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12:41 AM
Q: What processes can survive logging out of OS, and what not?

TimI am trying to understand what processes can survive logging out of OS, and what not. Specifically: How does another process initially notifies the logging out process to perform logging out (by sending some signals, or some other IPC means)? What processes will the logging out process kill and...

1:12 AM
Q: How to debug cronjob is not trigger in Linux Ubuntu?

kyoI'm in Linux Ubuntu. I just added this cron-job to run every minutes MAILTO="[email protected]" * * * * * cd /home/fo...

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4:03 AM
Q: Unable to connect 3G network Mobile Broadband in Ubuntu 18.04

Salik47I am using Huawei E1750 3G device and ubuntu 18.04. Problem Decription: While setting up mobile broadband connection I am unable to get 3G/HSPA network selection, how can I choose only 3G network because whenever i connect, it get connected to the 2G network. I am using Modem Manager GUI and ...

4:49 AM
Q: Mapping a range of IP's to a domain name in hosts file

Khandekar Mohammad SalehI work with Wi-Fi. Due to that my system's IP changes every time I connect to the network. For my work, I need to map my IP to a specific domain name. So, every day I need to make changes in my hosts file to update the IP. This is really annoying and I hope there must be a workaround.So, I need t...

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7:21 AM
@TheWanderer look up BANNERS on Spotify.
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10:26 AM
Q: Can not connect to the wifi network in deep in 15,8

userThe wifi is intermittent in my deepin os but the network icon shows that my OS is connecting.

10:42 AM
Q: Ubunto consumes much battery's power “With Unity ”

Mohammed RizqallahI have Ubunto 16.04 with Unity interface , but I see there is too much battery's power consumed , Is that issue from software side or hardware side , by the way my laptop Dell inspiron 15 5000 series " it's still new " , What I have to do and why that happens ? , I haven't tried another OS yet .

10:57 AM
Ubuntypo detected
11:13 AM
Tired of work, you need a break? PacVim is a game that teaches you Vim commands. You must move pacman (the green cursor) to highlight each word on the gameboard while avoiding the ghosts (in red). https://github.com/jmoon018/PacVim https://t.co/dDrfTQEWRS
11:43 AM
Q: Discover WiFi driver with Ubuntu to install on Centos 7

idazuwaikaI installed Centos 7 Minimal on Yoga Pro 2, however not able to "up" the WiFi device w1p3s0 despite following numerous guide with ip link, nmcli and nmtui. The same guides work very well when I install Ubuntu Desktop instead on the same Yoga Pro 2. If there a way I can discover the proven wifi ...

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12:58 PM
@Zanna That's one for @muru !
1:19 PM
Q: What does it take to get suspended?

FabbyI've seen quite a few experienced veterans getting suspended recently on Ask Ubuntu... As I'm an old, grouchy, grumpy, cranky geek, I'm starting to get worried... Is this a new script running that proactively gives everyone a "suspend score" and when the threshold is met just bans someone? O...

2:01 PM
2:32 PM
Q: SSH Reverse tunnel Connection reset by peer

php_nub_qqI'm experimenting with SSH tunnels and I'm trying to connect to my machine via a server to which I've connected from my machine already with an opened reverse tunnel. me:~$ ssh -R 9000:localhost:22 [email protected] Then after logging in I'm in the server's ssh server:~$ ssh me@localhost -p 900...

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4:04 PM
@Kulfy I just googled "perlduck ubuntu". The mirrors already appear on the 2nd page (and are indeed translated to languages unknown to me). I looked at some of them and they all provide a link to the original AU site/question/author. That's the difference to that "Lucky Rathore" guy over at toontricks.com as far as I can see.
@PerlDuck Not all. I found this ubuntugeeks.com today. It doesn't provide a link to the original AU post.
@PerlDuck Also that Lucky rathore presented the article as his own. At least we have our names on other sited. His copying skills is so poor that he hadn't removed [duplicate] from the question title
@Kulfy But the ubuntugeeks do provide links to the original AU question. That's ok then.
@PerlDuck No they don't. Or I haven't found that.
@Kulfy Look at the text источник in the lower left of the question just below the SYNC and RSYNC tag icons. Tickle it with the mouse.
@PerlDuck Got it. I don't know the language so it was difficult to find at least for me.
4:13 PM
@Kulfy I don't know the language either. Just pointed my mouse to everything that looks like a link.
@PerlDuck Actually I always expect reference to be at bottom or on top. And I was looking there only
4:24 PM
@ThomasWard I mean it's kind of a big deal.
@AskUbuntuMeta Answer: Doing lots of things that are against the rules.
4:58 PM
@jrg Sure. But of course we are curious to know :-) Don't get me wrong: this isn't meant as a request to disclose a particular or recent case.
But I think it is just a natural desire to know, for example, if you do A then the punishment is X and if you violate rule B then the punishment is 2X or X².
5:28 PM
@PerlDuck Of course!
So the basic gist is that it's definitely an escalation - normally we mod message about behavior without a suspension, saying "hey, not cool".
Then, over time if a user doesn't stop/improve, there will be a short suspension (a day or a week) as a cool off period.
and then it goes from there and stackexchange employees get involved if it gets severe enough
Jeff Atwood on April 06, 2009

