in.
3:55 PM
Is this a bad age calculator in C#? The other code I found that tries to figure out age looks far more confusing so I'm curious if this approach is just wrong because it's too clear...
int yearCounter = 0;
while (date.Date.AddYears(yearCounter) <= DateTime.Now.Date)

return yearCounter;
anybody got any thoughts?
You're joshing us, right?
that was my thought too
but guess what ? Timespan doesn't do years or months.
there's no, IDK, date difference calculator?
@Ampt TimeSpan
3:57 PM
for what purpose
getting an age from a DOB
you could just do floor(TotalDays / 365.25) and give the middle finger to the few times it's not totally accurate
You could also just do something like Now.Year - Dob.Year + Now.DayOfYear > Dob.DayOfYear ? 1 : 0
Eh, unless you're calculating the age for an entire stadium of people, performance shouldn't be a factor.
Go ahead and loop. You know you want to.
Like this isn't buried in some lazy monad anyways
4:03 PM
I was actually going to suggest a fractal case. they make nice, professional looking cases.
@whatsisname and this is the suggested solution in places - and basically the solution I'm fixing a bug in right now because it's not working here... I think my solution is plenty small and a lot clearer to read than this one, no?
no flashy lights or windows
@whatsisname this was my first thought, but the looping approach seems readable and accurate to me, so I figure it's at least preferable for not having the errors this does...unless it does have errors too that I'm not realizing?
@JimmyHoffa: I don't think it really matters, dates are surprisingly complicated so its going to be strange no matter what you do
fair. I think I'll stick with the loop unless someone can come up with an error
4:04 PM
Plenty of hard drive space in that one too.
and even if you were doing a stadium full of people I doubt the loop would cause any trouble
I think it's at least quite accurate and correct from my testing in my little FSI pain (REPL for .NET FTW)
@whatsisname I'm not even remotely concerned with performance in this instance, just readability and correctness
Q: Date Difference in Years C#

msbyuvaHow can I calculate date difference between two dates in Years. For example: (Datetime.Now.Today() - 11/03/2007) in years.

@whatsisname yeah, and I find that very confusing to read compared to the looping approach, am I wrong?
If I was looking at something where an age was calculated, and I saw a while loop, I would go "wtf"
but then looking at the actual body of the loop, I'd go "hmm ok"
4:06 PM
That handles leap years on average, but it will be off by one for up to 18 hours out of each year. — Ben Voigt Nov 8 '10 at 19:48
then continue on
so in otherwords the actual snippet makes sense, but it just employs a somewhat unusual structure than I would expect
@whatsisname yeah, I was looking for an age calculator and saw... (somebody literally copy-pasta'd this from SO):
A: Calculate the difference between two dates and get the value in years?

alexnDo you want calculate the age in years for an employee? Then you can use this snippet (from http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9/how-do-i-calculate-someones-age-in-c): DateTime now = DateTime.Today; int age = now.Year - bday.Year; if (bday > now.AddYears(-age)) age--; If not, then please speci...

and my immediate reaction was !?!?!?
what you could do
is get the most correct/spiffy algorithm, as confusing as it might be
and make it a TimeSpan extension method
then not have to worry about it again
Oh my goodness. A company wants to interview me for this job and when I said I didn't know my schedule for next week yet they were like "Please call us as soon as you know, we are very interested in meeting with you". Oh man.
@whatsisname this is a bug in that extension method that I'm fixing :)
4:09 PM
@RobertHarvey recall the bit about the down votes on the answer yesterday you were asking about - this is a better (more explicitly argued) one on SO thats got a MSO version too:
Q: Continuing to expand my knowledge.

MatthewI started programming roughly three months ago in c++ and have a general understanding of topics up to classes, inheritance, encapsulation and polymorphism. I switched to c# after learning that it is much easier to create a GUI in that than c++. So I am up to the same knowledge in c# now, maybe e...

