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9:07 PM
It's nice that the smoke has left.
The forest fires had left a nasty haze in the air last week.
A bit of rain over the weekend went a long way to cleaning things up.
is it fire season?
Sure is.
Fires are burning all over the interior of the province.
fun times
It looked a lot worse than it actually was. I went on a grueling hike last week up a mountain and it didn't really affect my breathing at all.
But some people with asthma were really getting tired of it.
Which I can understand.
9:17 PM
Goodnight folks! :)
@NathanOsman yes.
@Seth did you have some smoke down there too?
it was hazy for almost 2 weeks
especially in the islands up north.
It was actually kind of nice for a bit, it overshadowed some of our hotter weather.
The cooler weather is nice.
9:31 PM
I want actual winter back
not this 27° stuff
It's been better the last couple days.
Friday was brutal.
that is a weird graph
oh wait
it's showing nighttime too
No it's not.
That's a plot of the temperature over the previous seven days.
that's really wird
up down up down up down
Yeah, because it gets cooler in the evening?
9:33 PM
you said it isn't showing nighttime
Where did I say that?
1 min ago, by TheWanderer
it's showing nighttime too
1 min ago, by Nathan Osman
No it's not.
The "no it's not" was in reply to your "that is a weird graph" :P
But you were typing too fast.
9:34 PM
I'm kinda curious what the rather sharp spike is around noon each day.
Maybe the sun is hitting part of the sensor or something...
I better go check on it.
Or every day at noon a pigeon flies over and takes a rest on your device for a few minutes.
The gap is too narrow.
now now @NathanOsman
I think Byte is onto something
Judge for yourself.
9:41 PM
but it's probably an African swallow
Unladen swallow, maybe? :P
except with poop
maybe it poops on the sensor, so it heats up, and then it cleans it off
9:42 PM
you never know
I could set up a camera...
What a hygienic pigeon. Around here the clean nothing.
sentient swallows C_C
@ByteCommander it's so hygienic it's a swallow
Ba-dum-tshh — oh never mind.
9:43 PM
I have to make the jokes for Serg
wherever he is
Studying most likely.
wherever is he?
Last seen August 1st
psh, what a goody two-shoes
9:43 PM
Best way to learn.
no that is not true
Other than the inevitable PC-to-brain downlink.
Which hasn't been produced yet.
best way to learn is by practice
@TheWanderer You can't practice something you haven't studied :P
9:44 PM
Studying always comes first.
step right up Zach, we need to learn how to use this taser.
They don't give you a learner's license until you pass a knowledge test.
@Seth OK, you be the subject
I'm the one learning :P
I'm sure someone on YouTube would do it for the views.
9:45 PM
Sometimes the best method to learn is to simply do it and fail so horribly that you do it right the next time.
@NathanOsman the PA "knowledge" test is a joke. They have a practice test app and the questions on the actual test are the exact same
speaking of tasers.. Taser Inc setup facial recognition and big data analysis off bodycam footage...
That does not apply for skydiving though.
you just can't win.
If you don't know what you're doing though... how will you do it right the next time?
@TheWanderer Well, they do a better job up here then.
9:45 PM
Studying is different from finding some things out about what you're doing
The test is legit difficult if you haven't studied.
I know this from experience - I take it ever two years.
@ByteCommander Well it might apply... but only once :P
Anyway, studying only holds for a few weeks until the next exam, experience stays a lifetime.
That is true.
Experience is definitely the best.
Well, almost true.
9:47 PM
Unfortunately the schooling system isn't set up like that anymore..
I used to be good at speedcubing and now I forgot how to do it :(
That's what happens when you don't practice for a couple years.
Q: Isn't Ubuntu's system prompt for my password a bit unsafe?

Arseni MourzenkoSometimes, Ubuntu shows the following window: This window can be caused by some background processes running, such as an automatic update, or a process which reports bugs to Canonical which manifests itself this way: Since those are background processes, the first window is not shown in res...

