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11:00 PM
> StepTalk, GNUstep scripting framework uses Smalltalk language on an Objective-C runtime
@MichaelT I presume it means it gets the language but not the super rockin neato IDE?
It means it plays in the same runtime, which means that you can mix the two.
@MichaelT I guess this means you could use a SmallTalk browser if it was written in SmallTalk and then have that browser run Objective-C also? Maybe? Doubtful..
@JimmyHoffa no
holy crap now there's a project idea... @FrostEngineer you like working with UI? Have you ever used a SmallTalk and seen it's browser? the functionality I just spoke of; how about a Haskell Browser: realtime live GUI application editing except the code is all Haskell O_O
11:05 PM
I love it... you should go do it with all your front-end development enjoyment
realtime editing is awesome
and ont hat note, time to get a coffee and get some work done
@JimmyHoffa Haskell -> JQuery?
Prolog would be another good choice as it is often treated as a live rules editing and querying environment already
or css/html
which if you're going to do UI. you really should be thinking about
11:07 PM
@JimmyHoffa why not combine the two and do Mercury?
@WorldEngineer Sure, you could step it to JavaScript for the UI, I was thinking more like SmallTalk; it has it's own UI presentation functionality. You could use one of Haskell's libraries for the presentation pieces, put an API over it that makes it realtime
@JimmyHoffa You assume I know Haskell far better than I actually do :)
@WorldEngineer Nah, I just assume you could figure it out if you really tried
well, i've been thinking abou css3/html5/js for UI's as you'd get a lot of portability
within reason
@JimmyHoffa when I have a job
then I will have all kinds of crazed side projects
11:08 PM
@MattD Yeah and porting Haskell down to JS really isn't difficult, you might want to make it a Haskell subset more like DumbML or something
but it's been done already
@JimmyHoffa or just use the existing port
@WorldEngineer Use whatever, just go play with Pharo and think about how you could make that for Haskell :D
@JimmyHoffa no windows atm
and I don't think mono supports it
also mono doesn't like my machine
@WorldEngineer Pharo is Windows, Linux, and MacOS
puts on his list to learn after RoR, Django, and various JS stuff
;) any movement on the interviews front?
Have you been submitting your resume to every job on Monster and Dice you run across?
@JimmyHoffa not as yet
need to seriously revamp my strategies
@JimmyHoffa not as yet
also it needs to quit raining
I've got work to do
"Senior WIQL Developer? Submit.", "Junior Goomba Instructor (uses programming)? Submit."
haha there ya go
I do know what the HTTP verbs are now
quiz me if you feel inclined
11:17 PM
Select the verbs from this list: put, get, send, post, patch, update
Of the verbs, which ones are idempotent?
put post get patch
get and post are idempotent as I recall
get I know is because it's just reading
I need to find more things to apply to.
@JimmyHoffa No, that wasn't me. I probably did some hand-waving about message passing.
(Actually, the list of Idempotent methods: get, head, put, delete)
@MichaelT I confused put and post
post an update, put (replace) a record.
Galbraith Hills Police Department?
@RobertHarvey network connections gone weird
11:21 PM
@WorldEngineer Create, Replicate, Append, Process
@MichaelT of the verbs, get and head must be implemented and options must be if possible
@MichaelT update not being idempotent is a little weird, but I guess they should be allowed to put a timestamp, etc.
A surprising number of people would get weeded out with "What is a pointer?" in phone screens... I was completely floored by this fact and how terrible the answers were
@psr Think of multiple postings on a comment... keep hitting "post"
Nobody could simply say "A memory space with the value of a memory address."
11:23 PM
Realize that Crud apps are the Bread (Browse, Read, Edit, Add, Delete) and butter of most programs.
JAVA -- Just Another Verbose Acronym.
@MichaelT And you don't have to update all the fields. Duh.
@MichaelT BUTTER (Buy, Update, Trend, Trend!!, Entrepreneurize, RETAIL)
Two of my co-workers were recently arguing about patch vs put vs post for some api and which it should be.
Hype: Huge Yuppie Preliminary Excitement.
11:26 PM
@MichaelT REST is so much less black and white than all the hipsters would have you think as they wave books around and such
@JimmyHoffa You could sleep or nap or doze or snooze or have a siesta.
Anyways... 5:30 and I've been doing gson serilization... I need to look away from it now.
@FrostEngineer so now you know the HTTP verbs, the next trivia for a web developer is often times something about what's the root element of a SOAP message, though that might be dated at this point...
@JimmyHoffa self.clean() :P
@JimmyHoffa I've done SOAP related development and can't recall at all. And I can't see how it matters.
11:31 PM
@psr It doesn't at all. It's stupid interview trivia that people ask.
@JimmyHoffa Sigh.
Envelope "oo! ahhh!" yeah, whatever. It's about as useful to ask as what parameters on the dir command show you hidden files
Still, I was always surprised when asking people what the HTTP verbs were and they were always like "well there's 404 and 500 I think" or totally off the wall stuff "you start with <html> then there's the <head>..."
@JimmyHoffa Envelope. It's... so beautiful... it's all so clear now. What a fool I've been!
sometimes those trivia questions get people to just self-incriminate
but at that point they're stand-ins like a rorshach test
The HTTP verbs are a better question, basic but not all trivia.
11:34 PM
200 is all clear, 400s are routing errors, 500s are server errors, I want to say 300s are redirects?
@WorldEngineer 302 is redirect, but i don't know that all 300s are redirects
400s encapsulate auth errors too if I'm not mistaken
@JimmyHoffa I can imagine that. That makes sense.
but you got the gist and know the codes as well as anyone needs to at that
@psr You would be baffled at the answers I've heard to "What's a pointer?"
@JimmyHoffa "I've written the answer on this piece of paper".
I'm a copious taker of notes, especially during interviews, I wish I still had some of my old notepads from that stuff...
11:39 PM
400 is "you did something wrong"
500 is "server did something wrong"
@JimmyHoffa Someone could always B.S. by saying "I put that in a library and it worked so I never had to look at it again". It could reasonably apply to most trivia.
@psr If they say that about a pointer I think they just self-incriminated
i think about c/c++ development in terms of memory. so pointers are like. sure. no problem
im also weird
@JimmyHoffa What a pointer is, isn't trivia. It's basic, but not trivia.
11:42 PM
@MattD I would fail-fast at doing anything pointer related, but I at least know what the hell a pointer is, I had people answer with "Hmm... I don't know." and "That star thingy?" and "It points at stuff, like maybe a file?"
I have a whole book on pointers in C
pointers are memory addresses
not always
the pointer operator allows you to access pointers
@MattD true but in most cases that's correct enough. Could also be a memory mapped IO, a UART, serial whatevers, etc
WAT is with all these constructor questions today???
its more a convention amongst cpu's that a "pointer" ends up being the actual address.
11:45 PM
Q: Where should an object in CQRS+ES be fully initialized: in the constructor, or when applying the first event?