Somebody else wrote it years ago, someone only now tested it... (hooray for quality QA)
@AshleyNunn You look like you're not feeling well. Hope you don't have to call in sick one afternoon...
@AshleyNunn Did they say how the heard about you? Or are they just generally excited to get people in? Over-eagerness is a little bit of a red flag in my opinion
4:10 PM
@Ampt I applied to them the other day.
(Not that you shouldn't at least interview!!)
@GlenH7 Yeah, I think I might be coming down with something....
A case of the "I'm tired of being called nasty things at my job"-itis maybe?
@Ampt can be. Depends.. One job I took, I only found out years later they intended to hire me for like 3 months to do a small project and can me, but I did it so well and immediately started helping them with other stuff and they never got rid of me. I had no idea I was supposed to have been on the chopping block O_O
@Ampt You know, I kinda feel this tickle in the back of my throat....
4:11 PM
@AshleyNunn supposed to be an early flu season
@GlenH7 And I don't have my flu shot yet....
If they are really anxious to get you there, then they should be anxious to make it rain
and if not, tell them you're not coming
@whatsisname True that.
@whatsisname haha true
@JimmyHoffa That doesn't sound unethical at all....
4:12 PM
@Ampt was a contract job originally
A little better, but did you know it was only for a 3 month project?
What's a good power supply? The Rosewills look OK, but I'm concerned about the fan not holding up.
@whatsisname True. :) I figure the fact that they are willing to wait on my nebulous schedule is a decent start
@Ampt nope heh, but I'm sure the company told the recruiter that who certainly ommitted it
rosewills are just newegg-branded swill
4:14 PM
(also omg it would mean not working weekends AND the latest shift ends at 9pm, not 1:30 am....)
My career has been a series of nonsensical luck mishaps....
@AshleyNunn and technically you're on contract currently, so you've always got to be looking out for yourself. No guarantees of a contract being renewed.
@GlenH7 Exactly.
Corsair, then?
I have a corsair in my computer
its been running for 7 years now and hasn't blown up
4:16 PM
previous gig was contract to hire. And I kept interviewing while I was under contract. I didn't advertise the fact, but I didn't exactly hide it either. Just pointed out that if they wanted to keep me then they needed to convert me to full time (which they did).
@GlenH7 My current gig everyone is on contract
Corsair power supplies are a great choice.
so they shouldn't be surprised if everyone is looking
And I checked, all I have to do is give them x weeks notice
4:17 PM
which ought to be pretty standard
where X is how long it takes the new gig to do paperwork right?
@GlenH7: anyone who has 1099 employees and doesn't expect them to be looking for other gigs at the same time is a n00b
@whatsisname agreed
IME, getting in the door is a hundred times harder than staying somewhere after you're in - just work hard and do a good job, that's tons easier than self-marketing to me as an engineer
@GlenH7 Oh, my supervisor is likely to be shocked if I give notice, because she doesn't see the forest for hte trees and thinks everything is perfect forever at my current gig (it is not)
also working in an industry where I can easily explain what I do to anyone without them getting squiggly would be nice
4:19 PM
well that's not your problem
1 min ago, by whatsisname
@GlenH7: anyone who has 1099 employees and doesn't expect them to be looking for other gigs at the same time is a n00b
Yeah, it's really hard to have any sympathy at that point
admittedly, you should even expect W2 employees to always being on the prowl
@whatsisname or a self righteous business loon who is well convinced he didn't hire people, but bought them. Sadly not an abnormal mindset for people at the top sometimes
4:20 PM
There's a body shop here in town that relies heavily on contractors. They pay solid rates and OT to the contractors, so it's generally beneficial for everyone. But they occasionally lose out when they can't convert quickly enough
@Ampt With the way this job has gone, I have 0 sympathy.
(So many horror stories. So many.)
@whatsisname also think long and hard about why you can't do .TotalYears or .TotalMonths on a TimeSpan object, it'll come to you.
See, if they offered me stuff that made it okay to be on contract without any benefits, I'd be more likely to put up with the stuff I don't like, like the working weekends and really late nights and so on.
But, well.
(Thanks for letting me ramble)
@AshleyNunn it's all about the balance
@JimmyHoffa: You can do TotalYears on a timespan as a floating point result, it just won't always jive with the 'casual' idea
Days / 365.2425 or whatever the astronomical definition is
4:26 PM
@JimmyHoffa ought to be able to do so with two DateTime objects though...
@whatsisname that's not why, think about it... you cannot get years or months from a timespan object
@GlenH7 Absolutely
which is what I'm doing, the extension method is YearsPassed
@GlenH7 Precisely.
A TimeSpan object reports TotalDays
@JimmyHoffa and I think all you need is the context for number of leap years to account for
if you have days, you can have years
4:27 PM
@whatsisname so why can't you do months or years? :)
@whatsisname I guess the astronomical definition like you said is one thing, but you can't get gregorian years, there does that fit better :P
they probably left it out because people would whine if Jan 1st 2013 - Jan 1st 2012 reported back .9954 or some such
and since nobody expects astronomical definitions of things, that would be an absolute POLA
Just got an email from my medicine insurance provider titled "Managing multiple medications is easier with free delivery to your home." Mind you, this is after they're cutting me off from the meds I need for this infection.
@GlenH7 that's because they're both cost saving measures - the insurance companies like controlling medicine distribution because then they can skimp more and decide for generics on their own and varied other things
wallgreens will make them pay more because wallgreens needs a profit
plus you might demand non-generic at the wallgreens counter and the pharmacist will say sure, and insurance may be required to cover it whereas if they control distribution they can just send you the generic no matter what you ask for
Cost is certainly a factor in this case, no doubt about that
4:31 PM
(I've had issues with generics in the past - and had to simply go without because insurance refused to cover the brand name which clearly didn't cause the same issues, damn frustrating)
The pharmacy I'm working with is really good in that they gave me specific out-of-pocket cash prices in case I can't get insurance to budge.
@GlenH7 yeah lots of pharamacies are getting good about this, is a nice thing for sure
How much improvement can I expect the m.2 slot to provide over SATA III?
They're charging me discounted rates, not uninsured rates, which I'm grateful for
@RobertHarvey Not enough to be worth the current prices of m.2 drives, unfortunately
you'd be looking to go from 500MB/s R/W -> maybe 750MB/s R/W
and then you have to make sure that it's actually using the PCI-E Lanes, or its just another SATA SSD
4:38 PM
I found out that if you talk like an Australian, you can get around the 'greeting answer filter'
A: Good intent, bad question

