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12:51 AM
@dessert ha ha.
@dessert all hatched okay, no deformities or anything?
1:46 AM
@Fabby I voted to reopen a question you voted to close. Kindly read my comment there: askubuntu.com/questions/1042218/…
2:02 AM
Q: Changing ubunto machine password on temporarily basis

Nasir RahimYesterday, I was notified by the company manager to change my ubunto machine password and should keep it as strong as possible. So I changed it to @@Geo_016110240(for me this is strong and easy to remember). Now, the problem is most of the time I perform things as a sudo, which makes me tired to ...

1 hour later…
3:30 AM
@WinEunuuchs2Unix Read the comments before you vote. This reopen campaign is as fake as a three dollar bill.
Why do I even care if it gets reopened or not? I don't, it's just bullshit. This answer I do care about however because it links to a fake printer driver website that downloads garbage instead of the printer drivers from the official printer manufascturer's website. Under ordinary circumstances an answer like this would be consider SPAM. So vote your mind ↑ but help me to delete this spam.
The question about the printer driver grabbed 9 downvotes so far. These downvotes were cast in my opinion by frustrated Ask Ubuntu users who are sick of being spammed regularly by the same fake printer driver websites, and there's no way to get rid of the accepted answer because it got upvoted 5 times, but since today is apparently a reviewer election day I cast my vote to delete the spam.
2 hours later…
5:26 AM
@ThomasWard one didn’t make it, but the rest is in good health – I even miscounted yesterday, those are 13 ducks! now what to do with 13 runner ducks? :)
5:41 AM
@karel actually that's not fully correct. the link goes to a blog post but provides download links for Windows and Mac and who know, maybe they are scam links, but for Linux OS (which might be the only useful thing on that page) it links to https://developers.hp.com/hp-linux-imaging-and-printing. infact the wording is
> For Linux downloads, HP recommends another website. If you need to download Linux drivers.
however the answer you link to is lacking as it just says "go here and following the instructions" when really that should have been quoted on the page itself (along with the link) to avoid link rot, or better yet, following the links going to the end where the actual download link and information is and quoting that. and if that link is suspect
now if the link as nothing to do with the question or answer and doesn't help either , remove it because then it's very likely spam. but if the link is useful in some way and it's relevant, that's not spam but it borders on a link only answer and is susceptible to link rot
6:05 AM
I remember reading that which at the time I interpreted as a smokescreen to confuse visitors to the website that the website was legitimate which it isn't. It's a bogus website, one of a family of similar bogus websites, one for each major printer manufacturer. Ask Ubuntu gets spammed by several of these websites regularly. Serving warez masquerading as official printer drivers is not useful in some way and not relevant, it's called SPAM.
The only difference between this spam and other spam is that it's more popular spam, which as far as spam is concerned means that it is more destructive spam.
@karel Did you see Oli’s linkcheck.py? Makes it easy to eliminate links to certain domains from the site…
@dessert bookmarked it.
7:02 AM
first impression using bsd-csh: @#%&!
it took a while, but I finally managed to get it working though. :)
@WinEunuuchs2Unix Reopened and answer upvoted (cc@Karel)
@dessert upgoated
@Fabby thanks :)
Don't ping me to thank me?
7:18 AM
ok, sorry
7:31 AM
No worries... ;-)
@Videonauth I'll try again with AU data first.
Goeie morgen! ;-)
Q: compile nginx and naxsi on ubuntu 18.x

LXGI'm trying to install naxsi on ubuntu 18.x. After googling and trying I found: nginx-naxsi is no more available for ubuntu, so you have to compile by yourserlf. Well to understand which module and setup I've installed apt install nginx-extras then nginx -V and I found this: nginx vers...

@Fabby I know how to call them, don't I?
7:46 AM
Sorry, maar ik heb geen flauw benul waar je het over hebt.
Call who? @karel
7:57 AM
@Fabby so you did try this on unix.se data? let me download this and try again if theres a difference
I did, and the only thing you did was change the print???
8:12 AM
@Fabby well for AU data at least, still downloading on the unix.se data
@fabby i even sent you the changed script via skype and said a bit about it
but i will test soon with the unix.se data and see if theres a difference
interestingly one of the websites you edited out got demoted from blacklisted to just watched after a long discussion in charcoalhq last night
Ah, Dealing with admin shit. No chance to look at skpe. Will do so now.
8:42 AM
Q: Can't run 'update-grub'

SebboI've got some trouble with my Ubuntu-System: update-grub Generating grub configuration file ... grub-probe: error: disk `mduuid/c7ac5a8fef833db7b45d6c2ebb2e20e6,1' not found. But I'm still able to reboot the system without any problem. I'm using lsb_release -a No LSB modules are available. D...