Are you familiar with the Penalty Box?

The penalty box (sometimes called the sin bin, bad box, or bin) is the area in ice hockey, rugby football and some other sports where a player sits to serve the time of a given penalty, for an offense not severe enough to merit outright expulsion from the contest. Teams are generally not allowed to replace players who have been sent to the penalty box.

It’s not something we looked forward to, but as of tonight, we’re instituting a penalty box on Stack Overflow. …

That blog post from the stackoverflow blog covers it well
Yes, I know that blog entry. I just wanted to give a possible reason for @Fabby's question on meta.
@PerlDuck Huh?
It wasn't for Muru: I didn't even notice until afterwards.
A lot of people don't like me: lots of downvotes on a legitimate question.
I asked Muru last time and he didn't want to discuss it, and the mods don't discuss as long as users don't discuss so...
It's because some people don't always like my attitude here, that I asked.
If commends get flagged as rude?
Something else going on?
So that's why I asked...
@Fabby Oh. I thought it was about muru. However, it's a general issue and I understand your Q over there.
/shrug It was another user having rep 1
4 years here, so he should know what the rules are...
Muru has always had a low tolerance for stupidity...
... whereas I have a high tolerance because I've been in the milirary...
... you can't make up the stupidity I've seen in the military!
5:53 PM
@Fabby Anecdote: I once wrote a nasty comment on a spam post here and used four-letter-words (actually one of them had six letters). I knew the whole post would be deleted within the next 90 seconds anyway, and hence expressed my feelings right away (assuming nobody would care). My comment was even upvoted twice, and yet: one of the mods here told me in a private chat to not do that again.
@PerlDuck Don't feed the trolls.
It's not worth it. If someone harasses me, I take care of it myself and it has to be gross harassment before I flag anything to the mods.
(never happened yet)
The post wasn't about enlargements of body parts which I either don't have or am satisfied with. It was about antivirus software for an off-topic OS. That's what made me upset.
6:23 PM
@PerlDuck It just shows how dumb they are.
I've flagged posts as SPAM where the mod came back and said: Really?
but that's about it.
But if I see people with the same kind of experience as me getting banned, I thought something was going on...
who else was banned.... Lemme see if they have a permanent branding mark burnt into their profile of this (as I have for voting for friends too much)
no, nothing...
OK, Shower time!!!
Be back after restaurant!!!
6:40 PM
@Fabby Enjoy your meal.
@jrg I like to live dangerously
@jrg You actually rolled dice before giving your team the afternoon off?
I told'em: 17:00 here (11 AM EST), last customer meeting finished, you guys go have a really early lunch and then you bugger off as I'm off to a restaurant tonight.
and then I posted this:
@fabby check skype
6:53 PM
@Fabby Slackbot.
so yes, I rolled some dice. I had them roll first, they failed, then I rolled and passed.
(it was a typo change)
(If nobody had passed, I would have laughed and said "it's a stupid system, deploy anyway")
2 hours later…
9:13 PM
Q: Connect to reverse tunnel on public address

php_nub_qqLet's say I have 3 machines I open a shell from 1 to 2 with a reverse tunnel [email protected]:$~ ssh -R 3000:localhost:22 [email protected] Then I can access 1 from 2 [email protected]:$~ ssh x@localhost -p 3000 But I can not access 1 from 3 via 2 directly [email protected]:$~ ssh x@10....

9:59 PM
Q: Security: Debian VS Ubuntu

user328033Ubuntu ships with AppArmor and UFW pre-installed. Debian doesn't. Why doesn't Debian ship with security software by default? AppArmor and UFW are mostly transparent to the end-user and most people will probably want the added security benefits out of the box. Is there a technical or philosop...

10:58 PM
@jrg :D :D :D
11:51 PM
@jrg that I"m being persistent, or that backports is just broken?
because the second is true, and teh first is just the type of guy i am heh

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