You'd be back into it after looking at your old instructions for a few minutes
I can't find them :(
9:49 PM
That's the frustrating part.
I lost my reference sheet with all the moves.
@TheWanderer rip? rope? rob? pop?
That was not an option
Is "hue" an acronym?
what is speedcubing
9:49 PM
@TheWanderer @NathanOsman Do either of you have any experience with Android XML data binding? I'm trying to override a parameter in an <include />ed layout and I can't get it to work :(
uh what
@TheWanderer Solving a Rubik's cube in the least amount of time possible.
My average was under a minute back when I could do it.
I have a friend who does that as a hobby. Maybe I can kang her method
there's tons of different ways to solve it
Yup, it's definitely a hobby.
That, just with fingers ^
I once solved one with one hand - took about five minutes.
I have the 3x3x3 cube and the 4x4x4 cube but I was only ever any good at the 3x3x3 cube.
I also recently acquired the 2x2x2 cube.
I only have some rusty 3³ cubes.
Took me about 5 minutes with them.
9:52 PM
There are a lot of knock-offs.
You really need a genuine cube to spin the sides quickly.
Others stick and make twisting awkward.
And even the genuine cubes wear over time and require replacing after a while.
Mine are cheap and worn. :-/
If not for that, they also need replacing when the stickers wear down.
@TheWanderer I have a a complex custom layout that I want to reuse in various places, only modifying the text in one of the textviews inside of it. I'm reusing the layout with an <inlcude> tag. I googled for how to pass in parameters, and apparently the only way to do it other than with Java code is to use XML data binding. But I can't get it to work
Although, I guess you could just buy new stickers.
idk what that is
but why not just use Java?
9:54 PM
Because then I don't get a preview of what the app will look like in AS :(
yeah I have no idea how to use that
alternatively, I could gasp duplicate code :D
@TheWanderer kotlin ftw! /troll
Kotlin is good though
no semi-colons
9:56 PM
@AndroidDev Noooooooo!
Don't duplicate code!
It will summon Cthulhu or something.
is that not duplicated code ^^
@TheWanderer Kaz is unavailable
That is not code.
9:57 PM
there are clearly multiple ones
@NathanOsman Do you know how to use the XML data binding? Because otherwise I don't have much of a choice but to duplicate
I don't even know what that is, lol.
Cool - I had no idea you could do that.
it looks ugly though
curly braces in XML
I don't really like the <merge> tag, either, since I can never get it to work, and I don't really see an advantage to using it
10:06 PM
I'm not using <merge>
I'm using <include>
but I'm talking about merge
Oh, just noticed that in 2 weeks I'll reach 365 consecutive online days on AU...
I should really get a life
Why does 'ember build' need watchman???
I just want the project to build!
I don't care about auto-reload.
@ByteCommander what's "a life"? Can you use it in a sentence?
just watch, man @NathanOsman
10:21 PM
oh my
I thought that was Moon Man for a second...
@TheWanderer that's not a watchman, that's an Osman...
10:53 PM
How do you report that a photo in Google Maps is not of the restaurant it claims to be a picture of?
11:11 PM
call Ajit Pai and tell him to throttle Google until they fix it
But something is wrong on the Internet!
Does the page still have the report a problem link?
It does... but it leaves nowhere to explain what the problem actually is.
It feels more like a "this photo violates community standards" form.
It doesn't violate anything - it's just... the wrong location.
@ParanoidPanda well, there's two reasons.
(1) VLQ puts a downvote automatically until an upvote is put into play. NAA doesn't need a downvote. (2) We've had this as the flagging policy for well over 6 months now, and the moderator team agreed with how to use flags.
#2 is the more important point.
@Takkat Well, I usually touch those questions. With Mjolnir.
11:19 PM
Whoops. Wrong window.
We should have a counter "It has proudly been 'xxx' days since someone last typed a terminal command in the chat window by accident."
Anyway, I just reset the counter :P
how dare you
so inconsiderate
Hey, at least I didn't pull a Terdon.
what did Don Ter do
11:22 PM
@NathanOsman George could do that
A: Are there any memes on Ask Ubuntu?

Nathan OsmanMeme: "pulling a terdon" Originator: terdon ♦ Examples: "let's not pull a terdon" "Let's not pull a Terdon here." "I promise to never pull a Terdon :p" Background: Our dear friend (and moderator) terdon inadvertently assisted a poor user in deleting his home directory. Terdon wa...

> Cisco Packet Tracer 7.1 installed successfully
Please restart you computer for the Packet Tracer settings to take effect
what is this, Windows? sigh
@Seth How would he know when someone typed a command?
@NathanOsman well, someone would have to tell him
@Seth Did it do anything to the kernel? If not, just kill the process and restart. Same thing.
Unless the kernel itself is changed, there should never be a need to restart a Linux system.
And even some changes to the kernel don't require a reboot.
11:24 PM
that's my point..
It shouldn't have touched the kernel. But it won't start either.
Then it is most definitely doing something The Wrong Way.™
well I rebooted. Lets see if this works.
Crosses fingers and toes.
11:43 PM
meh, just installed 7 instead of 7.1. That works. And there's no message about restarting, heh.
Anyone want to guess how large my ISO file collection is?
I have ISO files for most recent "common" Linux distros, Windows installation disc images, etc.
I'm going to guess 60 GB.
Now I'll check.
Wow, 40 GB of Ubuntu ISOs alone.
32 GB of Windows ISO files and disk images.
@NathanOsman that's like 40 copies of Ubuntu >_>
16 GB of macOS DMGs.
that's like 1 copy of macOS
@TheWanderer ---^
To be fair, that includes Mint.
11:56 PM
44, close
@TheWanderer Believe it or not, the macOS installers are about 6 GB each.
that's bs
Mountain Lion was 8.6GB
unless DMGs are compressing?
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