MichaelT'Ello. You may know me from such hits as Open letter to students with homework problems and Where to start? from Programmers.SE. Today, I'm here to talk to you about discussions. Much of this is an abbreviated recap of On discussions and why they don't make good questions, but as one may note...

@RobertHarvey See, that's not using any of the PCI-E lanes. you'll get the same performance out of a 2.5" SSD connected to one of the SATA slots, so i'd only do it if it's cheaper
+1 for the hand drawn circles. — GlenH7 26 secs ago
you can get 256GB SSDs on sale for ~$100
so no, it's not worth the cost in that case, unless you're planning on maxing out your available SATA connections with hard drives or something
4:41 PM
@GlenH7 learning the slightest bit of F# (you hardly need any) is awesome just because in visual studio you can use the F# Interactive pane as a REPL for all sorts of things...
> let foo = System.DateTime.Now;;

val foo : System.DateTime = 9/24/2014 9:37:27 AM

> foo.ToString();;
val it : string = "9/24/2014 9:37:27 AM"
> foo.ToString("HH");;
val it : string = "09"
> foo.ToString("MM");;
val it : string = "09"
> foo.ToString("MM/DD/YYYY");;
val it : string = "09/DD/YYYY"
> foo.ToString("MM/DD/yyyy");;
val it : string = "09/DD/2014"
> foo.ToString("MM/dd/yyyy");;
val it : string = "09/24/2014"
> foo.ToString("MM/dd");;
val it : string = "09/24"
> foo.ToString("MM/dd/");;
You get 6x SATA 6gbps so you could have 6 hard drives, or 2 SSDs and 4 hard drives, or whatever combo you want. I would just save that M.2 slot until they start rolling out the PCI-E x4 m.2 cards. you're going to see a real performance difference when that happens
^-- used it earlier just trying to get the datetime format strings right
leave that as a future enhancement
use it for stuff like that all the time, very handy
@JimmyHoffa I'm sticking with: "you hardly need any" :-)
4:42 PM
But that is slick, yes
24 hours ago, by Jimmy Hoffa
Learn an FPL! You too can be marginalized, today!
just remember, ;; ends a code block and executes it, ';' does nothing, and let instead of var. Oh and you have to fully qualify your .NET namespaces (System.Bla.Bla when you want to new something)
handy tool.
4:56 PM
The Bidirectional transfer rate of PCI-E 3.0 per lane is 985 MB/s, so a x4 m.2 SSD has a theoretical throughput of 3940 MB/s in both directions, or 32 Gb/s, far outpacing the aging SATA 6.0Gb/s
PCI-E 4.0 aims to double the throughput, but I don't know of any boards that use that standard yet.
interesting comment I never really thought about before - I like to do a lot of exploratory coding when I'm trying to get my head around a design space, and @GlenH7 you probably like to fiddle with your datasets before finalizing your code too - fun way to do it:
> Simard said in a testimonial on the F# Foundation Website. “Compiling is fast but loading large amounts of data in memory takes a long time. With F#’s REPL, you only need to load the data once and you can then code and explore in the interactive environment. Unlike C# and C++, F# was designed for this mode of interaction. It has the ease of use of Matlab or Python, both of which I have used extensively in the past. One problem with Matlab and Python is that they are not strongly typed. No compile-time type checking hurts speed of experimentation because of bugs, lack of reusability, high
I'll have to remember that next time I'm trying to figure out how to write code that iterates a data set looking for something or another
Newegg's Wish List is broken. Not the first time they've had bugs on their site.
@RobertHarvey Just use the cart. you know you want to
Cart is not publicly sharable.
Still trying to figure out how to pick memory.
Upgrade memory? or new system?
5:09 PM
if it says ddr3, it's gonna work
@MichaelT he's building a new PC
@JimmyHoffa fiddling is what lets you find the edge cases within your data. Good thoughts there regarding F#. Good enough to even make me reconsider some of my flippant-ness about it. :-)
just get whatever honestly, the difference in speed will likely be negligible
So are you saying the motherboard will just adapt to whatever I put in there?
@RobertHarvey The 1866s or whatever ought to be fine
IIRC, when I upgraded memory on my mac (yea I know), there was an application I downloaded, ran, it looked at the system information, what was installed, and suggested the appropriate configurations.