Q: apt-get install does not target the same path on ubuntu or debian

MarvinI am puzzled about why apt-get install does not behave the same way according whether it is invoked from an Ubuntu (16.04) or from a debian (stretch-slim docker image). Basically, I perform a : root@ubuntu $ apt-get install libfcgi-dev ... root@ubuntu $ dpkg -L libfcgi-dev /. /usr /usr/lib /...

@karel changed the link to point directly to developers.hp.com/hp-linux-imaging-and-printing
9:49 AM
@Videonauth I wish I could give you an upvote for that.
10:08 AM
@Videonauth That's the best that you could do because if I'm not mistaken we're stuck with the reputation on that answer where it is, but we're not stuck with the spam link.
2 hours later…
12:37 PM
wow another downvote for suggesting keeping the ubuntu system up to date .... -.-
i wonder what is up with the people
you SERIOUSLY should be more CAREFUL with sudo apt dist-upgrade it might screw up your system if you e.g. have installed third party packages, etc! You might want to change that post! (even so a dist-upgrade is NOT necessary to answer the question ) — Cutton Eye 2 hours ago
all i can say is i have a highly customized ubuntu with tons of thrid party packages and i never screwed my system up with doing an dist-upgrade ...
I can tell you why it screws up your system, because you avoid updating it at all costs. I myself run ubuntu since nearly 3 years now and have it highly customized and an apt dist-upgrade never screwed my system up. And before you ask, yes as a hobby developer I have tons of customized packages and third party aps installed here. Therefor i think your downvote is unjustified. It is a valid answer, and i even mentioned it in the comment lines above the command that this can be skipped. — Videonauth 47 secs ago
@Videonauth For apt, dist-upgrade is not necessary
Unlike apt-get upgrade, apt upgrade is allowed to install new packages by default
well i just managed to get apt-get out of my mind and with apt-get i used dist-upgrade
apt is just a warapper around apt-get as far i understood, but i can be wrong
And the official apt equivalent for apt-get dist-upgrade is apt full-upgrade, although the other seems to work too
i guess it simply does the same
I agree that you usually don't want an upgrade to remove packages though, so I'd not use full/dist-upgrade normally either
12:46 PM
whats more bothering me is to get downvotes for a perfectly fine answer for just the reason i mention updating the system
@Videonauth have an upvote to compensate this madness :)
i always use it and never have run in a problem since 3 years
the problems mostly arise when you skip many updates and then try to install something
I can't make a clear decision here, apt upgrade would be perfectly fine, but apt dist-upgrade is something I would not recommend, but not DV either... so /shrug
only time i had issues it was a faulty driver for the gpu
and once i shot my 17.10 main install because i wanted to install vlc 3 from bionic repo and forgot to pin the rest of the packages to artful :D
but this screwed me over badly hehehe
@Videonauth also: don't fret, you're not alone! ;)
12:49 PM
it's not about upgrading in general, it's about dist-upgrade being allowed to automatically remove packages to resolve conflicts, which can indeed screw your system up if your packaging system is in a somehow inconsistent state or a bad package gets updated to a version with new conflicts
true, can happen but to be honest did not happen to me in three years
and it only marks the packages for autoremoval
so you have to run apt autoremove
to finally uninstall them
that is not true
it can replace newer packes with older ones yes
that was the reason of dist-upgrade while upgrade alone with apt-get only updates what it can
i will edit and make it upgrade and the haters gonna hate anyways
apt-get upgrade only replaces older package versions with newer versions of the same package
right and dist-upgrade alows it to downgrade packages if neccesary
12:53 PM
but it did fail if the newer version had changed dependencies
i.e. it could not install or remove others
For example for a kernel update, you needed dist-upgrade
because e.g. the metapackage linux-image-generic updates to a newer version, which has the real kernel package (e.g. linux-image-generic-4.4.123) as new dependency, instead of the old
to upgrade that, it needed to install the new dependency package
now that is what apt upgrade does by default too
well here is what my computers do since i am on linux apt update && apt dist-upgrade && apt autoremove --purge && apt clean as cron job daily
since three years
without a hitch
but apt full-upgrade or apt-get dist-upgrade can also automatically remove other packages, if the newer updated version of a package conflicts with something you have installed
and im on proposed branch
this is rare, but can happen
never happened to me :)
12:57 PM
I always run apt update ; apt upgrade manually
this is my iron maiden cron job :P
always 5 minutes to midnight (i.e. 5 minutes before midnight)
but maybe im just lucky, or have set up my system properly so it does not kill stuff that easily, and even if, i would able to fix it myself
1:18 PM
Co-worker "what is the undelete in vim"
Me "that is basic knowlegde."
Co-worler "vim is difficult"
Me: "what is the 1st letter of undelete?"
"Co-worker: eh a u".
5 minutes later: why can't you tell me how I undelete a character?"
Me "But you already told that yourself"

