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2:47 AM
Q: Title of page does not reflect suggested edits

cocomacThe title of the page (the text on the tab) should reflect the post with the proposed edits, not the original version. E.g., this question should display Snap store isn't installing as the title of the page, instead of Pls somebody help why.... Here is a screenshot of the issue

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9:38 AM
Oh good we won!
I saw that earlier today and thought it was old news. Unfortunately there in nothing in the report about forcing Ask Ubuntu to support ESM versions beyond EoSS.
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10:47 AM
well forcing people to do things is bad
11:15 AM
I voted to reopen this question that has an accepted answer, but it was closed for being unclear anyway.
thanks karel
11:43 AM
@C.S.Cameron Who could possibly "force" us? If Canonical wants to impose scoping rules, they can make their own support site. This site is not dependent on Canonical, and the only people who can "force" a scope change are the members of the community. So even of Canonical were to say "you should do $whatever", we have absolutely no reason to listen.
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2:41 PM
@terdon My understanding is that Ubuntu Forums is a Canonical supported site. Ask Ubuntu uses the Ubuntu name courtesy of Canonical. Ask Ubuntu would be nowhere if they were not allowed to use the Ubuntu name.
Q: Is Ask Ubuntu sponsored by Canonical?

Random PersonAccording to the answer in Meta Stack Exchange, Ask Ubuntu is "sponsored informally, under special agreements that were negotiated before SE launched the formal site sponsorship program" by Canonical. Is this true? Can someone from Canonical confirm if Ask Ubuntu is sponsored by Canonical? If it'...

ie "We granted them for free the right to use the name Ubuntu (Ask Ubuntu) for free. "
@C.S.Cameron Yes, they let us use the name and (unfortunately) include us in their official lists of resources. I really wish they wouldn't since that tends to send us loads of crappy questions from people who don't understand how SE works. How could they? The poor users are being sent here and then they think we are affiliated with Canonical!
But whatever, that's done. My point is that Canonical has no control over this site at all. We do. If we disagree with Canonical, then we disagree and we do our own thing.
We could decide to change the site's scope and only support Kubuntu 12.04 and nothing else or even change the scope and decide to only support Mint (although SE might have a problem with that and they do have a say in this, or more than Canonical).
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5:27 PM
@NateT I am not really "working on monitoring/improving the tag system". It's just that I notice useless tags and bring it to the attention of people through meta (and sometimes work on changing tags of posts). I hope Zanna and terdon helped you with your concern. Sorry for responding late. I was offline lately.
5:52 PM
@C.S.Cameron "Ask Ubuntu would be nowhere if they were not allowed to use the Ubuntu name." Probably not. Our site would have had a name like Ubuntu Stack Exchange (or something else) with a logo which has no relation to Canonical's Ubuntu logo. Also, probably our site traffic would have been lower.
@C.S.Cameron "They have no influence over the community at all, nor do sponsorships in general give the sponsor any influence over a site. Ask Ubuntu is a Stack Exchange site capable of their own decisions like any other." — Stack Exchange staff
@terdon "Kubuntu 12.04", "Mint"... that sounds funny 😂
6:26 PM
@C.S.Cameron The purpose of this question was to clarify that Canonical has absolutely no control to decide the scope of Ask Ubuntu. Both Canonical and Stack Exchange employees have clarified that Canonical has no influence on Ask Ubuntu.
@RandomPerson Probably, some people thought that (by mistake) Canonical had control on Ask Ubuntu's scope. I hope those people got their doubts clarified from my meta post.
6:49 PM
@Zanna Any updates about the Feeds bot sharing MSE posts of staff?
Q: The Skills of Great mods

PhilippeI'm spending a lot of time thinking about mods, mod tools, and the critical skills that great mods have in common. Can you tell me about a time a mod did something that struck you as really extraordinary (here or another community), and what was it about it that really amazed you?

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9:10 PM
@RandomPerson You don't need to have it here, specifically. If you think this would be useful, make a room and add it: anyone can add feeds to rooms they have created.

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