5:10 PM
@RobertHarvey yep!
the MOBO has (O.C) next to certain speeds. It won't automatically use those speeds unless you tell it to
So the faster the better, subject to budget.
so it'll take the faster modules and bring them down to an non-OC setting
@RobertHarvey and what the mobo & cpu can support
honestly, I wouldn't worry about going above 1866. I don't think you're going to notice the difference
I don't
so if your cpu can't support 2133 ram, don't bother buying it. You won't get the extra speed
5:12 PM
How much do you want?
16GB or 32GB?
16 GB
Intel Core i7-4790K
really? Just 16?
I've got 2 gig in my current machine.
And I'm putting in an SSD. 16 GB really isn't enough?
5:14 PM
I mean... it is
but think of all the windows you could have open on 3 screens
think of all the VMs
I'd be happy if I could get Chrome to open more than a dozen windows without thrashing my PC.
haha in all honesty, get however much you want. I'm just pointing out that 32GB isn't actually that much more now. it used to not be that way
realistically, doubling your ram costs double the money, which is a step up from how it was
it used to be that a 4 GB stick was ~50 so 16G cost you 200, and an 8GB stick was like ~150+
now it's closer to $40 for 4GB and $80 for 8GB
but, it's really only necessary if you want to run VMs or 80 visual studio instances
I mean, I get mocked for only having an i5, so it comes down to how thick of skin you have [glares at @GlenH7]
@Ampt as long as you are not getting mocked for having an iq of 5.
(that was my first reading of the 'i5' coming back to the screen and I went "no... ampt is smarter than that...")
"Not much, but at least a little smarter than that"
5:22 PM
And remember that irq 5 is for your sound card.
@Ampt I'm not the one running a cooling system more expensive than my CPU
@GlenH7 My CPU would have to be an i9 for me to say that...
maybe just an extreme edition i7...
@GlenH7 for quite a bit, the glass located in the trunk of my car was worth more than my car.
I'm just waiting for DDR4 prices to drop and I'll jump on the x99 bandwagon
With time, I'm sure the prices will keep dropping
5:25 PM
it's like 500 bucks for 16GB
ain't no way I'm upgrading to less ram, that's for sure
but it's faster, so it can do more with less, right?
Marginally faster.
not "You can do the same with 8 gigs that you did with 16!" Faster
that's for sure.
Ideally my next upgrade will take me up to 32Gigs
@Ampt so $1k for your RAM? At least that's more expensive than the cooling system. Maybe you'll want to get a better processor by then too
@GlenH7 well to go to DDR4 I need to get a new motherboard, and to get a new motherboard I'd need to get a new CPU
so it'd be Mobo + ram + CPU
probably ~1500 for a 6 core i7 w/ 16gb ddr4
@Ampt if that's the case I'd surely get mocked for preferring Apple computers ;)
5:31 PM
@enderland There are enough Appleites here that you'd get some backing.
And its not like you're liking some system made by giant monopoly that tries to keep ancient software still running (unless its wordperfect)... you're running on a Unix system.
I just like their laptops and their OS a lot
@enderland ditto
I still haven't found windows based laptops which feel as solid, period, and this annoys me
course I've not looked now so I'll be sure to get tons of "this one!" recommendations whenever I look for another machine
@enderland I'll also point out that there are many other things to mock you for... like that funny blue name that shows up in chat.
5:36 PM
@MichaelT oh funny I didn't realize mods' names were different. Learning all about chat, today
Room owners are italics.
Namaste, @MarsOrbiter! Congratulations to @ISRO and India's first interplanetary mission upon achieving Mars orbit.
Howdy @MarsCuriosity ? Keep in touch. I'll be around.
@enderland Yeah those Macs are the worst! sent from my iPhone
@Ampt I can't believe the number of people who leave signatures like that on for email
5:48 PM
Are you kidding? People are dumb.
@enderland I leave it on to cover myself for inevitable typos and terse replies. But it's rare that I reply from my phone.
your iPhone.
the i isn't silent glen.
I thought it was understood and redundant
Apple didn't pay millions in marketing for you to forget the i Glen!
republic wireless fore lyfe! sent from my Android device
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