stakxThere appears to be widespread agreement in the OOP community that the class constructor should not leave an object partly or even fully uninitialized. What do I mean by "initialization"? Roughly speaking, the atomic process that brings a newly created object into a state where all of its cl...

it doesnt have to be, (and especially in the c/c++ standard it isnt)
Q: Is there an object-oriented programming language supporting collective constructors?

GiorgioI was recently considering that sometimes several objects depend on each other (e.g. if they contain cyclic references) and therefore it would be useful to create them as part of one atomic operation that makes sure that, after construction, the new objects fulfil some collective constraint. In ...

Q: how complex a constructor should be

Taein KimI am having a discussion with my co-worker on how much work a constructor can do. I have a class, B that internally requires another object A. Object A is one of a few members that class B needs to do its job. All of its public methods depends on the internal object A. Information about object A ...

Q: Can we live without constructors?

Axel FoleyLet's say in some reason all objects are created this way $obj = CLASS::getInstance(). Then we inject dependencies using setters and perform starting initialization using $obj->initInstance(); Are there any real troubles or situations, which can't be solved, if we won't use constructors at all? ...

those are all from today.
??? Constructor convention in town?
Did I miss some important reddit post or something?
3 days ago was the last constructor question, and before that one it was 4 days pryor... then today we get 4 constructor questions
I'm gonna call that a coincidence

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