starbait :p
@Seth new Owl City album out today.
1:43 PM
^ star this please
1:59 PM
@Videonauth Done. I also added a short explanation since it's kind of pointless otherwise :)
@terdon thank you, not thought about that :)
It's not GitHub though, it's git outright
Isn't it?
2:16 PM
from quickly skipping over it, yes
later down is a check whether your git version is vulnerable
@Oli exactly it is git and your own installed git-servers which need update, just checked and 18.04 is already on a fixed version
@Oli Eeek, yep. Thanks.
2:47 PM
@NathanOsman Yep! I'm really excited. I listened to the first half as he released them and it's pretty good.
I'm excited for Upgrade(the movie), and that the starcraft II client is free if you accept the machine learning license.
I have to finish upgrading my laptop to get the right version of GCC/C stdlib to get it to run though
He'll be in Seattle Oct. 6 too btw
@RobotHumans oh interesting. I'll have to look into that StarCraft thing.
Btw, Overload released yesterday.
@RobotHumans that seemed kinda low budget and very very very violent
@JourneymanGeek violent yes, but fun-ish and flashy if nothing else.
@RobotHumans oh wow that's neat
3:49 PM
Q: save each line from csv to new file with filename as the string contained in a specific column

kRazzy RI have a csv file like this: value1 value2 name 1 2 a 2 3 b 4 5 c What I want is to split the n entries in this csv into n text files with just the corresponding numbers in that file separated by space. N is determined by the value in name. So above csv ...

4:13 PM
My users when I ask them to be more descriptive of their issues when submitting help desk tickets... https://t.co/aywS8mAx0u
Q: How to use pdfsig from poppler-utils

MigdressI would like to use pdfsig from poppler-utils in my ubuntu 16.04, at first I installed poppler utils from apt but pdfsig was not part of that package. When I looked man pages for 'pdfinfo' in the SEE ALSO section, according to http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/artful/man1/pdfinfo.1.html it shou...

4:59 PM
@Seth My computer won't come on. -- Please make sure the plug did not come unseated at the wall. -- I can't. -- Why not? -- I can't see it! The power is out and I can't find my flashlight. -- Presses hold button.
3 hours later…
7:31 PM
@RobotHumans Most cellphones nowadays come with a flashlight functionality. But that's not the point.
7:56 PM
Most pens come with a ballpoint tip, but that's not the point either. Oh wait - it is. :P
I have a flaslight on my keys.
then one more stashed in my backpack
and one more on my desk
8:10 PM
Most flashlights come with a lightbulb or LED but that's not the spotlight . . . Nah, not as good of a punchline
@PerlDuck I just thought: “Wait, didn’t you already solve this problem couple months ago?” :)
There's exactly same question I've seen today.
muru also solved the problem with exec quite nicely there…
Q: How to pipe all bash terminal output through command

vikarjramunI would like to be able to pipe all bash terminal commands through a certain command (for no good reason other than to play a prank on someone). I just want to pipe the stdout of any executed command into a predetermined program without doing anything special. For example: If that predetermined ...

yes, referring to that
@dessert Oooh, congrats on getting gold
@SergiyKolodyazhnyy thanks :>
8:18 PM
I'm at 698/1000 for
@SergiyKolodyazhnyy Byte is also approaching command-line gold, but he’s actually missing answers, not rep.
@dessert Just 9 answers. He'll get it in no time.
8:54 PM
Q: / is full 100%. Looking to add 24 more GB to / without affecting Logical Volumes or re-formatting Ubuntu 14.04

Wraiith75Since I already have LV configured, how can I add more disk to root? I'd really like to keep everything within the disk without formatting df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on udev 60G 4.0K 60G 1% /dev tmpfs ...

1 hour later…
10:09 PM
OP is asking about a network attack on the U. S. Department of Defence. Please VTC:
Q: channel 2: open failed: connect failed: Connection refused when trying to SSH pivot

Tanner1I am trying to pivot the machine towards the machine. Both machines are connected to each other but I am not. I tried follow this guide. I ssh-ed into the machine and ran this command ssh -vv -L root@ But I g...

…at least it appears like that because the IP addresses in question are assigned to DoD.
10:30 PM
Is there anywhere I can learn how Ubuntu software servers work? If I wanted to host a mirror, or who design a whole country mirror? e.g. jp.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu
@Azteca google.com/search?q=setup+ubuntu+repository+mirror lists many promising results near the top.
@DavidFoerster Oh yeah, forgot about Google, thanks: wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors

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